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911 Call in ESPN Analyst Case

10/21/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the frantic 911 call made by the wife of ESPN analyst/former Mets general manager Steve Phillips, when she discovered her husband's 22-year-old ex-mistress in the family's driveway.

911 Call in ESPN Analyst Case

According to police, Marni Phillips returned to her Connecticut home on August 19 and discovered Brooke Hundley -- an ESPN production assistant who worked with her husband -- dropping off a letter in which she confessed to having an affair with Steve.

In the call, Marni tells the dispatcher "I have a crazy woman who is involved with my husband and she's come to my house to harm me and my children."

Marni later told police that Brooke freaked out when she saw Marni, and "got in her car, put it in reverse and smashed the rear end of her vehicle into the stone column ... cut across our grass, avoiding the driveway completely, driving erratically over rocks and mulch beds to maneuver her vehicle down our hill."

Phillips declined to press charges against Hundley -- but released a statement saying he was taking an "extended leave of absence."

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Gag a maggot! Steve Phillips is a good looking guy. What is he doing with this cow? She must let him do her in the butt. She looks greasy. I'll bet that p*ssy smells like a garbage can at Red Lobster.

1794 days ago

Amber Berglund    

That guy is a piece of Sh! ! T. Of course he took advantage of her. Look at her. She's very homely and probably starved for affection and attention. What a loathsome man. It's so awful when a man does this to a girl. It's sad. I feel bad for Brooke Hundley. Look at her. She probably lost her virginity to this douchebag. She probably couldn't get laid in highschool. Of course she went crazy. She's not used to dealing with this kind of thing, being manipulated and used. So, yeah, it's shocking when a man you've trusted, who seduced you, uses you and discards you like an old paper cup. It's a horrible thing to be tossed away like garbage...and I'm pretty sure that is what happened to her. She was disposable to him. Sociopath. That's what he is.

1794 days ago


This just goes to show you, some men don't care about who they have sex with. This is a good looking guy, he has a good career and a wife and children. Even if we say (for the sake of our argument) that his wife was an evil shrew (again - I'm not saying that - I don't know anything about her)... WHY would he hook up wiht THIS girl.

I understand how men might find a new young HOT woman attractive, but seriously?!?! My guess is that he probably really needed attention badly and decided to get it wherever he could. SAD! Some of these men that hook up with younger women, don't realize the drama they get themselves into (no pun intended!)

P.S. I'm not saying only men have this issue - women do it too.

1794 days ago


wow, she's fat & ugly, though he woulda done a bit better....

1794 days ago


Seriously, that is the best he could do???!!! Ewwwwwwwwww! She is not even decent looking!!!

1794 days ago


WOW! Ricky Lake looks TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!

1794 days ago

Trooper Tom    

He had a fling because he could the old prick, this chick has psycho eyes

1794 days ago



1794 days ago


Call me crazy, but ....aren't mistresses usually kind of hot?

1794 days ago


That little piece is costing him a bit of money, now isn't it. Oops, there goes the home. And the wife. And those four nice sons.

1794 days ago


Is it just me or do they kind of look alike?

1794 days ago


It doesn't matter that she's homely or chubby. What matters is that she is YOUNG!

1794 days ago

Spike Jones    

Good lord! This guy is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

1794 days ago


Ok, I seriously thought it was a guy with long hair standing next to Steve Phillips in that pic! YES PLEASE, LET'S SEE A PIC OF HIS WIFE, CAN SHE BE ANY WORSE THAN THIS CHICK!?

1794 days ago


Really, if you are going to have an affair have it with a half-way decent, hot 22 year old - chubby chubby 2x4, she's not even a butter face (nice body but(her) face). Give me a break! If my husband cheated on me with that - I don't even think I could be mad! This man must drink on the job and have a thick pair of beer goggles on to romp around with her. Sorry, if you think this sounds callus, but hitting that wouldn't be worth taking the chance of losing half of your millions, your homes and balls when your wife files for divorce!

1794 days ago
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