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Avril to Deryck -- I'll Let You Keep the House

10/25/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soon-to-be-divorced rockers Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley are already splitting up the assets -- and TMZ has learned Deryck's getting the L.A. mansion.

Avirl Lavigne & Deryck Whibley

Last week, Avril signed over the deed to the multimillion dollar Sherman Oaks home to Deryck, naming him the new "sole and separate" owner -- just four days after she filed for divorce on October 9th.

But the house also came with a lot of debt -- as of October 14th, there was still over a million dollars left on it to pay off.


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Her loss, considering who she's been spotted with. Brandon Davis, one of the slimiest people on the planet. Ugh, such a shame...

1821 days ago


Avril is awsome!!!
haha... Deryck is a wanker!!
Canadian chix kick @$$

1820 days ago


Remember that footage of her spitting on paps and flashing the finger? This house will need a pressure washing inside and out. Narcissistic loser. Her celebrity financial nest egg will be gone by 2015.

1820 days ago


the best

1753 days ago


anyone who thinks that avril cheated on dereck is completly stupid.i mean have you seen dereck he looks like a freaking troll.i'm not saying thats a good reason to dump someone i'm just saying that she didn't cheat on him!

1511 days ago


yet your all still waiting. LOL

1432 days ago

Corey Groves    

I just wanted to say that I'm glad so that Avril Lavigne told Deryck Whibley (lead guitarist and lead singer from the Rock band, "Sum 41") that he can keep the house after she filed for a divorce on him because she doesn't deserve to live in it at all. She can live in a cardboard box for all I care. Avril needs to do the world a really big favor and drop dead because is one of the most biggest posers in the music industry and of this generation who always craves for a lot of attention by shaving part of her head just so that she can look like she's so hardcore and by crying in her, "Wish You Were Here" music video for no reason. The day that she becomes a "Rock chick" or a "Skater chick" who sings and writes Rock music will be the day when pigs fly because not only that she fakes her way on playing the guitar by playing only a few chords on it, also because she doesn't know how to ollie and she doesn't know how to do any tricks on a skateboard at all. Her, "Goodbye Lullaby" album has flopped because it only sold 87,000 copies over here in the United States of America the first week that it was released, and I think that it was one of the worst Pop albums of 2011. Deryck shouldn't have helped her on the album because she didn't need any help on it at all, and I'm pretty sure that he can find somebody else who looks a lot more prettier than she does because not only that she looks like a dead racoon who always likes to wear a lot of heavy eyeliner and mascara, also because he deserves better. I wouldn't carry her or sit her down on my lap if she was my little sister because not only that she isn't a baby anymore, also because she isn't physically handicapped at all. She is "The Worst Damn Thing" that has ever happened to Deryck and she is also a disgrace to Rock music. I don't care if she is only being herself, she needs to grow up and stop acting and dressing like a wild teenager because she is no longer a wild teenager anymore. She is already a grown woman now and needs to start acting and dressing like one because she can't go around acting and dressing like a wild teenager for the rest of her life. I don't have any respect for her as a human being at all because was spitting at the Paparazzi while she was drunk, and there is no excuse for her to do that at all. She is also a terrible role model to all of her fans out there and doesn't deserve to be married to Deryck at all. End of story.

814 days ago
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