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Police Trigger 'Rock of Love' Cover Up

10/24/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ambre Lake from "Rock of Love" turned heads on Wednesday when she took her shirt off for gay marriage in front of a Mormon temple in L.A. -- and the cops were forced to intervene.

Ambre taped her mouth, scribbled "Legalize Gay" across her stomach, and then whipped her top off on Santa Monica Boulevard ... in front of the second biggest Mormon temple on the planet -- and it was all for a photo shoot in protest of California's recent ban on gay marriage.

The topless display didn't last long though -- she was forced to cover up after a police officer approached very nicely and said, "You are causing a traffic hazard."


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KATHY =( ^-^ )=    


1823 days ago


The Mormons that I have known have also been the best people I have known. Their religion works. That strumpet should join and quit being a loser.

1823 days ago


This is so ridiculous. Why whip your top off in front of a Morman church. While anti-gay marriage, the Mormon church is not a powerful political voice on this issue. She is just looking for media attention like the other train-wrecks Nadya Suleman and the Heene family. Those pants make me want to vomit.

1823 days ago


I really like Ambre with her hair darker rather than lighter, like
the way she had it on ROL2. She looks pretty good with darker hair but everyone is right she really does need a boob job and quick! On
ROL2, I honestly can't believe Bret really chose Ambre over the hot
Daisy De La Hoya! Face it, Daisy is way hotter than Ambre could ever wish she could be! Daisy was in a band back then which showed that she had more in common with Bret than tit-less Ambre, who was so annoying during that show! Was there anything that Ambre could not do wrong? I think that her attempt on looking controversial went over like a dead balloon.

1823 days ago

jim goosh    

SHE"S UGLY AND FAT> What a mess those misshapen cellulite riddled thighs are. EWE

1823 days ago


She might have turned heads if she actually had something on her chest worth looking at.

1823 days ago


She sets gay rights back 50 years.....just where they should be.

1823 days ago


14. What is so offensive about this dude taking off his shirt?

Posted at 6:53AM on Oct 24th 2009 by Anon

Best comment yet! LOL!

1823 days ago


desparate ploy for attention

she was always ugly
couldn't believe she won

1823 days ago


What a trashy loser. She is an embarrassment to any group of people she represents. get a life :)

1823 days ago


,,,,,i think she looks good,,,,sexy....and i know that all the losers that are being disrespectful ,,,,would do anything to be with a girl like ambre,,,,,you guys should look in the mirror before throwing stones,,,,everybody has passions,,,and her's is bringing attention to gay rights,,,,,dont worry ambre its gonna happen eventually,,,,

1823 days ago


There are millions of women who would love to be told by the police that they are causing a traffic hazard by the way they are dressed.

1823 days ago


If anything, a ho like that from Rock of Love, sets the Gay rights movement back, waaaay back!

1823 days ago


Who the hell are you people?!? "The Mormon church is not a powerful political voice on this issue"? Perhaps instead of perusing TMZ, you should do some research and/or some pontificating on the ways and means of the American political machine. Do your own research and find out how much money and influence the Mormon church is using against this issue...and that's just what we know about on the surface of things. Since the dawn of recorded history, "THE CHURCH" (and I certainly don't mean just the f'g MORONS, I mean MORMONS) has worked to keep people stupid, illiterate, thoughtless, unquestioning, servile, mindless sheep. And anytime I need to be reminded of their success, I peruse the comments at sites like this one.

1823 days ago


Why does she have her mouth taped up like she wasn't given a voice?! Majority wins and the people had a say, and Proposition 8 got passed. . . that's the way our system works!! My God she is making herself look so dumb. Guess what people, I voted for McCain and majority went with Obama. . . think I may tape up my mouth and act like I was discriminated against because the vote didn't go my way!!

1823 days ago
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