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Announcer Cracks 'Taco' Joke at Juan Montoya

10/25/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A college football broadcast came to a screeching halt yesterday because of announcer Bob Griese -- after he verbally vomited a highly inappropriate comment about Colombian NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

 Juan Montoya
During the Ohio State/Minnesota game, the NASCAR promotion turned nasty when broadcaster Chris Spielman asked where Montoya was in the standings ... then Griese let this gem fly: "He's out having a taco."

At the end of the game, Griese issued a bland apology, saying, "Juan Pablo Montoya, he's one of the best drivers in NASCAR, I just want to apologize for the comment that i made earlier in the ballgame."

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i hope he comes back to F1, he was a great driver!

1832 days ago


Great generalization Mike! I don't think its just the "pale faces" that do it- are you going to apologize for that comment? People need to lighten up a little bit. It's getting to a point if someone opens their mouth you will offend someone.

1832 days ago


"Don't you people get it. Pale faces make all kinds of racial remarks but feel as long as they apologize afterward then it is ok. This is what they do."
Don't YOU get it? Others (black, brown) make comments about white and Asian and make not one attempt to apologize afterward. Is that OK? get your facts straight. grow up.

1832 days ago


speaking of tacos, have you all seen those black tacos at taco bell? i dont think i could eat one of those, what would it taste like? i thought the red ones were gross but these look even grosser.

1832 days ago


Taco......He's looking at OhThatsWrong.com

1832 days ago

Mary P    

#35 Vayne - Firstly, it's TEN races, not TWELVE. Secondly, if you can't say it about another driver where it would make sense, then yes - it's rude. I'm the first for anti-PC but you don't, in polite company, say that an Asian driver is probably out remembering how to use chopsticks either. It's not so much "PC" as RUDE. It's also rude to make that sort of assumption just because he "sounds Mexican" that he must be eating Mexican food - stereotyping all Latinos as Mexicans. It's no better than saying all Latinos here MUST be illegal. Both are stupid generalizations. Do I hate Latinos? No. Do I hate ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? Yes! They are called "illegal" for a reason. Does hating illegal immigrants (of ALL races and nations) equal hating Mexicans? No. It's the rudeness, not so much what is "PC". If you step on someone's shoe, do you blame them, or do you say "excuse me"?

It's called manners and given today's society, especially in these comments displayed (like it's okay to be rude to someone because of first amendment when you don't even know what it means - try saying harm will come to Obama or "bomb" in an airport and see how long your "free speech" lasts. Just because OTHER people don't have manners, doesn't mean we should excuse more of it.

1831 days ago


what's the fricken big deal. i am a big nascar fan, i found nothing wrong with that. hell, good thing they didn't ask me the same question. if you think taco is offensive, you sure would not of like my answer :).
we still do have freedom of speech don't we!?

1831 days ago

Sam B    

Gaelic Girl complains about people are too sensitive about name-calling then shifts into ALL CAPS mode to whine about being called names. Pathetic twit.

1831 days ago


oh my gosh...who cares...the united states of the offended!!!!!please

1831 days ago


hehehe LOL , most of the people in Colombia never had a taco in their lives, hehehehehehehehehe.

This is not just stupid, it is so dumb

1831 days ago


Stop appologizing America, this is stupid, do not pay too much attention to everything. Latinos are strong, we can take this and more!!!!!

Blacks and whites, stop fighting, the whole world is having a blast looking at you eating each other.

1831 days ago

benny b    

On 4:27PM on Oct 25th 2009 Stars and Stripes forever wrote:

"You are quite delusional, Carlito. If your Mother entered the USA illegally, and her children were born in the USA, you will always be a criminal even if you attended USA schools and institutions of higher education. Everyone knows who their mother is. Based on what her status was at the time she was giving birth to a child forever casts it's shadow upon you. A father's status is less significant unless he is proven to be a USA citizen accompanied with 99.99% results he is your correct father (DNA test). Assuming your mother entered the USA legally, a Latino is any person who is of French, Italian, Spanish (Spain) or Portuguese (Portugal) nationality. Are you any of those? Perhaps you need to do some soul-searching. Or, take an honest look at the man in your mirror. You might see a coward .... A Traitor to the other birds of his feather. You must have heard the saying ... birds of a feather stick together. Frankly, I have more respect for those Hispanics struggling in Mexico, Central, and South America, than I do for so-called First-Generation hispanics. Your type is no threat to Bob Griese's job. We're of the same feather."

