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Announcer Cracks 'Taco' Joke at Juan Montoya

10/25/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A college football broadcast came to a screeching halt yesterday because of announcer Bob Griese -- after he verbally vomited a highly inappropriate comment about Colombian NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

 Juan Montoya
During the Ohio State/Minnesota game, the NASCAR promotion turned nasty when broadcaster Chris Spielman asked where Montoya was in the standings ... then Griese let this gem fly: "He's out having a taco."

At the end of the game, Griese issued a bland apology, saying, "Juan Pablo Montoya, he's one of the best drivers in NASCAR, I just want to apologize for the comment that i made earlier in the ballgame."

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Que Pasa! Bob Grise: Que lo Taco Bell?

1762 days ago


So what?
If a mexican announcer in mexico said the same thing only Hes out eating a hamburger or riding a horse like a cowboy,,,,,,,about an american driver in mexico
nobody would think anything of it

1762 days ago


This is stupid to get upset about this. If he were white, he might have said he was out having a burger and fries or, he still could have said he was out having a taco. Or what if the commentator was hispanic? Would there be this huge out-cry? All this over-sensitive crap is turning everyone into a bunch of wusses. Stop wasting time being sensitive and turning every comment into a racial slur. Man up and go live your life people.

1762 days ago


berger, you are right. I am Native American. TMZ should have never started this unfair attack on Mr. Griese.

1762 days ago

to little    

I wouldn't be surprised if Juan is funded by a drug cartel in one way or another. Won't be the first of the last time they are in sports. There was a couple professional jet boat racers that were very good but got busted smuggling drugs.

What I don't understand is a comedian can say anything he wants except when it offends a minority. It was meant to be funny and it was, get over it if your that sensitive

1762 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

People can be so mean.

1762 days ago


So what? Sooner or later we all say something like this. Would you get pissed if he had said "Jeff Gordon is out eating a hot dog?". Everything has to cause a stir these days. Give it a rest.

1762 days ago


I was born in Colombia and came legally to this country 25 years ago. I married a worderful white american guy and have a great family. When I read this comment, the only thing that made me laugh what relating tacos to Colombia. I think we as a country (USA) have become to sensitive to what people say. It's time to lighten up and take jokes as jokes. Should the guy be fired for what he said, no way. He tried to be funny, but next time please say that Montoya went to get an Arepa which is a traditional Colombian dish.
Be Happy and enjoy life.

1762 days ago


Many people eat tacos. So what's the problem? I wasn't born in this land, but I treat people the same way I want to be treated: with respect. But when it doesn't go this way, I just get over it. I'm not for everybody and not everybody is for me either.

1762 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Juan Pablo may be an arrogant hot-headed a$$head, but this dumba$$ didn't even know who the hell he was when he spewed his stupid flip comment.

1762 days ago


why is this comment even getting press?
I think it's funny ,people forget to laugh at themselves.

1762 days ago


Should've NEVER apologized.

1762 days ago



No, the white americans are busy running ponzi shcemes, ripping off the coutnry and chopping up their pregnant wives and burrying them at the beach. the more racists talk the more their stupidy is confirmed.

1762 days ago


In America, you can not mention the following without issuing an appology afterwards,....any racial jokes, no matter how mild and funny, no mention of the overpopulation of Latinos that now make up most of the US, any gay comments, black comments, comments about God, the President, any political comments etc. It's like being under a communist dictatorship. What's left to comment on? Yall just best keep your mouths shut just to be safe. Cause if you don't get sued, you'll likely get shot for opening your mouth, depending what neighbourhood you are in. I feel for you guys.I am Canadian and we just don't have that problem here. Seeing how Canada is made up entirely of foreigners,..we dont perceive people as foreigners and / or canadians, we just see everyone as Canadians regardless of race/origin. This openess about our countries 'mosaic like make up' allows us to joke away, using a wide range of jokes about all and every race witout taking it the wrong way. We should all be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes, witout taking offense and legal action against it. Of course we would not ever joke about our neighbours the Americans, cause they carry guns and don't get the concept of 'jokes'.

1762 days ago


It must really suck to be so PC that you can't listen to anything without it some how wrecking your day. That was a funny joke that could have been said anywhere by anyone. Politically Correct people SUCK.

1762 days ago
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