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Heene's Neighbors -- Ready to Rumble

10/20/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only things flying in this Heene-related video are fists -- when one of the family's neighbors went nuclear on media members covering the story.

It all went down Sunday outside Balloon Boy's home, when one ticked off neighbor got into the face of someone from the news. But as tensions rose, another bystander jumped on the neighbor's back and tried to take him out.

Both men went crashing to the ground -- and the neighbor began to throw punches.

Won't you be my neighbor?


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His lame @ss shouldn't have gotten out of his truck a SECOND time. He was the aggressor and he got what he deserved. You should have just kept driving dumb@ss. Now your face and this video is plastered all over the internet for all to see what a piece of trash you are.

1799 days ago


ANOTHER slow day in TMZville.

surely you can find something else to report on can't you?????

How much more sadistic can you be to keep beating this dead dog???


1799 days ago


19. With a legal background I'd say... the gentleman in the white t-shirt is gonna make bank should he sue the guy in the yellow t-shirt, who better pray the gentleman he jumped is kind enough to forgives or forget. Not to mention the potential for jail time. Bottom line. The media is out of control, but not all. Most think the laws don;t apply to them.

Posted at 3:25PM on Oct 20th 2009 by ***

Not necessarily gonna make bank. The guy in the yellow is trying to diffuse an explosive situation and other than jumping on his back did not show any signs of trying to hurt tattoo man,even when he starts punching him. He can even be heard asking the others for help. Agree with you about the media though.
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1799 days ago


Good for him ... Imagine your neighbor being some .. Careless freak who uses there childern as a way to get attention .. I have childern of my own and never in a million years even if i was mental like that famiy is .. would I hurt them .. there father MR. Heene is a POS .. I didn't like him on wife swap either .. shame that other ladies values didn't stick

1799 days ago


LMAO! This just gets better and better.

1799 days ago


What a cheap shot...full nelson from behind? This video also justifies my belief that guys with shaved heads, a bunch of tats cant fight! They simply try to portray the tough guy image with tattos.

If that were me, I would have bombed on that mofo.

1799 days ago


From behind!!!! HAHAHA i bet he loves it from behind

A couple sleves of tatts make this string bean look even more stupid then he acts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1799 days ago

Bite Me !    

No Sh!T, I would run them all over...

1799 days ago

chicken head    

i love it--
from behind? from behind? are you kidding me?

1799 days ago


That would make an awesome remix TMZ!!!! From behind? From behind? From behind? I like it... from behind, from behind ,from behind!!!

1799 days ago


You know what there getting there why? This ,,,this is why all the attention they are getting is better than no attention at all. Only here in our wonderful country can we make such a fuss and keep on it. We love a show face it!!!

1799 days ago


If someone jumps on my back I am swinging too!

1799 days ago

too sad    

this neighbor is innocent,

he should get the reality show !

1799 days ago


You Paps egged him on, the whole situation was instigated by the Pap that kept opening his door and messing with him. He deserved a punch, unfortunate the wrong guy got punched.

1799 days ago


We are all tuned in and turned on at this very moment. See.....these people should have a show. Hollywood jump on this now. MONEY! People love this kind of mess lets do it.

1799 days ago
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