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Announcer Cracks 'Taco' Joke at Juan Montoya

10/25/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A college football broadcast came to a screeching halt yesterday because of announcer Bob Griese -- after he verbally vomited a highly inappropriate comment about Colombian NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

 Juan Montoya
During the Ohio State/Minnesota game, the NASCAR promotion turned nasty when broadcaster Chris Spielman asked where Montoya was in the standings ... then Griese let this gem fly: "He's out having a taco."

At the end of the game, Griese issued a bland apology, saying, "Juan Pablo Montoya, he's one of the best drivers in NASCAR, I just want to apologize for the comment that i made earlier in the ballgame."

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I heard these types of comments at the Michigan race in June, where you expect it. This was a big disappointment from someone I formerly thought was well educated. The "apology" was really pathetic. I think its time for Bob to hang it up. ESPN should apologize also.

1789 days ago


Hispanics make derogatory remarks about non-hispanics and rarely do the politically correct police complain. Last night in front of a restaurant I went to I overheard a hispanic "vomiting" that this is Mexico (Los Angeles). The young man he was insulting was clean, nicely dressed, meek and silent. The hispanic guy who appeared to be a hostile kitchen worker with limited English skills ... he went so far as accusing the silent caucasian USA citizen as "stinking".

1789 days ago


I don't see the big deal about the comment.

1789 days ago


Yo quiero taco Montoya. I don't know how he's doing in Nascar but he kind of sucked in F1 so I never want to see him there again.

1789 days ago

benny b    

Things are really changing in this country... we latinos are no longer satisfied with living in the shadows as outcasts... working for meager salaries... that is really changing... for example... me and my brother command IT salaries of 60K and 80k respectively as 1st generation immigrants... Latinos throughout the states have begun to realize that the main way to have a 'real' voice in this country is with a leveling and parity of our income purchasing power with those of the anglo majority... we still have a long way to go but we are reducing that gap one day at a time... sooner than later 19th century minded individuals such as bob griese will see their jobs go to latinos and other minorities...

1789 days ago


@tony: You're looking at this site for news? Whatevs.

Juan Pablo has always been poked at for his appetite. When he was in F1 he was one of the heaviest drivers of all which is a serious detriment to the speed and handling of the world's most advanced racing cars. His penchant for McDs was legendary.

I'm not sure how I feel about the taco comment. It would have been just as (un)funny if he would have said he's out having a quarter pounder with cheese. However, if the subject of the joke was black and the commentator said he was out eating watermelon or fried chicken, the commentator probably have lost his job.

1789 days ago


“My name is Juan Pablo Montoya, you ruined my taco, prepare to die.”

1789 days ago


Like the song goes in "South Pacific"......"Hate, you must be careful taught"....Bob G. just continues to teach

1789 days ago


Man, you can't joke around about anything anymore. Someone is ALWAYS offended. Get over yourself. Laugh a little bit. Where is Don Rickles when you need him?

1789 days ago


Oh God, what a country anymore! NO ONE can make a joke without being screamed at & some PC idiots wanting someone's head for making it! UNLESS you're black or Hispanic - THEN you can call us whites ANYTHING you want and SAY anything you want about US so I'm sick of the whining.

I try to be good to everyone regardless of their race BUT there are SO many from EVERY race that only want to cause trouble so everytime anyone says the least little thing even in jest, it will OFFEND someone you can bet on it!

As a Gordon fan then I guess I and other Jeff fans should be offended that one of the announcers on that game started the NASCAR discussion and made an erroneous statement about this is the first time in the Chase this year that Jeff's been in the top 5!!

WRONG! He's been pretty much in the top 5 since it began AND led the pts for a couple wks so whichever one of them said that has "offended" me - how's THAT? Hey, if EVERY little thing that's said in the world is a reason to be "offended", then I think we Gordon fans should start whining that we're all offended too

God, get OVER it America! Stop being so easily "offended" at every little remark!

NO ONE EVER takes up for us white folks whenever blacks and Hispanics call us names or makes remarks/jokes about us now do they? We women can be called Hoes and everything else by them too (they also call black ladies names too and get away with it) and we're not supposed to say anything or we'll offend them

This is quite a country anymore and sickens me.

Taco eaters of America of which I am one, get over it!

LIghten up people!

1789 days ago

john h    

what about the quiznos commercial that is airing???? it shows 2 white guys in a bathtub with a log fire under it and they call it a "redneck hot tub" why is that okay??? that is more racist. the mexicans and the blacks are just as racist, if not more, than white people.

1789 days ago


Jesus Effing Christ! Tacos are Mexican food (which from what I have seen, Gringos adore). Montoya is from South America.

Then again, making such delicate distintions to Gringos is a waste of time.

(BTW, I love Mexican food as well).

1789 days ago


Bob "Greasy" needs to be fired immediately.

1789 days ago


Jesus, it was funny! He shouldn't have to say sorry for a harmless funny joke.

If you want to be so sensitive go back to your home country seriously.

1789 days ago


Gailic girl......"The Chase" only refers to the last 12 races......Jeff Gordon has not led the points in the Chase at all this year,so the commentators were right......for a week or so mid season her was ahead in points.....but he has yet to lead the Chase this year

1789 days ago
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