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ESPN Analyst's Hookup - Keep Him Away from Me

10/23/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brooke Hundley filed for a restraining order against married ESPN analyst Steve Phillips ... just ONE DAY after she dropped a letter off at his house which basically said they were meant to be together.

Brooke Hundley
In the document -- filed on August 20 in Connecticut -- Brooke claims while at a hotel back in July, Steve "bought me a strong drink and then cornered me ... trying to persuade me to come to his hotel suite to spend the night."

Brooke claims Steve called her hotel room until she agreed to see him, then "after the night he continued to text me on a regular basis with inappropriate things." Brooke says she "tried to get him to stop" but again agreed to meet up with him "a few times after work in the parking lot."

That line is extra interesting, because in the note Brooke left for Steve's wife the day before, she wrote, "I'm not just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots."

Brooke also claims Steve tried to ruin her career after word got out that they were sleeping together -- calling her a "slut" and saying he would get her fired if she spilled the beans to his wife.

Hundley withdrew the complaint September 15 -- that same day, she posted this on her Facebook page: "I've seen evil and he wears khaki pants and bright blue polos. Out of court, and back to basketball."

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Fred Farkel    

#8 pretty much sums it up... FOOLIN GAROUND ON YOUR WIFE JUST AIN'T WORTH IT.

Now having said that... has anyone else but me noticed that the general behavior of women is becoming more and more bizarre???

I don't care what the situation is... I don't care how old the woman is... period... no period... whatever... female behavior is becoming markedly more psychotic as everyday passes.

Back when I was a kid... yeah yeah my mom, my sister were **difficult** on a monthly basis. OK fine.

But NOW???

Oh lordy lord lord.


What in Sam Hill is going on with women these days???

1835 days ago


#12....thanks for the heads up...I loved Soupy Sales! Don't you think the older Mel Gibson gets, the more he looks like Soupy?!

1835 days ago


Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

1835 days ago



1835 days ago



Beer, alcoholic beverage made from cereal grains, usually barley, but also corn, rice, wheat, and oats. Beer is made using a process called fermentation, in which microscopic fungi called yeast consume sugars in the grain, converting them to alcohol and carbon dioxide gas. This chemical process typically produces beer with an alcohol content of 2 to 6 percent. More than 70 styles of beer are produced. Each style derives its unique characteristics from its ingredients and subtle differences in its brewing process.

1835 days ago


I sooo agree with #15...women are crazy-birds these days. Not sure what it is, but I am a woman and hang out with guys...just can't take it.

1835 days ago

justice is mine says the lord    

Well pick a story and stick to it. Did she want him and cant live without him? or does she not want him and he was harrassing her?
THAT GIRL IS U=G=L-Y!!!!!!! What in the world did he do...it had to involve a bag on her head

1835 days ago


Wow, good thing she's not a hideous pig!

1835 days ago


bow-wow stalker,nut job, trying to get money.

1835 days ago


Poor girl, one pull tab short of a six pack of a shakin’ can.

1835 days ago

A Person    

Not cute either. What is that thing?

1835 days ago


'She' looks like Breckin Meyer...

1835 days ago

Fred Farkel    

You got it #20.

I'm sitting here still scratching my head because:

a) Let's face it... the ESPN guy is a pretty dapper looking man about town; and,

2) She's damn near the nastiest, ugliest, snaggle toothed and just plain ridiculous example of what the worst a female can be these days.

Excuse me?


About a year ago... I coined the phrase:


as in:


'Nuff said.

1835 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Don't put Bill Maher with this bunch.

a) Bill is single; and,

2) Bill gets more high quality females day in and day out than Hugh Friggin Hefner ever did in his lifetime.

Bill would never go anywhere near that nasty snaggle toothed mess.


Bill is not a handsome man you say???


But he is funny than hell and has his act together.

So there you go.

That is all a man needs.

1835 days ago


Every guy's worst nightmare . . . crazy stalker . . . plus her picture is plastered all over the place to show the world that you were banging a 5 foot tall pudgy girl!!

Seriously, Steve Phillips has a problem with keeping his pants zipped. Steve . . . prepare to pay heavily during the divorce proceedings.

1835 days ago
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