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The Heenes Have Landed ... At the Grocery Store

10/20/2009 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the entire country still fixated on their every move, Richard Heene, his wife Mayumi, Falcon and their other two boys showed a united front while at a grocery store in Colorado today.


This wasn't a hoax. They really went to the store.


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The entire country is NOT fixated with their every move! You (TMZ) are the only idiots who are fixated on them. Their 15 of fame is up already! Give it up and move on to some real celebrity news! They are NOT celebrities!

1799 days ago


THEY DO NOT HOME-SCHOOL! My best friend is the middle boy's 4th Grade teacher. The mom was supposed to have a conference with her on "balloon day" but she canceled the day before saying "they had something they had to do." I suppose they are just keeping the kids out of school for now, due to the big uproar.

1799 days ago


they are getting everything they wanted attention and the world watching their every move.
We are the fools for buying into them, give them no press coverage and they will be the losers and look foolish!!

1799 days ago

too sad    

why are the kids not in school ?

1799 days ago


Hmm, how do they have money to go to the store. He doesn't have a job ! They seriously need to get jobs

1799 days ago


Look at the clothing these poor kids are wearing, Worn out shirts and jeans with holes in them.

Does the dad even work or is he to obsessed with his reality show dream that is never going to happen.

This man need to be in a 5 by 5 padded cell with cushion walls is what he needs

1799 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Yea, How come those kids ain't in school? Gotta face the music sooner or later!
Where's the shopping cart? I gots the feeling they don't have any money for groceries...Why don't you media guys chip in, they need food and staples. Please.

1799 days ago


The world is only watching to see them get what is coming to them...fines, jail time, and an order for restitution for the cost of the "rescue" operation.

1799 days ago


why the hell are we following these idiots around??! You're in instant celebrity for almost hurting your kid, the kid aint even cute damnit!

1799 days ago


this lot remind me of the chandlers and arvizo's.

1799 days ago


I wouldn't be one bit surprised if this nutjob decided to end it all and took his wife and kids with him in the process. I hope the authorities are keeping a very close eye on them at all times. This could very easily turn tragic. Child Protective Services should intervene.
I work about two blocks away from where this all started. It's totally embarrassing to think that Fort Collins is now associated with this ridiculous incident.

1799 days ago


well it seems they are getting just what they wanted... I think the media should boycott them just for being losers!!

1799 days ago


I think this guy is getting what he wanted

1799 days ago



Also, those kids dont look well.

1799 days ago

Lorraine B.    

Why does the news and TMZ keeps showing this family? The only ones who should be after this mother and father are the police with a warrant to arrest them for false information. Our tax money paid for that search for their son.Mr Heeny should be made to repay for the search including man power, gasoline and use of helicopters.Don`t let them get anymore free publicity.Mr Heeny thrives on it!

1799 days ago
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