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Attorney Wants $3 Mil, Apology From MJ Estate

10/20/2009 2:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's former lawyer wants $3 million from the singer's estate -- he also wants an apology.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ, attorney Sidney Lanier represented Jackson in several cases.

Lanier claims he repped MJ in a hotly contested case in 2005 involving former porn king and Jackson confidant Marc Schaffel. After the case, Jackson refused to pay the lawyer's fee and filed a lawsuit against Lanier claiming fraud.

Lanier alleges as a result of Jackson's suit, his reputation was sullied all over town. He claims Jackson put him through "two years of expensive, stressful litigation and ridicule..."

Lanier even goes as far as to say that he wishes Jackson hadn't died because he "wanted him to apologize for his action against me; because of his tragic death that can never happen."


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1831 days ago



1831 days ago


Another whiner leech!!!!!!!!!!!!

1831 days ago


Get in line, preferably in back of Billie Jean, you are all such losers!

Justice for MJ

1831 days ago

doc murry    

did wacko ever pay any bills he had,Damn they just keep coming.And i'm sure he deserved the money, its just wacko never paid his bills,Thank god he is dead

1831 days ago


This guy sounds like a total fool. If MJ sued him it sounds like something was up. Why wait four years to file a suit? Another money grabber. Since he's a a lawyer that statement is probably redundant.

1831 days ago


where does it end?how long is this gravy train..leave it to mj to be surrouned by insanity in death also

1831 days ago


Tell this lawyer to get over himself, if he did not have a judgement while Michael was alive, he is wasting the courts time, he can not sue someone who can not defend himself, Talk about ruining his reputation he just did with this idiotic lawsuit, now we can sue him for 3 mil for wasting our time

1831 days ago


i guess it never hurts to ask...michael was supposed to perform at my kids first was a verbal agreement .i better file a claim

1831 days ago


to the Billy that posted, go crawl back under your rock, can you not read he is suing as Michael sued him and his reputation was hurt, he was a lawyer that was all it took to ruin his rep, this is not a bill he was suing for

1831 days ago

They were in it for the money    

This guy is just filing before the Statute of Limitations runs out. Assinine bunch of garbage. Who cares about this guy! Justice for Michael!

1831 days ago


look like t me evertbody just wanted money from and what i wanted didnt have a darn thing to do with money but i never got it lol

1831 days ago


I hope you get whatever MJ owes you because we know MJ didn't pay his bills.

1831 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Breaking News – I’m a Lawyer – Harvey Levin founder of had phone records seized by LA County Sheriff

1831 days ago

you just don't get it    

Finally we now get back to the important issues. Anything to do with Michael is what I live and die for. Please give us more.
Lets return to directing the name calling and hateful remarks towards each other rather than piling on some poor family and their balloon. Come on, I'll start the ball rolling.

MJ is God, I worship him.
MJ sucks.
No, you suck.
But he's a molester.
So’s your mother.
I demand justice. Arrest the doctor.
I hate the doctor.
I hate money grubbing people that come out of the woodwork.
What do you have against woodwork?
Bite me.
Are the cops in on the murder?
Just the racist ones. And the corporate lawyers.
I hate cops.
I hate the Drake. And f-ing lawyers too.
Adjust your meds or get off this site.
Why should I? Your savior MJ couldn’t manage his.
That was SO different.
I pray for the poor kids.
Those damn kids ate the real will.
Greedy relatives will get theirs. Karma’s a b*tch
Goodnight Gracie.
Good night John Boy.
Yeah yeah. Whatever.
Just leave him alone.
MJ is God. I worship him.

1831 days ago
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