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Baseball Analyst's Mistress -- Out at ESPN

10/26/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: ESPN is now saying they fired Brooke -- but they haven't given an official cause for termination yet.

The ESPN production assistant who exposed a secret relationship with ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips is officially out of a job at the sports network.

Baseball Analyst's Mistress -- Out at ESPN

A rep from ESPN told the Associated Press that 22-year-old Brooke Hundley "doesn't work at ESPN anymore" --but it was unclear if she quit ... or if she got the chop.

Phillips was fired from his job last night, just a few days after he admitted to having the affair.

A rep for Phillips claims he's entering a treatment facility.

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Anyone woman defending this fugly skanks nasty looks are simply as fugly, or fuglier themselves. Any guy defending her, well I feel for ya man. Your wife must make a horses ass look like Cindy Crawford. Eeeccchhhh!!!!

1788 days ago



To answer your question I can only surmise that there really ARE some men that will bang ANYTHING....THIS is the proof of that! How scary! He must be one sick puppy to have even been ABLE to get it up for this nasty chick..And ps..I AM A WOMAN...So IF I am scared then what does that tell you. Men..please be more DISCRIMINATING in WHO you sleep with! This must be why there are so many nasty diseases out there.

1788 days ago


She was fired because her moonlighting as a Psycho Stalker was preventing her from fully performing the duties of her day job.

1788 days ago


Who would want either of them?
Ugly meets ugly.You get double ugly.

1788 days ago


IF I were the married guy who slept with this horrendous looking girl then I wouldn't even be mortified that I got caught cheating..I WOULD BE MORTIFIED that I got caught cheating WITH THIS SKANKY, UGLY THING!! That would be the worst part. Now the world KNOWS he was horny enough to sleep with her, instead of a two-bit street hooker (which would have been a much better choice in THIS CASE)...His wife MUST run for the hills! Before he _____ falls off!

1788 days ago


Love the women bashing posted under allegedly female names. Probably a bunch of ugly loser dudes who never get closer to a woman than their computer screen.

Hopefully this won't be the usual story where the woman's future is shot and the man continues on unscathed

1788 days ago

Black Power    

When all of this happened a year or so ago, she didn't weigh as much and probably wore makeup and tight clothes to entice him. Yeah, he was na idiot to fall into her trap, but she is the type of vindictive woman who now that he's turned his back on her, she is ready to thrust the knife in. And as for Snaps comment, it takes two to tango. Women cheat on their men also, so don't make it look like men are the only ones.

1788 days ago


Loving all the posts saying that Phillips was horrible for cheating with this ugly girl etc. The support for her thus far has been ridiculously hilarious, as if she's some sort of helpless victim. The letter/restraining order to try to cover her ass proves that she's just another nutjob with a vagina.

Not sticking up for Phillips because what he did was stupid, but I am kind of tired of seeing people act like she's a victim in all of this. Unless she is mentally handicapped, which she is not, she was a willing participant in sexual contact with a knowingly married man with a family. A mean that is also nearly three times her age.

Clearly it's all Phillips' fault. Clearly.

1788 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Lost all respect for Steve. Dude, HER? Or more accurately, THAT?
If you're gonna roll them cheating dice, do it with a Scores chick or any of the millions of other 10's out there.
Going for a fat ugly slut means that's what you think you deserve.

1788 days ago


Brooke is an idiot, why would you put your job in jeopardy over a married man who is NOT going to leave his wife for your "mudd duck" looking ass, or is it the wife that looks like a mudd duck, I get them confused, but either way BROOKE YOU ARE AN IDIOT without a job.

1788 days ago


Wonder what dinner conversation is these days at the Phillip's house?

1788 days ago

Old Enough    

We shouldn't know what the cause of termination is for either one of these individuals. ESPN should have just stated "She no longer works for us" or "He no longer works for us" PERIOD Teh public has no right to know if it was the company's choice or the individuals choice when it comes to personnel matters such as this.

1788 days ago


Listen, this man may legitimately have a mental problem. I mean I don't care what his wife looks like or how old she is, or how she might be treating him, cheating and risking what he did for that thing, he must definetly have some kind of problem. This man needs help.

1788 days ago


To all the people defending Brooke,

How do you defend a garbage truck full of garbage?

You don't. A garbage truck will always be a garbage truck. Wide, fat, dirty and ugly.


1788 days ago


ahhhh, Johnnie

Where to start, where to start. HE was the married one remember? HE is the one with children to protect, remeber? HE was the one with some age on him to know better, remember? HE was one with a family to support, remember? HE was one with more to lose, remember?
HE was one who took vows, remember?

Come on, grow up son. Her looks are the least of this issue. Its very easy to defend Brooke in this case. Stop thinking like a high-school boy who is worried about what his friends think of his pu$$y. It shows, and it makes you sound foolish.

You sound so typical of the type who is a very ugly man, yet putting down the gals.

1788 days ago
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