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Rev. Jesse to MSNBC: It's Jackson If You're Nasty

10/21/2009 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

During an important discussion on income inequality, an anchor for MSNBC got her Reverends mixed up -- introducing Rev. Jesse Jackson as Rev. Al Sharpton.

Contessa Brewer ended up blaming the identity crisis on the teleprompter -- but by the look on Rev. Jackson's face ... the damage was done.


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No excuse for her ! She is media anchor and if she did her job correctly, she should know who she is interviewing for the story. Shame on her !!!!

1830 days ago



1830 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

LOL Oh come on, Jackson was suprised at the mixup? Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton are both African American preachers with muddy personal backgrounds that will do ANYTHING to get themselves on camera. Suprised this does not happen all the time.

1830 days ago


Just goes to show you another dumb white chick. If you are a professional than you will do your homework. And she calls herself a journalist. She's a disgrace!

1830 days ago


I like Contessa Brewer -- she's got a sense of humor and doesn't take herself too seriously, unlike The Right Rev. Jessie Jackson. He could have acknowledged the embarrassing mistake a little less ominously and might have done his image some good. They were obviously in different studios, and she was reading the TelePrompter. Big Deal. Jessie Jackson used to be someone to admire, but now he shows up everywhere, weaseling his way into any event that might warrant his bringing up the Race Card.

1830 days ago


We have 2 white, blonde newscasters in town who I constantly confuse with one another. Sharpton and Jackson are both Revs, both in the public eye for being mouth pieces, both liberals, bot take on hot button issues, and they're both kind of old from this woman's perspective. I can see how she could get them confused!

1830 days ago


They could be brothers, they're both publicity hounds. No matter what happens they try and get their face and 2 cents into it. Where ever tv cameras are, they are sure to follow.

1830 days ago


It was just a mistake. People make mistakes all the time, its not a big deal.

1830 days ago

Dave Evans    

she should have just said, "Joining us now is a token black person to offer insight, this will show we are not racist."

1830 days ago


78. she should have just said, "Joining us now is a token black person to offer insight, this will show we are not racist."

Posted at 11:42PM on Oct 21st 2009 by Dave Evans

Agree! Oh, but don't you know nobody sees color anymore? That's what I've been told on the other sites, and been called a racist for pointing it out. Okay, then why didn't she say "Here's Bill O'Reilly"?

1830 days ago


That dumba$$ should be fired immediately.It's unexcusable for a reporter to not know the names of the people she is interviewing,particularly when the subjects are well known to anybody over the age of 10.

1830 days ago

David M.    

jesse & sharpton are low lifes living & scaring people. I can't wait for both of them to go away. They are racist hypocrites. It will be a better world when they are gone.

1830 days ago

David M.    

Get a life jackson. So she made a mistake. That happens to all of us. Why do you assume that everyone knows how your ugly faces looks like anyway. You and sharpton are political media whores so of course someone could make a mistake recognizing the both of you. You're both racist ugly people taking every opportunity to stick it to the white men.

1830 days ago


If this had been Fox News heads would roll. The left wing would run the story for days. No harm done as no one who has a brain watches her anyway. MSNBC is just taking up air time without anything to say.

1830 days ago


Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton . . . no difference. Same people, different hair styles.

1830 days ago
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