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Lady Gaga Music Video Star Found Dead

10/21/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There is an investigation under way into the mysterious death of an actor who starred in multiple Lady Gaga music videos -- a 5-year-old Great Dane named Rumpus.

 Lady Gaga Music Video Star Found Dead

Rumpus, who was featured in the videos for Poker Face, Love Game and Paparazzi, was found dead earlier this month after a hike in Los Angeles. But Rumpus' owner, Suzzane Kelleher-Duckett, tells TMZ the champion show dog had no signs of injury and appeared to be in perfect health.

An autopsy was performed a few days ago -- results are expected soon.

Rumpus was supposed to appear in Gaga's upcoming video for "Bad Romance" -- but we're told only Rumpus' mother Lava (pictured left) will now do the gig.

R.I.P. Rumpus.


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Jeff Dranetz    

It is sad every time a dog dies. They are pure of heart. Great Danes in particular have short lives. Rumpus looked very well behaved and that he loved children. The halloween outfits were very cute on the two dogs. Lava must be sad her son died.

1828 days ago


this sick freak lady dumb dumb did something to this poor dog

1828 days ago

gene yuss    

we likee doggy he makee good a dinna

1828 days ago


Suzzanne, I'm so sorry for your family's loss. The pictures posted of Rumpus with your daughter (?) show what a character and an incredibly gentle soul he was. Sending love to you and yours.

1828 days ago


Aww that's sad but these big dogs have short lives, the average is 5-6 yrs. :(

1828 days ago


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1828 days ago


Hey Harvey,

Now WHO let the dog out..? LMAO!!


Mo & Souza

1828 days ago


Slow news day, TMZ?

1828 days ago


"...appeared to be in perfect health."
Perhaps he suffered from inflamed lung?

1828 days ago

brits ok    

For one brief moment I thought the sun had come back out and maybe everything was ok in the world again. Then I read further and realized you were talking about the Great Dane. Poor puppy.

1828 days ago


It was suicide on the doggie's part; he was afraid he'd have to work with her again.

1828 days ago


9. He probably died of terror upon learning he had to do yet another video with Lady Gaga.

Posted at 1:29AM on Oct 21st 2009 by Carl

Read more:

Nice one Carl :)

1828 days ago


This breed is very fragile, despite their huge appearance. With a little luck they can get to the age of 9. I personally have never seen this breed reach the age of 10. Because of their size they also get a lot of health issues. One major point on that is the heart, this breed is known for have/getting an enlarged heart. Usually this is missed by vets and owners because the dog appears to be healthy, then all of a sudden dies without apparent cause. The problem foor these health flaws relates to breeding. In the days when this breed was used in German forrests to hunt (it's NOT from Denmark so great Dane is wrong!!!) it had a smaller posture to be able to crawl under and through bushes. But as fashion states, things are passe very quickly and the breed had to become larger to impress friend and foe. The great Dane (how I hate this name) became a status symbol. To 'upgrade' the dog even more and give it a more frightning look they started clipping the ears. Fortunately this is now forbidden in most (European) countries as these dogs would get nasty wound rashes and ulcers from it leaving the ears deformed. A lot of the time clipping was done by quacks and sometimes resulting in vets removing chunks or all of the ear to get rid of flesh-eating bacteria, or dogs that had crooked ears. These dogs are gentle giants and if they could would crawl on your lap to sleep. It's a shame that these beautiful dogs have become fashion victims resulting in poor health and early old age and in turn die farely young compared to other breeds. This is the main reason I do not ever buy a great Dane again. They do however are great with kids, never in my life have I seen this breed become aggressive towards children, they will even protect them from falling down by laying in front of the bed while the kid sleeps. Soft landing for your kid..... Love these dogs and pamper them, they have such short lives.

1828 days ago

Britney Spears    

RIP Lady Gaga!

1828 days ago


slow news day, TMZ!

1828 days ago
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