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Balloon Boy Sheriff -- I Turned Down Dr. Phil!

10/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim AlderdenThere's one man in the Balloon Boy saga who isn't a total media whore -- the Larimer County Sheriff claims he told Dr. Phil to kick rocks!

Sheriff Jim Alderden just posted a hilarious blog on the LCSO's website -- describing all the craziness he put up with in the wake of that little "spaceship balloon incident" ... and he didn't hold back.

In the blog, Alderden claims he was inundated with calls and emails from all sorts of "wing-nuts" -- some of whom called him "big mouthed," "fat" and "bald-headed."

Alderden quotes one person who wrote in just to criticize his American flag shirt -- saying " I will encourage any federal investigators working with you on the balloon boy case to charge you with crimes against the flag if that shirt is worn again."

Jim fared better with the Finnish -- one foreign fan telling him "you are good looking, a 'real man' ... you have a sense of humor when you tell the story." Alderden replied, "I might be moving to a Scandinavian country at the end of my term."

But the best call came in from a guy who claimed he had proof Hillary Clinton was an alien. The Sheriff's reply -- "At least that caller had some credibility."


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Too funny, I say we kick the balloon boy family out of this country and all the ones that sent him crazy emails.

1834 days ago

A Person    


1834 days ago


What a jackass.

He whines about name calling and then childishly slams Clinton, our Secretary of State, and a phenomenal and accomplished woman.

Typical sexist ignoramus.

1834 days ago


To the people calling him a media whore... He posted a message on his own department website as he does regularily. How is it his fault that TMZ posted it on theirs???

To the one who suggested they do a search of the house immediately... For several hours the whole world thought some poor kid was trapped in a balloon. Why oh why in claude's name would the cops start tearing their house apart right away?? We know that the parents (dad especially) are kooks NOW but that wasn't consensus a few days ago. Should every parent who phones 911 about a missing child expect to be treated like criminals? Are you that thick?

The reason we foreigners are so hot for this guy (and I don't even like cops - nevermind tacky yank flag shirts) is because the Americans who normally get attention in the media are a**holes.

I love Americans - and it's nice to see a normal (though awesome) one get attention for a change.

1834 days ago


I was really beginning to look up to the sheriff, even though at the start he kept saying this was in no way a hoax, because HE would know.
Dr. Phil called him. He was offered time on his show to prove that he was not a hick sheriff, and do not underestimate rural law enforcement. He would have been able to thank his staff who did all the investigating. He would have gotten a big check that he could have used to buy bullet proof vest, put the money in the family fund for fallen officers, bought a new k-9, or do anything that his department needed, but no he just turned it all down. HE IS AN IDIOT!

1834 days ago


He says this...
"I'm originally from Illinois, so I might look you up next time I'm there. I've been known to have beer or two during a Bronco's or Bear's game."

and in another post says this....
"Personally, I think legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes was a mistake."

He is a hypocrite...pure and simple he doesn't even think people it helps should have it because some people might use it just to catch a a few beers during a Bronco's game will give you a buzz...

1834 days ago


"...some of whom called him "big mouthed," "fat" and "bald-headed."

LOL! You KNOW (without a doubt) that idiots who write such derogatory comments look like Sasquatch!

1834 days ago


this guy's loving the attention just a little too much. Who does he think he is, Judge Seidlin?

1834 days ago

Pink Blonde    

This guy was involuntarily thrown into the big media circus of some nut job. All things considered, he's trying to handle it with a little humor. What are some of you busting his ass for? He's from bumf*k nowhere, doubt he ever thought he'd be on national TV in his life. The endless overly political correctness is gettin old. He could've said the sky was blue and somebody'd get offended. Lighten up, peeps.

1834 days ago


Listen to the Michael Jackson song, D.S. Then. look at the photo again. lol

1834 days ago


i'd turn down dr. phil too! good job sheriff alderden! and i liked your flag shirt, i thought it was cute.

1834 days ago


I get strong feelings of ego-maniac when I see government figures put their feelings on display like this. I also find it unprofessional. Everyone wants to be a showman.

1834 days ago


...when I say government, I mean public service.

1834 days ago


This was 2 freakin funny - u have to give it to the man - dude is funny

1833 days ago


A truly funny guy! Nice to actually see someone with morals, who is not a media whore.

1833 days ago
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