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TMZ's Sexy Halloween Contest -- WINNER!

10/20/2009 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The tribe has spoken -- and the smooth curves of Satan's Style swept the competition in TMZ's Sexy Halloween Costume Contest!

This week's contest is Wack-O Jack-O-Lanterns! So email in your coolest pumpkin carving pictures for your chance at the weekly $250 prize and some great mystery prizes!

**CLICK HERE for contest rules and regulations!**


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Who could this be? OctoMom Or Kate Gosselin and it could be one of kate zombie fans on radar..

1828 days ago


Gross kate Gosselin I told u about steve giving u to much PROTEINS..

1828 days ago


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

1828 days ago



1828 days ago


That is just wrong.

1828 days ago


I was wonder blarglrgllrglrlglrblarg

1828 days ago

time to come out    

Totally hot.. I like 'em like that.. getting my lotion now..

1828 days ago


#152 Jaqueline was the absolute sexyest of them all. But that's just my opinion. Is it getting hot in here?

1828 days ago

I remember her    

I wish I had a badonkadonk like hers, I like it

1828 days ago



1828 days ago

Interested By Stander    

I can't believe how some people will absolutely degrade themselves for 2 minutes of attention. The women in the photo should be considered mentally challenged to allow herself to be so humiliated. People are not laughing with her, but at her. TMZ, I really can't believe you guys showed such a disgusting sight. Please pull that down.

1828 days ago


That's so painful to look at

1828 days ago


I simply don't understand. Does anyone realize that a Banana Republic size 0 in the US is now a size 8 in the UK?

A US size 0 at BR now has anywhere from a 27-29 inch waist. Fifteen years ago that was a US 5-6 or even a 7-8. I know because I used to be able to by clothes in this country. Designers found out that fat women would purchase more clothes if the tag had a smaller size on it. Donna Karen was the first, and changed her dress tags down two sizes: a 14 became a size 10 overnight.

Yes a woman who is a UK size 0 may be unhealthy, but not in the US due to this vanity sizing. And oh because fat women have no curves - rolls are not curves, these women have no waistlines - the clothing is now cut like a tent - even the size 0s - so you can't see an average women's beautiful waistlines and hips under all of that fabric. Most fat people are rectangle shaped. They wear support garments to suck in the fat and give them a waistline.

This woman is so unhealthy. I don't understand why there is not outrage. If she were normal weight or just 10lbs overweight you all would be outraged calling her anorexic. If this is a real woman then count me out.

We live in a fat society where this is the norm and therefore ok. I laugh when I hear "oh the pressure to be thin" How much pressure can their be? Airlines are making larger seats commode companies are making larger commodes, and coffin companies are making larger coffins. There are whole industries around our fat culture. Take a look at your work colleagues, your neighbors, clearly the pressure must be overwhelming. LOL

And they are always around the water cooler talking about their latest diet. Give me a break. Clearly they are lying to themselves about their calorie intake, exercise or both. My advise: You can have the cheese cake ladies just not all eight slices and you will be just fine! There. I have solved the world's weight issues. Not bad for 5 min work.

1828 days ago

Catt Alex    

First of all, sincere congratulations to the winner!

I think it's cruel to make fun of this woman. My own 'physical challenge' wasn't seen in my picture. I was number 116, dressed as Marilyn Monroe in the black and white photo. I'm Catt.

I happen to be a double amputee of both legs from the knees down. I've been like this my entire life and walk VERY well on two artificial legs.
Not sexy to you?
My boyfriend thinks I'm sexy. And that's all the matters.

I know what it's like to be made fun of and ridiculed. You didn't see my legs in my photo because I didn't feel like being made fun of and picked apart the way the winner of this contest is being made fun.

It was a fun contest. I entered. Others entered. A winner was picked. Let's at least be gracious and give her props.

There's someone for everyone.

I'm not for everyone.
The winner isn't for everyone.
And neither are you.

To each their own and all that.

1828 days ago


Congrats! Confidence is the key and all those haters are not confidence with themselves! Finally got too see someone with the realness! Congrats again!

1828 days ago
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