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Balloon Boy's Dad -- History of Violence

10/20/2009 3:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard HeeneRichard Heene had a well-documented criminal history with a common thread -- going ballistic under pressure.

First of all, we've now found three criminal cases against Balloon Dad. In 1984, Heene was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon -- a gun -- and received three years probation.

In 1991, in San Bernardino, CA., Heene was arrested for corporal injury on a spouse. It appears he was not convicted.

Now get this ... we broke the story yesterday that in 1997 Heene pled no contest to vandalism and spent four days in jail. Wait 'til you hear what happened.

Heene, a contractor at the time, had an employee who didn't get paid. The employee went to Heene's home to get his $300 and an argument ensued.

We're told Heene got physical with the guy inside the house, the employee walked out and Heene gave him $140 of the $300 he owed. The employee, Benito Ortiz, was dissatisfied and the argument continued.

According to the arrest report, Heene got in his pickup truck, backed up and apparently tried to hit the dude. The employee got out of harm's way and Heene struck the employee's VW.

After hitting the VW, Heene pulled forward several feet, then put the vehicle back in reverse and collided again with Ortiz.

But wait, there's more. Heene did it a third time.

Finally, Heene parked, got out of his truck, picked up a wooden beam, held it over his head and screamed at Ortiz, "Get the f**k away."

Heene later told cops .... during the conflict Ortiz struck him, he became "incoherent" and didn't know what happened next.

In addition to four days in jail, Heene was sentenced to house arrest and ordered to pay $100 in restitution.


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after watching that episode of wife swap, im not surprised he has a record.

1836 days ago


Did the guy ever get the other 160 dollars? That is the real story.

1836 days ago


keep on digging up the dirt on this guy... I love it! He's getting all that he deserves right now! How's this for your 15 min of fame D-BAG!!!??? LOL

1836 days ago


16. I sure hope the authorities in CO are looking into weather or not this guy (Heene) owns a gun, Because he's a classic "Head Case" and I would not be suprised if he decided to "Off" his family and/or himself...

Posted at 2:35PM on Oct 20th 2009 by RJ

Read more:

It is not against the law to own a gun if you are not a felon. They can't just go in and say you seem like a "head case" give us your gun.

1836 days ago


Busted!! Richard Heene. Loser!!!

1836 days ago


Yet another reality show contestant who was obviously not vetted properly and - surprise, surprise - he turns out to have a criminal record. The "wife" on Wife Swap should count herself lucky that all he did was throw a glass at her - heavens knows what he does to his real wife (and their kids) behind closed doors.

1836 days ago


Well, Richard, you wanted attention .... YOU GOT IT!

1836 days ago


tmz reminds me of a grade school play ground
bunch of snot nosed kids

1836 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

I think it's child abuse to teach your children that the world is ruled by shape-shifting alien reptiles--but who am I to judge? I'm Pastafarian.... Ramen.

1836 days ago

The Jackson twenty five    

Damon, if you don't like TMZ, then get off the site!!??

Balloon dad needs to crawl back under his slimy rock, it's all going way too south for him now...

1836 days ago

A fan    

Great job TMZ !
Now, if you guys can uncover this dudes past history, and we know
he should be locked up, WTF can't the investigators figure it out.

1836 days ago


this guy belongs in jail, same with the wife

1836 days ago


Wow, what an idiot. He got "fame" alright....Biggest Loser of 2009!

1836 days ago


We all saw some of this idiot's anger issues on Wife Swap, and I thought surely that wife would get wise after watching that and leave this creep, and here she still is. If she is this stupid, and he is this angry and creepy, why do they still have these kids??? There is no excuse for this. And, why aren't these kids ever in school? He said on the show he took them out of school to chase storms but, I don't see any storms now. Is there no truant officers there???? The fact that these kind of people get to keep their kids, doing all they have done to them, just makes me sick.

1836 days ago


It is not against the law to own a gun if you are not a felon. They can't just go in and say you seem like a "head case" give us your gun.

I know this and there is nothing ANYONE can do until it's too late...I'm just saying don't be suprised when the reporters outside his house hear 5 gun shots and then go inside to find the family splattered on the wall...

1836 days ago
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