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Police Trigger 'Rock of Love' Cover Up

10/24/2009 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ambre Lake from "Rock of Love" turned heads on Wednesday when she took her shirt off for gay marriage in front of a Mormon temple in L.A. -- and the cops were forced to intervene.

Ambre taped her mouth, scribbled "Legalize Gay" across her stomach, and then whipped her top off on Santa Monica Boulevard ... in front of the second biggest Mormon temple on the planet -- and it was all for a photo shoot in protest of California's recent ban on gay marriage.

The topless display didn't last long though -- she was forced to cover up after a police officer approached very nicely and said, "You are causing a traffic hazard."


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Why did the cops even take a second look at Ambre, when she looks like a drag queen, with a couple of mosquito bites on her chest, somewhere??????

1834 days ago


Bet her mom and dad are all kinds of proud.

1834 days ago


You should follow your own advice and do some research yourself. Mormons did not pass Prop 8- the voters of CA did. The voters were made up of white, black, brown, yellow, liberal, conservative, etc. The very same liberals who denounce prop 8 (such as yourself) are the same ones who came out in full force to ban gay marriage and also use homosexuality as an insult. You fool no one. If you want to protest a hateful religion then protest Islam or $cientology.

Who the hell are you people?!? "The Mormon church is not a powerful political voice on this issue"? Perhaps instead of perusing TMZ, you should do some research and/or some pontificating on the ways and means of the American political machine. Do your own research and find out how much money and influence the Mormon church is using against this issue...and that's just what we know about on the surface of things. Since the dawn of recorded history, "THE CHURCH" (and I certainly don't mean just the f'g MORONS, I mean MORMONS) has worked to keep people stupid, illiterate, thoughtless, unquestioning, servile, mindless sheep. And anytime I need to be reminded of their success, I peruse the comments at sites like this one.

Read more:

1834 days ago


Dear Attention getting whore,

Thank you for the positive press for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yes, I said positive. ;)

Do you really think that anyone is going to take you seriously?
Do you think that Hollywood is going to embrace and celebrate you?
Are the Rock of Love paychecks drying up?

Get a life and get a job...working or boob.

And if you really want to make a difference? Try charity work...Ya know, like helping others instead of tearing others down.

It's people like you that deface The 1st Amendment to the Constitution. It seems you have perfected freedom of speech, writing and publishing, peaceful assembly, and the freedom to raise grievances with the Government. But you seem to have forgotten about the freedom of religion part.

1834 days ago


Who cares about this drunk? She is a whore.

1834 days ago


I love how the Mormon religion continues to take the heat for the majority of Californians voting against gay marriage. I am pretty sure most of the people who voted against gay marriage aren't Mormon. Thank goodness there are religions (plural) that continue to take a stand against non-Christian values. We are a country founded and established on Christian values and that is the way we want to stay. If you don't like it, leave. Nobody forces people to stay here.

1834 days ago


OMG fat and trying to be some one in Hollywierd all brests has beens are tring anything heather chadewell amber and the nude poser wow white trash with no class mugly lazer treatments botox bad hair extension Bret will never leave his daughters and kristie the mommy of his girls reality tv the ballon boy next OMG

1834 days ago


"Since the dawn of recorded history, "THE CHURCH" (and I certainly don't mean just the f'g MORONS, I mean MORMONS) has worked to keep people stupid, illiterate, thoughtless, unquestioning, servile, mindless sheep."

What about this girl's behavior, and other such demonstrations is NOT "stupid, illiterate, thoughtless, unquestioning, servile and mindless?" It's totally hypocritical. I mean, what's the message here? I don't care what religion you are or aren't, or what your sexuality is, a woman taking her shirt off and prancing around in public is not a socially acceptable behavior and is considered indecent (which is why the police intervened). The Mormon church says that Gay Marriage is immoral, so she takes her shirt say what? Yes, gay marriage is immoral, and immoral acts are okay? Is that really what proponents of gay marriage believe? Or is the message they want to get across that gay marriage is NOT immoral? People who pull stunts like this are the epitome of "stupid, illiterate, thoughtless, unquestioning, servile and mindless!" If she wants to get equal rights for homosexuals, she and all gay rights supporters should be working to show that homosexuals are just as moral, decent, kind, productive, etc. as heterosexuals, and thereby deserve equal rights. Stunts like this do not help the cause and should not be applauded.

1834 days ago


NO Don't, It is not natural for women to be with women or men to be with men.

1834 days ago

Bubba nedwod    

What ever happened to intelligent debate on an issue? How does this make anyone feel gay marriage is a good thing? By insulting something that is sacred to many people, you think that's an intelligent protest?

Part of what many Californians don't like about the gay marriage issue is that many people like this skank feel the ends justify any means, regardless of how hurtful or crass they may be. Yet if two Mormon missionaries showed up at a gay bar and started preaching they would be trounced out of there in a heartbeat.

My experience is that those who demand tolerance are the least tolerant of all. Let's all treat each other well.

1834 days ago


Mormons are freaking weird!

1834 days ago


Wow---does not even look like her. Why is her mouth taped? Dosn't she Want to be heard? Anyhoo---I need me some kind of KOOKY---they always cheer me up! :)

1834 days ago

Chris Young    

Same sex marriage is a population reduction program to get rid of homosexuals. If two people of the same sex marry they more than likely will not have children. If they adopt, that child will be more than likely to get into a homosexual relationship and not have children. The globalists are nazi's and they hate homosexuals, they think they are people who could become revolutionaries. They get uninformed people to kill themselves off. They think your stupid and genetically inferior. Read more about who started abortion and same sex marriage.

1834 days ago


Just for the record - a fact - there's a lot of NON-Religious people who don't support gay marriage.

Joint taxes are much lesser, riches become even higher.

1834 days ago


Hmmm...wonder why she isn't protesting out front of the African-American churches? They're against gay marriage also. Yeah, I thought so.

1834 days ago
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