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Smoking Gun Heene Gunning for Reality Show

10/19/2009 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why the Larimer County Sheriff in Colorado thinks Richard Heene concocted his balloon plan 2 weeks ago ... because this is the profile he posted on, hocking himself to casting agents and producers as the next big reality star.

Smoking Gun Heene Gunning for Reality Show

Heene created his profile on the website on September 28, 2009. So the posting dovetails with the Sheriff's theory.

Here's what's interesting. Although Heene described himself as research scientist, general contractor, high school educated, married, with children, male, and straight -- he didn't make a specific pitch for a specific show. The question -- why wouldn't he pitch the idea .... maybe because the core of the idea was a big hoax.


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too sad    

never lind the dumb balloon prank, that myspace looks like a fake too ????

1795 days ago

Sad sad    

Are you kidding these reality shows thrive on crazy. Who would sit and watch normal boring everyday people? Not me. It's a business so if he can generate $ it would be a go. Which would be fine then he could pay back everyone for his hoax.

1795 days ago


With winds and the media gauged,
The flight of Balloon Boy was staged
Till Falcon, unwary,
Sang like a canary;
Now his cuckoo Dad will be caged.

News Short n' Sweet by JFD8

1795 days ago

mike st aubin    

this is the FUNNIEST viral video about the BALLOON BOY i have seen yet

1795 days ago


He wanted fame. He has infamy. Everyone who stopped what they were doing last Thursday to waste their time and emotions and prayers on a hoax should be as angry as I am. In that event, perhaps he will be glad when his 15 minutes are over for this particular scenario. I can only hope both he and his wife do some serious time AND are ordered to pay restitution to the Emergency services that were so horribly misused. The only way this could have been worse would have been if some real tragedy had occurred while emergency responders were too busy tracking his stupid balloon, though I doubt real remorse has a place in Mr. Heene's psyche.

1795 days ago


The degenerate s h i t eaters at TMZ want to destroy this family.

1795 days ago

whats up Doctors    

1 word: WEIRDO

weird⋅o  /ˈwɪərdoʊ/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [weer-doh] Show IPA
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1795 days ago

who dat    

This guy is a friggin nutcase who thinks he is some smart scientist. Just look at the piece of crap "jiffy pop" baloon. This story is over. Bust him financially and put him in jail. Then protect the children from that idiot of a mother.

1795 days ago

They were in it for the money    

What this idiot go and do, get married to yoko over the weekend or someting? He was single last week. WTF! This guy needs a head butting of the worst kind.

1795 days ago

They were in it for the money    

There once was a fellow named Heene,
Who by all accounts is such a Weenie,
The Tether he dropped
and then the wife and kids he popped
Wish he'd go away
He's interrupting TV and
I Dream Of Jeannie

1795 days ago

essie ford    

On Richard Heene's MYSPACE, which he has logged into as recently as 10/16/09, it states "STATUS" as "SINGLE"??

1795 days ago


"15. Just more crazy, looney liberals being crazy, looney liberals. They should all be put on a boat together and sent off to their own island of insanity!!

Posted at 2:09PM on Oct 19th 2009 by seenme"

You're about as intelligible as a Palin.

1795 days ago


On Richard Heene's MYSPACE, which he has logged into as recently as 10/16/09, it states "STATUS" as "SINGLE"??

Posted at 3:24PM on Oct 19th 2009 by Essie

Read more:

Mmmm all his 'dirty laundry' & 'closet full of bones' are going to come popping out. GOOD!!! Dig media, DIG!!! Bring it ALL out. The man wanted 'fame'?? Give it to him! My guess is, had he made it to the 'big time', 'Moo-Shoo'would have been HISTORY & this 'bu$$-lick' would have been on that 'Jon Gosselin' status SO fast we wouldn't know what to think!

1795 days ago

essie ford    

1795 days ago


It's HAWK, not "hock".

1795 days ago
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