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Michael Jackson -- Power to the Lawyer!

10/20/2009 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate lawyers want the judge to lay down the law once and for all ... John Branca and John McClain have broad powers to make decisions for all things MJ.

The attorneys filed legal papers today asking the court to put in writing what the judge said earlier this month -- outlining what Branca and McClain have authority to do as Special Administrators.

The judge gave the duo broader powers than they had initially -- but lawyers for Katherine Jackson have kicked up some dust.

There's a legal showdown on Thursday at 2:30 PM PT. We'll be there.


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Broader power to make decision on all MJ things??? what about Katherine? she has the equal right and authority too. She can't be left behind! Oh pls, Michael is dead now and his passing left this war fight of who control who. Leave this man and his family alone!

1772 days ago


Some of you Michael Jackson fans, and I'm going to be politically incorrect here but oh well,
are simply retarded.

First of all Michael Jackson was being sued by at least a thousand different sources way before he died.

And for you idiots that continue to spew out complete moronic statements such as and I quote. "Do you honestly believe that Michael Jackson sat down and wrote out his own checks to pay his bills?"
Only a lower middle class person would pose such a question or statement.

No, of course Michael didn't sit down every night with his checkbook writing out bill payments. You cretins.

However, for example I myself use a firm that pays my bills because I'm often out of the country.
They don't actually paying your bills with their own money, they pay your bills out of your account which you yourself fund once a month.

Quite simply put, your bills directly go to their firm and they pay your bills from the funds in your account.
However, if there is no, or insufficient money in your account, they cannot pay your bills.
So your bills go unpaid. And they will immediately contact you in case of such a situation, along with an invoice of your debts and or overdrafts. This way you are well aware of what's going on with your bills and debts at all times.

It is not the firms fault that you did not fund your account to cover your expenses for the month. It is your fault.
Either you have no money to fund the account with, which makes you a deadbeat, or you are the type of person that just doesn't like paying bills. Which makes you an irresponsible pompous a$$.
So for all you Michael Jackson minions/turd brains, stop blaming the accounting firm.

The truth is that your hero Michael Jackson felt entitled, therefore he also felt like his brothers that he should be able to gain people's goods and services without having to pay for them.

On many occasions Michael's own accountants specifically and very adamantly conveyed to Michael the fact that he was over spending, yet Michael continued to spend beyond his means.
Due to Michael's irresponsible overspending some of his own accounts resigned their positions, for fear that it would ruin their firms reputation in the financial sector. And in fact some of his accountants, themselves were not being paid for their services.

Again for you Michael Jackson worshipers stop using everyone else to explain Michael own faults, and childlike view of the world.
You blind worshipers are nothing but enablers, which is part of the reason Michael Jackson is dead.

It is ironic and sad, that the very people that worshiped him so, are the very same people that help put him into an early grave... ARTOFWAR

1822 days ago
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