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911 Call in ESPN Analyst Case

10/21/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the frantic 911 call made by the wife of ESPN analyst/former Mets general manager Steve Phillips, when she discovered her husband's 22-year-old ex-mistress in the family's driveway.

911 Call in ESPN Analyst Case

According to police, Marni Phillips returned to her Connecticut home on August 19 and discovered Brooke Hundley -- an ESPN production assistant who worked with her husband -- dropping off a letter in which she confessed to having an affair with Steve.

In the call, Marni tells the dispatcher "I have a crazy woman who is involved with my husband and she's come to my house to harm me and my children."

Marni later told police that Brooke freaked out when she saw Marni, and "got in her car, put it in reverse and smashed the rear end of her vehicle into the stone column ... cut across our grass, avoiding the driveway completely, driving erratically over rocks and mulch beds to maneuver her vehicle down our hill."

Phillips declined to press charges against Hundley -- but released a statement saying he was taking an "extended leave of absence."

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Steve she is a wildabeast!!..Maybe if you gonna cheat on your wife hang out with Brad Penny. I'm sure Karina has a skank for you that looks better than her!!....Dude you pull bank and that is ALL you can pull!!!I don't make as much as you believe me buyt I can go to my local bar now an pull a finer one...LOL!!

1830 days ago


Gosh, she is UGLY. He either has really low self esteem, or he will just do anything that walks. Too bad for him, he picked a looney bird. Really, if a chick like that showed up in front of my house, my husband sleeping with her would probably be like my 7th or 8th guess, after census worker and escaped inmate.

1830 days ago

Mary Worth    

Opposites attract! He has soft, downy hair and beard, and smooth cheeks, as well as a decent beak.

I'm not the type to say she's the rugged one of the two; but if I were, now would be the time!

1830 days ago


When will ESPN and parent Company ABC up on some kind of charges or investigation for incessant sexual exploits with its employees?

Going back to married Chris Berman and his "you're with me Leather"..if you dont what that means, look it up.

It, and the whole chirade at that place is disgusting. Guess they all went to the David Letterman school of sexual harrasment, as well as selection of Oinkers in Connecticut.

Absolute Yuck...thank god Mrs. Phillips has finally filed Divorce papers on the now also fired a hole.

1830 days ago


Oh the humanity. What a hideous beast she is. I don't think she could land a bus boy who needed a green card to date her. How the F would a rich middle aged married man bang her more than once? The word 'yuck' comes to mind. They are both insane, her in the tradition nutty way, and Phillips for sickening America.

1830 days ago


that wife should have blocked her in and beat the hell out of her. when that whore gets the wife and kids and home involved that is when she has really crossed the line. this wife needs to be talking to a divorce lawyer NOW.

1830 days ago


Gracious, man, you could do better..,. at finding and keeping things on the downlow!

1830 days ago

Oval Beach    

Ok...so Steve Phillips is a total schmuck and loser of a husband but...DAMN he's HOT!!! I would absolutely love to view his birth marks : )=.

1830 days ago


He could have done way better for himself! She's not exactly mistress material. Upgrade. Never downgrade.

1830 days ago


im so lost and hate crazy wives.

1830 days ago



I do agree with a lot of your post, except, the part of the sexual harrasment by David Lettermen.

Do you really think these gals were not up to it? Do you think for for second they didn't want to have sex with Dave? Come on. We gals are not as pure as you might think. I know some pretty aggresive gals, they could care less if the guy is married, taken, gay, WHATEVER, they will go after them.

Those women KNEW full and well what was going on and they particapted right along with Dave. This is not harrasment by any means.

And neither is this story, girlfriend KNEW what she doing.

Too many gals mistake bad manners and behavior for sexual harrassment. Everything is not harrassment, sometimes women are too sensetive about this.

1830 days ago


WOW - Equal Opportunity includes MONSTERS!!?? Bet Greasy Girl has Dyson quality suction. No romantic dinners or walks in the park with her - just motel rooms. Nothing public, for sure. Now that he is free, Greasy Girl will find out she was only good for what she could do behind closed doors. What a shame he publicly hurt and embarassed his family. Greasy Girl and her "boyfriend" each deserve to be alone after everything they have done to his family. Men like him are vile and the women they choose to get involved with are almost as disgusting.

1830 days ago

Deez and Doz    

I don't know which is worse - her broken nose, raccoon eyes or the fact that she weighs about 3,000 pounds. Monica Lewinsky, part 2?

1830 days ago


I know that's somebody's child...but come on....
Did you have to put the catchers mask on her before hittin' up that @hit??? Seriously man.....no seriously....

1830 days ago


This young woman appears to be a sports fan. Maybe his wife isn't. Maybe he felt more relaxed with this chick, she could be more laid back and fun than the wife. I'm just saying it's not impossible someone would get with her, she could have a great personality. But cheating is sleazy and they both suck for that.

1830 days ago
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