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Katherine Jackson Needs More Power

10/22/2009 7:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson's need for more power is not about her ability to control the estate -- she needs money for the electric bill.

Lawyers in the probate case just told the judge Katherine's allowance needs to be increased to pay the utility bills.

And, the lawyers say, Katherine made more money this year -- therefore, she needs to pay more taxes and needs more in the way of an allowance.

Katherine is currently pulling in $26,804 a month.

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k give it up with him TMZ god hes dead and honestly NO ONE IN CANADA CARES NO ONE ANYWHERE CARES GIVE THEM TO HIS FAT EX WIFE OR WHO EVER AND COVER some thing good like balloon boy his his dumb family :)

1794 days ago


8. seriously is this a joke? is she spending it all on lawyers.i want to like this family...i just dont understand them at all.does he have to pay everyones electric bill?maybe he can pay mine too

Posted at 6:42PM on Oct 22nd 2009 by world traveler

What's to understand? MJ had to go through this all the time with Katherine. Now the trust is having to hear her financial grievances. He supported Kate Joe Jermaine Randy Jermaines kids and exwife and Hayvenhurst for years! Kept him sucked dry!
Now the trust is getting a taste of what his life was like!

1794 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Don,t hide maggot face your face is easy to find.It,s so ugly your mother tossed up into the out house,saved her life.To look at you your dog will bite you.So get back in there we didn,t give you permission to crawl out.

1794 days ago


In the beginning it was said that her allowance did NOT include the mortgage, taxes on the home, and the cost of paying for the upkeep of the home which included lawn service and those things. SO, where is Joe at helping his wife???? I agree, the kids are certainly paying their own way and probably their cousins way too.
(Jermaine's kids) WHO is paying for Jermaines kids and the like of the otheres. The grown moochers need to pay their own way, that is NOT Michael's and the childrens responsiblity to house, food and clothe Randy, Maron, Tito, LaTonya, and Jermanine...REALLY, Judge needs to look at all of this....The brothers, Joe and LaToya want their hands of Mike's money. The kids are their cushion...I wish the kids lived with Elizabeth Taylor. Liz would see that they were taken care of in the way Mike wanted them to be. She would NEVER touch their money...In a few years, Prince and Paris will know what the stakes are, they have an ad litim attorney, plus Branca will never let Mike's kids be taken advantage of...

1794 days ago


One of the best uses Katherine could use some of her money for would be to keep a very competent accountant on her payroll.

1794 days ago


Remember I love you

1794 days ago



1794 days ago

For Sure    

Like I said MJ knew what he was doing when he did not put any one from the family as an executor.

Katherine.....Stop paying attorney's and you will have plenty of money.....Tell your kids to get jobs....and if they have them and you still cannot pay your electric... let them get a second job.....

Now you know why MJ took drugs...wanted to live on a private Island....was going broke..... did not take any calls from his family...and towards the end wouldn't even take calls from Katherine....

When do you people stop !!!!! Geezzz !!!!!

Oh PS Katherine: I have a mortgage Payment do!!!! yah think you could pay it for me.... I work hard everyday!

1794 days ago


I hope the Jackson 3's money is being accounted for closely. I wonder when the Jackson 3 go out who pays for all of the cousins that go along? I expect there to be jealousy in the future because Michaels kids have money and the rest have parents who don't support them.

1794 days ago

Trooper Tom    

She needs to start living within her means she has already filed for bankruptcy in the past, its time to get a clue lady

1794 days ago


43. Don,t hide maggot face your face is easy to find.It,s so ugly your mother tossed up into the out house,saved her life.To look at you your dog will bite you.So get back in there we didn,t give you permission to crawl out.

Posted at 7:09PM on Oct 22nd 2009 by WillOTheWisp

I apply the Blood of Jesus to this site and bind its power to remain. There is power in Jesus' Blood to set everything right, satan. Jesus' Blood works now to remove every evil work on this site.

1794 days ago


And to think she only had her "meager" SS without MJ and now without the trust.

1794 days ago


26k a month for body guards to follow them around in other cars to protect children etc etc everytime they leave the house for school,karate,church. I bet the body guards are at least 10k a month plus the cost of the cars and gasoline to drive those kids around in daily.
For having pushed MJ out of her Uterus 50 yrs ago and now stuck raising his 3 kids, she should be gtting 100k a month. She got ripped as the mother and now new mother to 3 kids at age 80. Katherine got ripped off.

1794 days ago


27. Michelle take your ego and shove it up your azz...idiot.
Hungry for recognition , yet so wrong in your assessment.
That 26K was for her personal expenses, had NOTHING to do with the house upkeep.

Posted at 6:55PM on Oct 22nd 2009 by idiot

HEy why don't u STFU..That is her money and she takes care of the house hold items such as the bills..who else is going to pay them Dumb AZZ..she is Paying for her Lawyers and everything else she is not out droping $ on stupid stuff..she is taking care of her Grand kids and bisness so why don't u take ur comments and shove it where the sun don't shine.. I was stating my comments was not looking ofor anyone to give me props..Well seems like u wanted someone to Respond to well here u go..STFU..I know who I am and what I Thank u...

1794 days ago


Katherine Jackson is a mom first. Which is why she still allow her grown children and their children to live with her. What she doesn't understand is that she is enabling them to be extremely lazy. What's really sad is that she is taking advantage of MJ's death to support those lazy morons. She knows in her heart of hearts that the surviving siblings will never be successful as MJ. Even when MJ was alive she was constantly asking him to help them. MJ loved his siblings but felt that they should try and make it on their own instead of always trying to piggy back him. I totally agreed with MJ. I have a theory on why Katherine is going full force with the Executors. It is stipulated that once she's passed everything goes to MJ's children and charities. NOTHING for the siblings. I am guessing that Katherine wants to make sure that when her time comes -- the surviving morons (except Janet, of course) gets some cash to live on. She is thinking like a mom but it shouldn't have to be at the expense of MJ. I truly feel bad for Branca and McClain. They are merely executing MJ's wishes and it is a shame that the Jackson family is getting in the way of things. Yes, bottom line is money, money and more money. Here is the thing that kills me... MJ worked hard all his life and the money he made were hard earned, rightfully, it is HIS decision on how it should be disbursed. It IS his wish that he only wanted to take care of his mother and his children and it is obvious that he definitely wanted Branca to be the Executor because in his 1997 will, he stated that as well. He had the chance to change it in 2002 but clearly he did not. Yes, it is true that MJ is family but it does NOT entitle them to his money! Sadly, the Jackson does not see it that way. On a side note, I really can not stand LaToya! Why in God's name is she making MJ out to be some sad, weak and pathetic person? Seriously, the song that she recently put out, "Home"... it sounded terrible and she really can not carry a tune or even sing that well. Sorry. That's the way it is!

1794 days ago
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