Stars and stripes, you should go out more often. and face reality. Of course every latino has his/her own story to tell, but whether we came legal or illegally we're just here reclaiming what belonged to our forefathers... simple as that. FYI, I know what the definition of 'latino' is and trust me, unlike you (who probably cannot trace your ancestors past your maternal grandmother) I know my spaniard lineage and family coat of arms... which we have carved in a piece of oak my great-great grandfather cut down from the nueces river (TX) which is where my ancestors settled. I dont know about other latinos but trust me, It only took me a couple of trips to the US embasy in mexico city to claim my US citizenship for which I had neglected to obtain until I was offered to relocate here. I'm not sure about your feather analogy but (just to go along with it) in that case then the US bald eagle is really going bald as more and more of its feathers are being replaced with 1st time immigrants like me filling for dumb, narrow minded and incompetent people as you and bob griese... lol case settled and dont shoot me wih your rifle :P

1831 days ago


Columbian-style food/mexican-style food is one path to Irritable Bowel/Diviculitis. I never insult my guests by serving
Although the term taco comes from a Spanish word meaning “light snack”, the taco itself had its origins in pre-Hispanic times, when the Aztecs and other groups in their empire, using corn tortillas much as Europeans used bread, rolled the tortillas or broke them into pieces to scoop up food. The food being scooped was, of course, different in each region and the street taco as we know it today evolved from the rural areas of Mexico.

The campesinos’ wives, bringing them their mid-day meals in the fields, used the practical method of wrapping the day’s comida in tortillas. With the urbanization of Mexico and the movement of large groups of country people to the cities, came the proliferation of modest businesses offering the regional food to which the new arrivals were accustomed, in the form in which they were used to eating it. Thus, in Mexico City, the largest urban area of all, stands selling tacos de carnitas from Michoacan and Jalisco and tacos de barbacoa from Hidalgo and Tlaxcala sprang up along with many others offering taco specialties from nearly all parts of the country."

"One of the earliest and most common of Mexican foods to be exported and embraced north of the border, the taco is simply a tortilla wrapped around a filling. From the ground beef-filled hard shells of Taco Bell to the “mystery meat” school lunch versions, tacos have become as much a part of the North American culinary landscape as hamburgers. Authentic regional Mexican tacos have also proliferated in el norte, sold in family restaurants and from carts in many large US cities. In fact, the taco has found its way to just about every corner of the world, becoming the international symbol of Mexican food. Virtually anything that can be rolled inside a tortilla becomes a taco, as evidenced by the proliferation of taco recipes in foreign newspapers, cookbooks and on Internet sites. Since the meat is steamed for a long period of time, it is well-cooked without grease of any kind. The customer chooses the type of meat from a large assortment, including sesos (brains), oreja (ear meat) and lengua (tongue) among others."

1831 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

I say FREEdom of speech. ONLY physical threats should be looked at nowadays,PERIOD!I hate Liberals.You guys have NO life, or SENSE of humor,and you're lookin for a payday(or attention/publicity).. I guess when someone is/FEELS offended they have a guilt complex.And guess what? IT'S NOT OUR PROBLEM.I say the offended should go SUCK IT! You LIBERALS you are a JOKE!lol (IT'S BAD ENOUGH THEY GOT RID OF THE TACO BELL DOG!!!)

1831 days ago


This Griese guy. He should STOP tinting that RIDICULOUS hair and get some sensitivy lessons. How he laughed after his comments. Isn't he just so clever about the taco comment. Selfish jerk from hell. Old has-been who probably pops Viagra right and left. A nobody on TV making crude comments.

1831 days ago
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