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Dodgers Owner -- Cold as Ice

10/24/2009 12:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a reason Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt bleeds Dodger blue -- judging from the way he fired his wife of 30 years ... his blood is colder than ice.

TMZ obtained the "Notice of Termination" Frank MAILED to his soon-to-be-ex wife Jamie -- who was fired from her job as co-CEO of the team the day before the Dodgers were eliminated from the playoffs. Mind you, this letter was sent just 2 weeks before the couple's 30th wedding anniversary.

The letter begins, "Dear Jamie -- This is to inform you that your employment with and positions as Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairperson of Los Angeles Dodgers LLC, as well as any and all of the positions that you hold ... are hereby terminated effective immediately."

Though hard to believe, it gets even colder:

"Because your employment is held at-will, the Organization is not required to have cause to terminate your employment and may do so for any reason or no reason at all.

However, your actions, including, but not limited to, your insubordination, non-responsiveness, failure to follow procedures, and inappropriate behavior with regard to a direct subordinate, have made this decision necessary

And for good measure, we've also learned Frank locked Jamie out of her office today. We're told Jamie called her assistant and asked her to open the office door -- she was informed her key no longer worked.

Nice touch Frank.

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Cali Chris    

Mayyyyyybe the Last Unicorn 3rd String Cougar cheated on him! Read through the lines of the termination letter....with that said, YES, California will most likely adjudicate this case with a very hansom settlement for this road trash of a wife and Frank will suffer from this. HE IS right in locking her out, giving her an FU proffesionally written termination letter....he should continue this OPTIMUM level of her embarrassment by driving home casually, throwing all her maybelene, herbal essences, cougar club attire, and anything else she considers HER possession since she did nothing but marry him to have what she does, and throw it in the street! Keep her jewelery, go sleep with all her friends, if they're not down for it, start giving them her jewerly..trust, they'll change they're mind, and to top it off, BILLBOARD her Face on SUNSET with a home picture with no make-up, or anything justifying her false appearance with the title "FREE COUGAR TO GOOD HOME"

1803 days ago


Two people with noses like those should stay married to each other.

this is too rich lol ...."paid your salary through December 31, 2009" and "return, if applicable, the laptop issued to you"...typical male bs...fu..

but like I said 2 people with looks like theirs should stick together.....
she's probably a good cold match for his old knobby knees and rusty tool...

1803 days ago


McCourt has a very inviting face: to fart straight into it.

1803 days ago


That's the downside of nepotism. Jamie will have to take the bad with the good. After the divorce, she'll be set for life and will never have to look for another job, which is not the case for any of the assistants on the Dodger staff who are terminated.

1803 days ago


Don't know much about either of them, but his need to publicly spank his wife of 30 years doesn't speak well of him at all. How nice it would be if people going through the misery of divorce could just keep it to themselves and not spread their poison and ugliness around so we all have to be subjected to it. When you say rotten things about someone else--even if they are true--it only makes you look like a vindictive idiot. He's not getting great legal advice if he was told making this public would garner him sympathy. It does anything but.

1803 days ago

Dave Harvey    

Maybe he fired and locked out his wife to provide hard evidence that he is the owner of the team and she is just an employee. In a divorce trial she might try to claim 50% ownership.

1803 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I just went through a similar divorce. Married 27 years Same crap. She was screwing around inappropriately (other men??? pfffft. How about screwing around with 2 bit alcoholic losers who can't hold a job and screwing around with well known compulsive cheaters?) All that and she could no longer get the most simple domestic tasks completed. Like it or not ladies... I have done enough research to find out that when many women go through menopause... THEY GO F*CKING CRAZY and they don't care about any of the consequences. And while I don't exactly own a basball team, I have one hell of a lucrative business and beautiful home on 100 acres. So. First thing I did after the judge signed the divorce? I slapped her with an eviction notice on our home (30 days to get out) and a **no trespassing** order at the office. She was so insulted that she packed up and left immediately. Heartless, you say??? Oh shut up. The bitches **at this age** have all lost their friggin minds. They don't care about squat. THEY DO AND THEY SAY THE MOST HUMILIATING AND EMBARRASING THINGS TO THEMSELVES AND OUR CUSTOMERS. For Christ's sake people ALL OF US BAD MEN HAVE TO STAY IN BUSINESS to pay the bitches their alimony. We have to salvage our reputations that have been soiled by these incorrigible crack pots. You take these crazy women out to a random social function and they will consistantly humiliate you to levels of which you are not prepared. And all this from women who used to be top notch? First rate??? Extremely competent?? Good looking???? Women who we men were proud to have at our side??? Hey. My best friend in LA is one of the top rated plastic and reconstructive surgeons that you see on TV every week. He sat my ass down and told me it was time to push her out. 15 psychologists later... 3 psychatrists later... and the verdict??? "SHE IS NOT MENTALLY ILL." Um. Hello??? WHAT DID YOU SAY??? Look folks. This has been a lot of chatter for what??? I just don't care anymore what is driving these women clean out of their minds. But this trend for women to ultimately morph into **Tila Tequila** clones just for the thrill of it??? Oh please. PLEASE ! ! ! JUST GET THE HELL OUT AND DON'T COME BACK. Thank you.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/10/23/dodgers-owner-cold-as-ice/5#comments#ixzz0Urmy2pBl

1803 days ago


Any good karma Frank has he can kiss goodbye.

His bad karma will now kick in, and he will end up a miserable, bald, limp, pink, shortnecked elderly man with alot of stupid bimbos around him who want his MONEY............

Bad karma, do your thing!..............there, I just arranged it!

1803 days ago


Most of the time when you fire someone you have to send a letter of notice. He is just covering his ass. Without a paper trail she (or any other terminated employee) could sue him and make trouble for the entire organization. She is just one of many wives in pro sports that think it is OK to spout off to the press whenever they want. Not good for business, not good for family life. She is an entitled, high maintenance bitch. He and the Dodgers are better off without her.

1803 days ago


Poor Fred Farkel can't keep a woman.

1803 days ago


#74 "Fred"

It sounds like you just chose the wrong woman to marry! And you have alot of other problems.

Keep sounding off like your post and your next problem could be a heart attack.

1803 days ago


"...inappropriate behavior with regard to a direct subordinate..."

Sounds like some extra-marital workplace hanky-panky going on...and I guarantee if this were a man fooling around with his secretary at work, most of you would be urging his wife to take him for all he has...the double-standard is blatant.

1803 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Once again - all you posters jump to wildly set opinions and accusations - when you know basically NOTHING of what ACTUALLY HAPPENED on BOTH SIDES of the situation.

It's a dangerous road our society is going down with this sped-up 24/7 news-GOSSIP cycle.

1803 days ago


This is the way their divorce lawyers make a killing. Makes me wanna weep.

1803 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

THANK YOU Pam 77 for the first reasonable comment from a female here.
You are right, this is just business and this is how business gets done. It's not personal at all, there are 7 or 8 corporations involved in the ownership so Frank has to proceed in a specified manner to protect the stockholders and partners.
Calm down, ladies, she is going to get HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF $$$ in a settlement to which she is entitled. She's a lawyer herself, not some truck stop waitress.

1803 days ago
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