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Katherine Jackson Needs More Power

10/22/2009 7:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson's need for more power is not about her ability to control the estate -- she needs money for the electric bill.

Lawyers in the probate case just told the judge Katherine's allowance needs to be increased to pay the utility bills.

And, the lawyers say, Katherine made more money this year -- therefore, she needs to pay more taxes and needs more in the way of an allowance.

Katherine is currently pulling in $26,804 a month.

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Is this a joke?

1741 days ago


$26,804 sounds like a lot of money but when measured by her life style it probably isn't very much. Never-the-less, she needs to pay her electric bill - more money or no.

One thing for sure, she certainly is making a livelihood out of going to court. And she must be spending a fotune on attorneys. They don't come cheap.

1741 days ago

Gayle James    

This is so pathetic. Katherine needs more money for electricity. She needs to get a grip, stop begging for more money. This woman will never know what it means to struggle. The family is not struggling, Germaine, La Toya, Janet and the rest of the money grubbing family could give her a loan.
They are so filthy rich. Deep down Michael from Gary, Indiana had to have had dreams of what he wanted to do with his life. Now, the family has made this a nightmare.
I am tired of TMZ writing about misfits like the Jackson family and certainly Jon Gosselin (what a baby).
When are you going to stop printing this crap???

1741 days ago


That friggen judge better not cave into her plea for more money , the judge is one sorry azz pansy and gives her whatever she wants because he is starstruck.
He is a joke and an awful representation of the judicial system.

1741 days ago


Katherine is taking out more money because she spends it on the family(and they have a BIG one). Last week One of her sons, MJs Kids and around 15!!! nephews went to the book store in Santa Monica and he paid with a pile of CASH, at least 1000. Everyone in line at the registry was rolling their eyes... She needs to take as much money as she can now because the family doesn't get anything upon her death and she needs to beef them all up now.
LIke Jermaine's wife stated she buys gift certificate at grocery stores, and clothing stores for her children and grandchildren. They are eating as much as they can now. But I'm sure that once the older kids turn 18 they will strike a deal with them to give them part of the estate on the grounds that they raised them.

1741 days ago


The Jackson family is a freak show. I hope someone has enough common sense tell Michael's children when they are old enough, to RUN LIKE HELL and get away from this greedy POS family.

1741 days ago


TOld you when I said $26,000 was not enought that is a big house and she has a tone of things she has pay for..and everyone jumped on me for saying it...HAHAHAAH I told u I was right...That's a dam shame Michael would not be happy about this All u people who said I didn't know what I was talking about..hahahahShe just spends he money on crap like clothes and shopeing..only place I have ever seen KJ at was target.. Give her little more..really come on...PULLLLEEEEzzI knew what I was talking about from day one...That is not enought....she pays ofr everything she doese are u all happy now....And the first time I have seen KJ out besides the one trip to target was DWTS..SO there u have it...

1741 days ago

Lee Lee    

Well Michael did work hard for this money, and his mum is now caring for his children so I think Katherine should be given more money to pay the bills.....HOWEVER.......those FREELOADERS need to move out of that house and start paying there own way in life. Michael did not work his ass off to pay to support the rest of the family and there off spring for the rest of there lives. Are you listening Jermaine....Randy ?????????????????????

1741 days ago


That's more than our household makes in a year.

1741 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Will OH the weasle,typo Wipe butt that,s better.I need your help suck face maggot.Crawl into the out house and eat your way out.When you are done go vomit in your bed and sleep in it till I call for you slimmy maggot self.You are lucky for the status of a maggot really don,t deserve to be that high on the food chain.

1741 days ago


I would need more money too. That monthly allowance isn't enough to live off of in Los Angeles!

1741 days ago


Michelle take your ego and shove it up your azz...idiot.
Hungry for recognition , yet so wrong in your assessment.
That 26K was for her personal expenses, had NOTHING to do with the house upkeep.

1741 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Net out looking for a maggot.

1741 days ago


Judge don't fall for this BS

If Katherine can't afford her astronomical lawyers' bills that WAS HER CHOICE AND HER RESPONSIBILITY stop panning it off to the estate and stealing from the children!!!

1741 days ago


How sad Katherine can't take care of her electric bill out of 26,000. a month. Maybe Jermaine, Randy, and Alejandra need to contribute their fair share?
God what a greedy pack.

1741 days ago
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