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Quaid & Co. -- Coyote Ugly Before Near DUI

10/22/2009 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before cops cut Dennis Quaid a break by strongly urging him to get a cab -- instead of a DUI -- his crew was living it up inside Philippe ... on top of the restaurant's bar!

Quaids: Click to watch
Check out Quaid's friend working her moves on the bar to Aerosmith's "Walk This Way." It looks like Dennis' wife Kimberly was about to join in too.

Anyone got some singles?


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Amy, I bet when you get drunk you turn in to the annoying screaming WOO HOO girl that dances with your arms above your head while singing to the songs. We hate your type.

1826 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

That's a lousy video. I can't see anything.

1826 days ago


So, Amy, since you love to party so hard and think that's normal for married people with kids, would you like to explain to us how Dennis is going to explain this one to his 17 year old son?
And you may want to take into consideration that that boy's father was an addict for many years in the eighties and cheated on the boys mother for many many times.

'Gee son, daddy made another booboo! Please don't act like daddy in any way'?

1826 days ago


You're right Tinalouise, I'm not married because my husband died in one of the towers on 9/11, again with your judging...Barfly same for you, you know nothing about me, petty petty people you both are. Again I don't condone drinking and driving what part of that from my last post don't you understand!

1826 days ago


Ok last post, oh Brenda, I'm not really sure what to say to you, who said I partied all the time?? lol seriously you have no idea what you are talking about and no I don't, you probably are the same person as Tinalouise commenting, no where do I even mention Dennis Quaid, I was commenting on the dancing on the bar ONLY...don't join in when you clearly don't know what you are talking about...

1826 days ago


Amy just ignore people making ridiculous judgements about you. I'm very sorry to hear about your loss, I'm married with 2 boys, I work, I still go out with friends and dance and have fun, I also go out with my husband and other couples, take a cab, have a little fun, 40 doesn't = your life is over, life is what you make it!

1826 days ago


It's good to be Dennis Quaid.

1826 days ago

Michael Levine is a Has Been    

Hate to point out the obvious for some, but this guy has clearly fallen off the wagon and his wife is an horrible bad influence. What the hell?

Go back to AA Dennis. Get your life back on track.

1826 days ago


I love Dennis Quaid!!!

1826 days ago


haha!! thats great!! seems like they were having alot of fun!! maybe they were drinking chrome soda and vodka!

1826 days ago

Stephen Weiss    

So in Nova Soctia Canada if you have been drinking and you have the keys of a car and setting that car (even if they are not in the ignition) you are changed with DUI.

1826 days ago

Lippy Loo    

How friggin disgusting!! These losers go on every talk show and complain about how their babies almost died, and they are out drinking and ABOUT ready to drive drunk! Where are those twins?? What a rotten mom and dad! Celebrities SUCK!

1825 days ago


I'm with the posters who say:

THIS is how the 40-somethings act???????? I cringe when I see my peers behave this way. They must have no idea how this makes them look.

Well, most of us do not act like this. I can tell you that we laugh at these types of people all the time. We say they are stuck in high school.

Grow up Dennis, you now have two more kids to take of, AND you are proving Meg right every other day. You look foolish.
Are they not old enough YET to want to carry themselves in a dignified way? No?

YOUR old get over it, and stop behaving like a moron at the bar!

But.....more importantly, doesn't it bug your wife that she is Meg's clone? If I was your wife now, I would feel like you simply replaced Meg, for me.

1825 days ago


Hey, cut them some slack. Lol They were only trying to forget they are related to Randy and Evie Quaid. Ughhh.

1825 days ago


dear amy,
seems you have this strange desire/need just to pipe on in here and tell the world just how darn perfect you and your life are and how the rest of the world are "losers".

somehow i doubt what you say to be the truth. your claim to be a lawyer, is a laughable one.

i find it really odd, that anyone that has accomplished all that you claim to have, i.e. family, motherhood, friends, career in law, all the while fulfilling life's daily obligations, as well as maintaining an exercise schedule and active social life; would have even a MOMENT to spare, out of their oh-so-content and perfect life, to bother commenting here.

your successful "life story" smells like a sham you created, in a childish attempt prove that you are better than the rest of the world. i suspect you are much younger than you are trying to lead us to believe and lead a far more dull life, than those you have such disdain for.

and on the extreme off chance that you are who/what you say you are, it is you my friend, that is indeed the sad sack or loser here, rather than those you accuse.

to be so arrogant, insulting and downright rude, it is not a thing to be proud of, nor is it an accomplisment, it is something you should be ashamed of. you are not a nice person and you lack character, grace and maturity.

1825 days ago
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