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Michael Jackson -- Power to the Lawyer!

10/20/2009 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate lawyers want the judge to lay down the law once and for all ... John Branca and John McClain have broad powers to make decisions for all things MJ.

The attorneys filed legal papers today asking the court to put in writing what the judge said earlier this month -- outlining what Branca and McClain have authority to do as Special Administrators.

The judge gave the duo broader powers than they had initially -- but lawyers for Katherine Jackson have kicked up some dust.

There's a legal showdown on Thursday at 2:30 PM PT. We'll be there.


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I too agree she should be advised. I still think in some way though she should be in on MAJOR decisions. Particularly anything to do with the Sony Catalog. IF the administrators decide to sell the catalog for some reason when it is up for review next Sept., I don't believe it should solely be their decision. Michael would NEVER want that to be sold. Not saying it would happen, but what if....

Posted at 8:59PM on Oct 20th 2009 by So Sad

Now THAT is true....the catalog is what will generate the most money for the estate and I doubt Michael would have wanted it to be sold EVER.

1826 days ago


Okay, OhWell, you can let the hating commence...oh wait, I see you already have! ;>

1826 days ago


Silly hater, everyone knows I didn't post that link! It's probably something horrid about MJ. Well, I LOVE HIM and would never link to such garbage. I don't even have to look to know that's what it is.

1826 days ago


#15 - I also agree Katherine should be in on all major decisions. I would hate to see something happen to MJ's Sony catalog. You never know what Sony is capable of. It is still up in the air with alot of people the validity of the will. Right off the bat, we had a major screwup with the first song that they released after MJ passed. After that mess, the this is it CD is tainted, I know I won't be purchasing it. What if the plan all along was to force MJ's estate into the red so they will have no other option than to sell the catalog back to Sony? Alot of unanswered questions......

1826 days ago

Science Defective    

Hot For Heene

1826 days ago

just an observation    

Wow , just saw part of the Jackson family on Dancing With The Stars

Katherine, LaToya, Jermaine . Glad Katherine is there.

1826 days ago




1826 days ago


PEOPLE Micheal did that will in 2001 Know on know if he was going to go back and change.. he Might have wanted to but never to the chance..we don't go around think we will die befor such things cam be taken care of..I think the 2 Johns Are doing well but the song This is it cost the Estate Millions and Harvey Said that it was not Sony's fault but MJ's Estate..I still belive to this Day it WAS Sony's they are a big Music Company who didn't do there jobs..So Again I say The John's are doing a good Job but something just aint sitting right with me..If they wanna make all the decisons fine..they should let Mrs. Jackson be in the Loop and if they have the final say so why can't she..she should be Allowed to know what's going on with her son's Estate..HE was not able to save him while he was alive..All she wantes to do is make sure is legacy is done right...and I see noithing wrong with...Why wonte they let her are there things that shouldn't be going on..we can all sit here and make jugments but we don't know what's going on behind closed doors because TMz aint saying there's more to this story than we know..but I bet it will come out soon enought...

1826 days ago

They were in it for the money    

I honestly wish now that Katherine loses her 40% to the children and then perhaps Dr. Klein could step in. This is only a money issue to the Jackson family perpetuated by some of the other brothers to line their pockets so they don't have to work. There is so much money already being made that nobody would have to worry for years, but greed is the center of attention. The attorneys know what they are doing, so what if they pocket a fotune, it's their right to do so for such a huge portfolio. They have already managed to clear up some of the outstanding debts. If those attorneys are finding ways to make all this money, leave them to do their job. At first I felt sorry for Katherine, but no more. Not since she allowed Nanny back. She's so hooked in with Jerkmane and is hoping for a windfall in 7 years when the children are of age. What a mess Michael left everyone with.

1826 days ago


Katherine Birthed him. I dont believe MJ was very clear with his decision making for his will and was heavily influenced outside of family to keep his secret habit going for many many years. I dont think his state of mind realized his mother deserves more. He has been an addict for many years where money and influence played a big part for him to get what he wanted/needed. His mother deserves a lot more that what she got.

1826 days ago


I just saw jermanie, la toya and his mom on dwts

1826 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

I think It's Katherine's lawyers are stirring it all up , As long as they are in court they will get paid, If Katherine's doesn't watch out , her lawyers will own 40% of her 40%, I hate lawyers. Micheal's Will Stated His Wishes.Leave it alone. Freakin' Lawyers

1826 days ago


Anyone who said bad things to an angel will be cursed.

1826 days ago


WTH is it that they need to do that they need 'Broad Powers'!!! They better wait and see how "This Is It" does before they go doing other BIG projects. Hopefully they will get these ludicrous lawsuits that people keep filing against the estate thrown out.

1826 days ago
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