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TMZ Live -- Burglar Bunch, MJ & T.G.I.F.!

10/23/2009 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mike had the day off -- but Harvey, Max and Nicki answered your questions on everything, including the Hollywood Burglar Bunch's theft spree through Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge's homes and the Jackson family's reaction to "This Is It."

Also, why there were cops at the Jackson compound the other day.

Plus -- Kate Walsh obsessed Shevonne makes her TMZ Live debut.


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am I the only one that the video stops at 10:00 mins?

1790 days ago


it seems ok now suchdork, maybe try it again??

1790 days ago


burglary suspect's sister is playboy model who earlier distanced herself from another suspect in same crimes

1790 days ago


ahh...I love those brown eyes and shy yet big smiles!
he sure makes me smile!

1790 days ago

mr wonderful    


1790 days ago


I think you need to bring Andrea to the front,she's way too cute to be in the back. Thank u for the live reply about her. Her hair looks hot!!!!....Is she single?

1790 days ago


I really hope the lack of comments for the live feed won't effect the future of TMZ Live. I actually look forward to 4:30 pm every day so I can watch this. It's fun to watch how Harvey and Mike interact with each other and the rest of the team. It's the second best half hour I have each day (besides watching the TV show). Keep up the good work, guys! You make unemployment fun!

1790 days ago


Who is the funny guy on the show with the stocking cap? (he made the Chaz Bono jokes on Friday). Can you bring him on TMZ Live?

1790 days ago


First, I would like to complain.
Second, I would like to retract my complaint.
Finally, I would like all of the details on the trip to Vegas,
and perhaps some answers as to why there is some sort of faulty connection with regards to Las Vegas.
For a long time what happened, stayed.
Then I guess... I don't know.

1790 days ago


Love TMZ....The first place I go on the web for any new information I want to know. Well say for instance when Michael Jackson died immediately went to Tmz and got the answers. :) Well great job also was watching one day when you received a question " Why does Harvey look so old" Lol!! Well just so you know the funny part was I was just thinking Harvey is a really handsome man. haha! Which I am very very picky and dont see many men in my age range that are attractive in my mind. So it is rare for me most are always younger. Which makes me a old perv lmao. But you really need to not fixate on animal free products thats a little of a turn off... haha! Just trying to help in any way I can :p Well thanks again love Tmz.
Charleen ( Birmingham Alabama )

1790 days ago


number 9 sounds like something the two guys from tmz (chad and max) who went to vegas might have written once they had a few too many. hee hee!

also i love the way harvey talks about the cruelty free products and not eating meat or buying leather. but i can see where some people might not like it.

love you guys!

1790 days ago

Cassie :)    

there is nothing wrong with Harvey loving animals and caring about their welfare. it is an extreme turn on for me b/c i feel the same way and love animals so much and am making a career in the veterinary field. I wish i could find a guy like him for myself! he'd be the man of my dreams if he were straight.

love you harvey!

1789 days ago


Shevonne? Mike? Nicki? Whenever you guys call out names of people on the show I have no idea who you are talking about because you rarely use them on the TV show.

Max is the only one I can remember because you use it so often. Why don'y you guys have a section with names/pics/job description so I(we) know who you are talking about.

1789 days ago

Congressman ron paul    

if you could go back in time and michael jackson ask you to be on his case would you say yes or no?, and why?

1789 days ago


Katie I too am an animal lover to an extreme I would never want any animal to be harmed for any reason. The reason I made the comment was do to the fact Harvey had brought it up several times recently the first talking about tooth paste my first thought was "Tooth Paste" What do they do hold the poor little animal down and brush their teeth lmao! Well my turn off would be someone who is a fanatic whether it be animal free products, religion, etc. Believing in something and being fanatical about it is very different. As always Love TMZ and no I dont think Harvey is a fanatic or I hope hes not lol!!

1788 days ago

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