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ESPN Benches Bob Griese for 'Taco' Crack

10/26/2009 9:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can anyone at ESPN keep a job? The network suspended Bob Griese today for a racist remark he made about NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

While he was calling Saturday's Minnesota-Ohio State game, Griese made a crack about Montoya saying he was "out having a taco." Montoya is Colombian.

ESPN is yanking Griese off the air for one week, and a rep for the network says Griese "understands the comment was inappropriate."

Yesterday ESPN fired baseball analyst Steve Phillips after news broke of his sex scandal with a production assistant.

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Anthony Tyler    

Wow. ESPN is acting a bit like they've something else going on behind the scenes that no one, in their minds, needs to know. They're hitting the wall extreme with all of the recent over-reactions (firings, layoffs, temporary leaves of absence) to people being...well...human.

Racist? C'mon. Really?

1791 days ago


Come on! Americans are insane, why do they get offended by anything?
It was a f**ing joke!!!

1791 days ago

laughs at Obama voters    

Juan Pablo Montoya WAS OUT DEALING COCAINE, not having a taco.

Get your stories straight, people.

1791 days ago


I don't understand why that would be offensive... I love tacos!!

1791 days ago


"tacos" are mexican-the guy is colombian...had the idiot said "he's out having an empanada" nobody wouldve said anything!!!!! so no-an apology isnt enough...if you're gonna make a racist comment make sure you got the correct race...tasteless joke either way.

1791 days ago


suspended? why suspend, he should be fired then executed by stuffing him with tacos.

1791 days ago


and for the record...as a colombian...we dont USE coke....we sell it. its called business: supply and demand you white folk..if YOU didnt use it so much....WE wouldnt send it over :)ignorance IS bliss

1791 days ago


Has anybody bothered to think this whole thing through? Montoya is a Colombian. Correct me if I'm wrong but the ethnic linkage between tacos and Colombians doesn't exist. Cocaine maybe but tacos? Nope.

Bob got the reprimand for using the wrong racial slur. Ha, ha, ha, ha!! What's the next politically correct taboo? Somebody using a racial slur for an Asian on a black man?

1791 days ago


That was hilarious!! Out having a taco! hehe. What happened to everyone's sense of humor?

1791 days ago

Charles Barrows    

Umpires, and I'm one, are often accused of having rabbit ears, but the strong-willed men in blue just let the unkind remarks from players or fans roll off our back as water does off a duck's back. An "out having a taco" comment is as harmless as it gets, no matter if the person referred to is Colombian or Mexican. I happen to be Caucasian. If somebody says I'm out enjoying some "jambalaya," would I get bent out of shape? Of course not. Loosen up America. This politically correct direction that nutcases like some at ESPN are pushing us is disgusting. Bob Griese, you don't need to apologize to anyone....period!

1791 days ago


he was calling a d-m football game why did he have to make a smart remark montoya DUMB MOVE

1791 days ago


If it were an african american NASCAR driver and Griese would have said that he was out having a watermelon; he would have been fired and called a racist.

One week suspension, not bad for a jokingly racist remark on ESPN.

1791 days ago

Common Cents    

Cool and Easy...Bob Griese!

1791 days ago


I would like to say to the guy talking about illegal latinos in this country, stream... THE GUY IS FROM COLOMBIA, NOT MEXICO!! And that has nothing to do with his racist comment. But just like you said he is a "white guy" and you and he probably think you should get to say whatever you want about whomever. And I would also like to point out that "taco" means poolstick in Colombia so Griese just showed on National tv how ignorant he is, but luckily for you stream only those of us who read your comment know how ignorant you are.

1791 days ago


(16) let me guess... you're white??? schocker!! and p.s. someone has to care about black americans, you're people sure as hell don't!

1791 days ago
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