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ESPN Sends Steve Phillips Packing

10/25/2009 10:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve Phillips FiredDavid Letterman he is not -- only a few days after news broke of ESPN analyst Steve Phillips' affair with a 22-year-old production assistant, he's out of a job.

An ESPN spokesperson said Phillips' ability to be an effective analyst was "significantly and irreparably damaged" -- so the sports network decided to give him the old heave-ho.

As we first reported, Steve's hookup Brooke Hundley filed for a restraining order against him one day after she dropped off a letter at his house explaining the affair -- which basically said they were meant to be together.

Hundley withdrew the complaint a few weeks later.

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who dat    

Let this be a lesson to all cheaters. Never F an ugly woman if your job could be at risk. It's gotta burn that he lost his job over this homely looking woman. Plus his wife will divorce him, get custody and OWN his paycheck for pretty much the rest of his life.

1772 days ago


ahhhh wonder how good that ugly broad was to cost you your job and marriage and kids you damn fool

1772 days ago


Brooke makes my boner go down. She is very digusting and should do everyone a favor and drive off a cliff.

1772 days ago

Fred Newsome    

This article is linked on http://www.cheatsheetnews.com

1772 days ago


His behavior reflected badly on ESPN (hello its Disney). I'm sure there are others at the network who probably should have been fired for similar behavior, but he has a history of putting his little boss ahead of the interests of his employer and his family.

1772 days ago

ex lax    

strike 3 your out! ha ha ha! hope your wife finds a smarter pedophile than you are!

1772 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

Have y'all ever heard the expression "Has he lost his rabbit Ass Mind" Well here ya go,Steve Phillips has,perfect example

1772 days ago


Both need to be fired and loved Dan's list. Please make one up for Letterman.

1772 days ago


1772 days ago


Pretty stupid. Sports stars can have affairs, drug problems, be convicted of a crime, such as Vick, and yet they can continue. A sportscaster has an affair and they are fired. Stupid.

1772 days ago


Wise decision. Kinda shames CBS a bit.

It's nearly impossible for a woman to work her way up without having to dodge sleazy sexual advances left and right like a ninja. If she sleeps with someone, she's screwed. If she refuses, she's screwed. Men, stop being such sicko predators always trying to prove something and pick on an equal if one even exists up at the glass ceiling.

There's a reason dudes like this and Letterman go for the young and inexperienced - they are easy to control and manipulate. That's sick. You can't use people and toss them out. He used his assistant, he used his wife, he's a user like Letterman. He's an immature sicko who picked her for her immaturity and so predictably he got immature backlash from her. Unfortunately, his wife and family suffer. What a fine man.

Oh, and cut the bashing on her looks. He's no beauty. It's always the fugly dudes who can't get a date who make these lame comments

1772 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

So many BITTER fat ugly women posting here. This is why my company NEVER hires women and never will as long as I am in charge. Women are nothing but trouble, contribute nothing, waste time and take no pride in their work. ALWAYS looking for someone to sue.
Steve's problem was banging a hatchet-faced skank with mental problems. I know, that's most women in a nutshell.

1772 days ago

Vortex Puddle    

This guy needs a hormone adjustment. What was he thinkin'?

1772 days ago

The Seer    

Stupid old fool.

1772 days ago


So Letterman can have affairs with multiple women who work for him (whose jobs he has complete control over) and it's bravo! good for you!... this guy has an affair with 1 woman and it's the boot?

wow, that makes sense

Posted at 10:07PM on Oct 25th 2009 by Mayu

This was not sports donks first affair.

1771 days ago
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