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Heene's Neighbors -- Ready to Rumble

10/20/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The only things flying in this Heene-related video are fists -- when one of the family's neighbors went nuclear on media members covering the story.

It all went down Sunday outside Balloon Boy's home, when one ticked off neighbor got into the face of someone from the news. But as tensions rose, another bystander jumped on the neighbor's back and tried to take him out.

Both men went crashing to the ground -- and the neighbor began to throw punches.

Won't you be my neighbor?


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Quote from a reporter/camera guy that was there: "Turn off the cameras we're winning." That's cowardly and spineless. That is how most of these punk yuppies are now days though.

That guy who jumped the neighbor from behind placed himself in danger by attacking someone from behind who had not done anything physical to anyone. Not like he was saying citizens arrest or anything either. If you think you can take someone down be ready for them to defend their self.

I think the media should start calling for everyone involved Heene's - reporters - and neighbors to have cps take all their kids away. thats what they seem to want anytime they feel they can push their beliefs on anyone who is not the so called norm or to their social standards.

1830 days ago


I LOVE IT!!!!! Keep this story comming.... 3 best stories going right now are:
1) Michael Jackson (anything MJ is awesome)
2) Nada hooking up with Jon - I want to see a playdate with Nadays kids and the gosselen kids!
3) Balloon Boy getting taken away by Child Protective Services... his parents are Krazzzy

Keep it comming TMZ... Luv it!

1830 days ago

Tyra Banks    


1830 days ago


The 90 pound bald guy that hits like a 10 year old girl needs to simmer down before he gets hurt.

1829 days ago


Tat man was way too close to that pap. Yellow shirt thought he was breaking up the fight and trying to get him away. The tat guy should be charged by yellow shirt. Yellow shirt didn't put him in a headlock and punch his head a bunch of times. What an A-hole

1829 days ago


141. "The guy then got out of the truck and chased the guy, getting in his face like he was going to attack the guy. You're saying you wouldn't defend a CLEARLY smaller co-worker/friend from a guy that was larger than him chasing him/getting in his face like he was going to hit him? Right."

He was a coward for jumping him from behind. Be a man and come at him to his face.

"Also think about it this way, imagine if the guy getting chased was a police officer. Do you think the guy from the truck would've allowed him to run up on him and get in his face in a threatening manner? No... he would've tackled/tazed the guy, just like the photographer's friend did."

If the guy was a cop, he wouldn't have gotten chased. Cops are too arrogant to run from some bald nutjob (yeah, he's a nutjob, but he was wronged).

1829 days ago


see if the guy had just ran the pap over and backed up to see what the bump was would have been more effective. someone jumps me from behind they better call 911 first to give the ambulance a headstart. and to the moron who said the pap was in the right pull your head out of your @ss. the paps were blocking the road causing problems with traffic and the neighbors and clearly breaking the law. the guy actually told them to move and go away. and the guy walked in front of his vehicle. personally a few punches is alot less than what i would have done to the guy. i would have tried to break every bone in his body.

1829 days ago


The guy in yellow turned into a little bitch, when he realized his WWF move wasn't going to work. Reminds me of that movie Dazed and Confused, where the guy starts a fight hoping that after he gets the first punch that it will get broken up, and he will be the Hero. I like his buddy in the back telling them to turn off the cameras, because they are winning. I bet the guy in yellow cried himself to sleep, after he saw the video of himself getting owned on National TV. rofl

1829 days ago


Most of you are nothing but a bunch of canaries, just repeating what you have heard from others.

Police officer's jump people from behind all the time, sometimes two or more at a time
Does that make them, cowards as well???

Anyone that knows anything about street combat knows that there are no rules. You take your opponent down anyway possible.
But of course most of you soft marshmallows that have never been in street combat, or for that matter in any combat whatsoever would not know this fact.

Anyway, I hear rumors that paparazzi are going to start hiring their own bodyguards.
And I doubt highly if any of these celebrities that like to get in the faces of the paps will continue to do so.

Because if you're talking about cowards, you are definitely talking about celebrities. I have trained some of them and they are definitely the softest cowards that you will ever meet.

And for those of you that stay glued to these gossip blogs, you all should be the last ones to complain about the paparazzi.
Fore how else would you clowns get your news fixes.

You are all gossip junkies how would you get your drugs if it were not for the paparazzi???
That would be like a heroin addict, complaining about his dealer giving him too much heroin.

In truth, you gossip swine should bow down to the paparazzi for making your miserable and lackluster lives half worth living.... ARTOFWAR

1829 days ago

Big Joe    

The punk jumped him from behind,... people are just trying to live their life and the paps are infringing on that right. If you want the freedom of press, you also have to give people the freedom to live their life. Dude should have ran his punk pap ass over!!!

1829 days ago


The media was in the wrong here, plain and simple

1827 days ago
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