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Jon Gosselin -- Overpay for Play

10/21/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin UPDATE: The MJ Show just posted the email exchange they had with Gosselin's rep. Click here to read it.

Jon Gosselin
sincerely believes his time and energy is worth somewhere around $12,000-per hour -- because that's how much he's demanding to appear on a Florida radio show.

TMZ spoke with the host of Tampa's MJ Morning Show who told us he contacted Gosselin's rep in the hopes of booking the reality star to guest co-host the show for one morning.

The radio show offered two first class round trip plane tickets, limo service and a "first class" hotel room -- but that wasn't enough to seal the deal.

Gosselin's rep requested an "appearance fee ... in the 10-12K range."

Team Gosselin justified the amount by saying, "[Jon's] name and appearance on your show will instantly draw press ... and will be a high point for the show." The rep also describes Gosselin as "quite funny, sharp witted and interesting."

The radio host tells us he "fell out of his chair" when he read the demand. Looks like Jon will have to go back to "Entertainment Something" to lock down that kind of money.


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Kawika 3    

Haaaaaaaaaaaa, He ain't worth 10.00/ hr
Who the hell does he think he is...
I wouldn't pay to see him , even if he was across the street.
What a LOWLIFE !!!!!!!!!!
Come back to reality pal. Your time isn't worth Diddly...
Good Luck " BUM "

1794 days ago


Are you kidding Jon? Any company that hires you would be boycotted within days. You are broke and looking for a new scam. Go to NY and let Hailey's parents support your lazy behind. There is hope that you will have to get a regular job in life like the rest of the world. Kate has the support of many and will do just fine without you and your kids need you to shut up!!!

1794 days ago


....well can't blame him for thinking that. When ever his name is mentioned, everyone is all ears just to see what dumb@ss move he's doing now. Watch the comment thing here explode to over a 100. You guys keep saying that nobody cares but obviously you guys continue to keep reading just to see what's going on.

1794 days ago


Besides providing the sperm that led to the creation of a herd of children, what EXACTLY has this man ever done that warrants the attention he continues to receive for doing nothing more noteworthy than taking up space on the planet?

I'll admit I've never seen the show, nor do I care to, and perhaps that's why I'm so clueless when it comes to identifying his appeal. He created a litter of 8 kids. And? It's not like his sperm blasted into a single ova wearing a Superman cape and caused the poor defenseless egg to splinter into eight pieces of potential humanity. He fertilized a bunch of eggs that, through the work of technology, ended up creating a bunch of lives simultaneously.

And for this he makes headlines every day? Geez. Dogs do it all the time to much less acclaim.

Dude is homely as a freaking mud fence. Seriously. Ugly McDugly, with a capital UGH.

Why is he newsworthy? Enlighten me. Please.

1794 days ago


Jon Gosselin is about as sharp witted as a butter knife.

1794 days ago


Jon Gosselin and MJ in the same room? I doubt the building is big enough to hold both of their over-inflated egos.

1794 days ago


UNBELIEVABLE.... I didn't laugh today, but now I have. All my education is worthless, I only really needed was to take fertility drugs, have 8 kids and expect reality tv to support me, put me in a million plus dollar home, buy my kids ALL designer clothes, drive several top dollar foreign autos, have nannies and maids raise my fertility drug kids, travel, and on top of it all, make $12,000.00 an hour plud first class perks for just allowing earth to have have my presence...

1794 days ago


It's a complicated situation...

1794 days ago


Didnt this idiot want $30,000 for personal appearences? Now its down to 12,000. Before long he will be at your local gas wash asking for tips.

1794 days ago


Jon's Ass, has to cough up that money he took from Kate! If I was him; I'll be trying to make as much money as possible. He's out of a Job, Snake Ass Attorney's ripping him off. He better shave his Balls and sale the hair on EBAY. Because his ass is about to go BROKE!

1794 days ago


How much does it cost someone to become such a DOUCHER? This guy takes the cake for the world's big Douchbag. Trufax,

1794 days ago

Bubba Army    

MJ is grasping for ratings that he would pay for content that he couldn't get on his own. Only because he's in 8th place with teenagers and getting spanked by Bubba the Love Sponge show who's in 1st place. Jon should ask for double the amount from MJ he can afford it if he wants the content so bad. What a flipping tool MJ is he can't get ratings so he has to fly Jon in to get them are you kidding me MJ is only heard a few markets to Bubba the Love Sponge who is heard nationwide on Sirius Satellite Radio and in 7 markets on FM. Jon go to Bubba's show where real men well ask you manly questions and not use you just to get ratings.

1794 days ago

Science Defective    

Hot For Heene

1794 days ago


Big freakin' deal; the dude is trying to make bank. The simple answer is: don't hire him.

1794 days ago


Jon is a douche, but it sounds like they want him to work for free. Plane tickets and accomodations? That's a starting point. What do they expect - for him to fly himself out there and book his own room? Come on. And it's true that everyone will be listening to the show when he comes on, including this site.

1794 days ago
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