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TMZ Live -- Balloon, Mel and Manson Madness

10/20/2009 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey, Mike, Max and Rick were on live today -- where they answered questions on the Heene family's past run-ins with the law, went on a random Charles Manson tangent and hit on Harvey's "pathetic" book sales.

Plus -- how our Mel Gibson DUI story is causing a giant first amendment controversy, a debate over "The Best Song Ever Written, Harvey says "Save the Pigs!" and breaking Khloe and Lamar news.


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HARVEY, did Michael Jackson have to be PHYSICALLY in Los Angeles to sign his will? Isn't it possible he signed it before his trip to NY or signed it and overnight it back to LA?

1766 days ago


Hi Harvey, I saw you on Good Day L.A. today. You said you are suing the Police Department. Are you suing for money or to make a statement that they cant get away with tampering with your cell phone. It is a right to privacy. Where any of your contacts mad at you for this whole deal?

1766 days ago


Richard Heene strikes me as someone who is a ticking time bomb. I'm worried about the safety of his wife and kids. Is someone looking out for them?

1766 days ago

molly beth    

I have a question about the Gosselin children? With Kate and Jon acting like a couple of spoiled middle school spatting children... how are the actual children handling this? Do Jon and Kate have any idea what kind of affect all this pettiness and foolishness is going to have on those kids? And who is with the kids all the time now? Kate can't be watching them alone... and we know all Jon is good for is spending money that isn't his and being publically promiscous.
Poor kids.

1766 days ago


I'm a big fan of the show and web-site. I worked in TV for over 20 years and think your show is original, well edited and often hilarious.

I'm wondering if you have any numbers on the demographics of the show. I'm a male closer to your age, than most of your staff's ages, and have always thought that I'm probably not in the demo (targeted or not)of the show. Just curious.

1766 days ago


ok mike,
You featured the wrong lady I was asking about monday, the lady I was asking about is on page 4 of 'TMZ on tv' thursday 6/25/2009 she is featured in the thumbnail photo. And that was the last time she appeared on TMZ too!

THATS the lady I'm talking about!!

1766 days ago


Harvey, I commend you for your love of animals, I used to work in no kill animal shelter (Allen County SPCA) and love animals as well. I live in Indiana where hunting is prevalent and I do not understand wanting to kill an animal and then bragging about it. It's hard to believe that this many men are future serial killers or compensating for small a small penis but I guess anything is possible..

1766 days ago


Who is currently in possession of the Michael Jackson items that were originally going up for auction in April? You reported in September that Juliens needed a letter signed from Dr. Tohme Tohme to release the items to the estate. Why would they need a signature from someone who has nothing to do with the estate?

I have asked this question numerous times so if there is a reason you cannot answer could you please say so and I will stop asking. Thanks.

1766 days ago


Mike, where do you get your shirts from?

1766 days ago


What do you think about this:
When you read a question from someone during your TMZ Live Segment, can you read the name of the person/user ID who submitted the question and where they are from.

I think it would be great to see what part of the Country/world the questions are coming from, so you guys can analyze the data to see what part of the country is participating and which is not. It would be interesting to see if a marketing/advertising campaign would increase traffic on your site/viewership on your show.

1766 days ago

Tis Moi    

Randy Jackson is contesting MJ's will, stating that he wasn't there at the noted time and date on the will. Is it possible/legal for MJ to have had the will faxed/sent as an attachment for him to sign, or would he have had to have been present with the lawyers to make it legit?

1766 days ago


Hi Harvey,
Do you think David Letterman was still seeing Birkitt well after he got married? I don't understand why Halderman would wait from December to September if he was so incredibly outraged.

1766 days ago


What if Rihanna calls Chris? What if SHE goes to see HIM? Would this be a violation of the restraining order?

1766 days ago


Hey you guys,
I noticed your staff occasionally mentions they dont make the
big bucks like some people in your industry. I had an a great idea for one of your staff. The cute blonde guy who surfs would be great spokesman for the new MENTOS BEACH BUM GUM. ( ad I saw on your site) Tell him to call his publicist! He's so cute!

1766 days ago


Hey Harvey, lets skype. You should skype like Oprah. If you do I totally wanna be the first skyper, k.


1766 days ago
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