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The Original 'Balloon Boy' 911 Call

10/20/2009 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the first 911 call made by Richard and Mayumi Heene to Fort Collins PD during the original incident/hoax last week.

Richard Heene

During the call, Richard tells the operator his 6-year-old boy is in the aircraft and asks, "What do you do in a case like this ... how the heck am I gonna get him down?"

Heene also admits he called the FAA before calling 911.


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Does he say he's somewhere where they were going to test it? I thought it supposedly happened in the backyard...maybe I'm hearing wrong.

1774 days ago


great job TMZ give out his address and phone number. Hopefully someone will go beat his ass now!!!!!

1774 days ago


I tried 2 call his # its disconnected.

1774 days ago


You sure that wasn't DeNiro on the line? VERY good.

1774 days ago

Bobo Frog    

The 911 operator must have thought it was a prank call. She sounds real concerned, LOL.

1774 days ago

Bobo Frog    

"Our 6 year old child is in a flying saucer. Please help" LOL

1774 days ago


Question: how big was the hole for inflating this ballon? Half inch? 1 inch? If so, how would the boy have "crawled" in through such a small hole. Plus if he could have gotten in he would have suffocated from lack of oxygen anyway. Why'd the authorities entertained this guy for more than 30 minutes is amazing to me.

1774 days ago


His address/phone number isn't exactly a secret. All of it is posted here

1774 days ago


What a crock. Unbelievably contrived. Have they ever LISTENED to a 911 call? Did they think, "Ok, sound out of breath and stop talking ever few seconds...that's real." Preposterous.

1774 days ago


Why are people calling the Heene house?? There ARE children there and they've been through enough!!

1774 days ago


I also appreciate TMZ not bleeping out their phone number. 204-0482. That's in the 970 area code, just in case you were interested. HA!!

1774 days ago

Patrick Bateman    

Deja-vu! Listening to this makes me think of the scene in "American Psycho" when Patrick Bateman calls his lawyer to confess to the mass killings. Really bad acting and really sick behavior. It's obvious why this guy only made it through high school; he's not the sharpest tool in his dirty old garage.

1774 days ago

Julie Gonzalez    

OMG HOW SOOOOOOO FAKE I hope these people see the inside of a jail cell and that they take their kid away. This couple is sick and need help insanity wont even help them. And the police are looking at only misdimeanor............. how stupid is this world they need felonys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This makes me sick to my stomach what kind of parents do this to their kids, and the smallest one at that. That is what you call BAD PARENTING....

1774 days ago

Jon's a grwon man...he did this to himself!    

I'm still not convinced this was necessarily the prank Heene had pitched to others. He may well have planned a prank but perhaps not this one. This is nothing like a "Roswell" type of event. It could well be that this was an accident in something leading up to something different. He mentions an area where he planned to release the ballon which may indicate it was an accident. I really dislike this public flogging. Let the legal system do its job.

This is not to say that he does not have some serious psychological problems that neeed to be addressed. Unfortunately, it seems that raising your children to cuss, fart and swear as well as be disrespectful is not deemed child abuse. If that were so, the Osbornes would have had their children taken away years ago. Is he physically abusive...well, we really don't know at this time. His kids don't seem to be afraid of him. As for Falcon throwing up, that could have several causes. I just can't understand why he was left in front of the camera the first time it happened. Perhaps they're used to him doing this?

1774 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Took him 15 or 20 minutes to call 911, hu? Both stories still sound the same between these two heckle and jeckles just like the 1st time I heard it. Mom says she thinks? She was standing right there and I didn't see any child around the back of the spacecraft. Videotaped it. they are sooooo busted.

1774 days ago
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