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Octomom's Pregnant Sister Act

10/23/2009 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Halloween more than a week away, Octomom Nadya Suleman became OctoNun by playing dress up ... for the paparazzi still camped outside her house on Thursday.

The 34-year-old wombinizer put on her favorite maternity nun costume and dressed her youngest eight kiddies as little devils.

Wonder how Kate Gosselin is gonna top this getup.


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Sue Wong    

Oh get a life already, she looks great and the children are just adorable. GO OCTOMOM!!

1736 days ago


trash. 'nuf said

1736 days ago


Nasty Ho..she has the nerve or stupidity to dress her babies in devil dress up..what a horrible WITCH she is...she loves ALL the money she is pullin in now..she is famous and rich so her dreams have come true..THANKS to innocent babies she can pay her bills..

1736 days ago


What the her problem??? Besides the 8 kids?
Wait'll those kiddos start running around!!!
She's clueless!
That'll be when fan cleaners will need a job coz the poop hit!!!

1736 days ago


figures she would dress herself up as the saint and the kids spawns from hell... She claims GOD gave her the 8 and is testing her and than dresses them as the devil .. what a MORON!!!

1736 days ago


Wow, so that's REALLY funny. A selfish and greedy fraud mocking a set of women who devote their lives to the poor, the sick, and their faith. What an ignorant and tasteless horror she is!

1736 days ago


Somebody get rid of this pig, Call the hit man

1736 days ago


Firstly, what a piece of complete UGLY trash for her little display as a 'nun' and the little twitlets as 'devils'; can't wait to know she's burning in he//. AND, it's good to know that our WORKING dollars are going towards paying for her WHORE is right! Geez, how soon I dream of the day I don't have to see that ugly mug displayed again. (she couldn't get a real man to 'lay' her ugly fat arse, so of course it was a turkey baster dad)

1736 days ago



1736 days ago


She should be saving her money instead of wasting it on stupid costumes. Her 15 minutes will be up soon and her mom will be on the verge of losing her house again because they're broke.

1736 days ago



this country is doomed... too many fooktards... yikes

1736 days ago


I guess this last week has been really hard on Nadya, what with balloon boy taking up all her time, getting all that attention. So we all knew she was going to come up with some new scheme/ scam. Here it is. Too bad this is how she chooses to spend her precious baby time. Pandering to anybody with a camera. What a waste she is. Poor little factory farmed babies, force fed like geese. Don't even recognize their mommy.

1736 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

Why are the paparazzi still camped out at her house for? She hasn't even been relevant for months. Can't they choose a better target, or are these only the minimum wage paps?

1736 days ago


So how did she explain to her other children why a pregnant Nun is a "joke"? It would be SOO funny too if she dressed her daughter up as a pregnant 2nd grader.

1736 days ago

not- buyingit    

First of all it is doubtful that anyone is camped out in front of her house. Her antics for publicity now are just pitiful. She has a crush on Jon, right she knew the media would react to that. How desperate she is!
Now a pregnant nun, disgusting! How dare she put on any pregnancy costume, yet a nun, after having 8 babies that she cannot afford. What a loathsome creature she is. IMO

Also it looks like only one or two of those babies of hers can hold their heads up unassisted.
She is horrid!

1736 days ago
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