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Jon Gosselin -- I Returned the Money

10/26/2009 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin showed up to court this morning and told a judge he returned $230,000 to the couple's joint bank account -- as he was ordered to.

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin

Jon still maintains Kate has not accounted for $33,000 she spent from the same account. Kate Gosselin was a no-show at court.

All sides are due back in court again next month.


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TMZ, other sites are reporting Jon's PA attorney once again is calling it quits. Can you find out if this is true? And who those attorneys were with Jon as he entered the courthouse today? Didn't Mr. Meyer do the same thing in mid-Sept too? How is Jon getting any good legal assistance with his divorce? His PA attorney seems to NOT want to rep him AND MR MARK HELLER is not legally able to rep. him because he is not licensed to practice law in PA (and therefore not a PENNSYLVANIA DIVORCE expert). Very interested in Mr. Heller's claims over the weekend regarding Kate NOT being in compliance too. Her attorney Mr. Singer sent Mr. Heller a letter some weeks back, does she now have cause of action against Mr. Heller? Or does Jon? Can't wrap my head around how any attorney could bill for a moment of work on a case in a court where he can't practice. Any help explaining it all would be greatly appreciated.

1760 days ago


I wish these terrible, and terribly-shallow, people would just go away.

1760 days ago


Wonder if Kate will be in touch with Mr. Singer while she is in LA? Mr. Mark Heller made some serious charges against Kate over the weekend...

1760 days ago


Reading the comments it is so clear that the general public has Kate all figured out, (plays victim, Kate's never wrong, poor Kate and the kids) They are milliona@@s people stop feeling sorry for them. Why is TLC so interested in having Kate on every show and magazine? So they can continue with the Kate money machine...their PR machine is fast at work and some of the shows ect are being told either you protray Kate as the victim or you will be out of the loop on future interviews of our clients. Major PR firm with famous clients. Hello wake up and realize whats going on here.

1760 days ago

FiFi LaRue    


Are you serious about TLC etc swaying the court of public opinion against Jon? Sorry, to burst your bubble...but he did this all by HIMSELF..then the idiot invited the media to watch him f**k up. Don't insult our intelligence by blaming the media ( That HE Invited) now...quit blaming everyone but Jon for his behaviour.
We have seen the photos
We have watched the videos
We have heard the words directly from his mouth....

Go ahead, claim he didn't do these things on his own accord. I didn't seen anyone holding a gun to his head.

1760 days ago


Silly Jon, Kate doesn't have to follow any stinkin laws and rules.

1760 days ago


I'am pissed that he didn't go to jail.

1760 days ago


Settle down Samantha

1760 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Really?? People taking sides??
They are both idiots.
But right now I think Kate is evil for giving away the dogs.
Haven't those kids lost enough already??

1760 days ago



1760 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Our local news said Kate was a no-show. She's in CA doing a book signing. OH POOR KATE.

1760 days ago


This slimey douchbag steals 230,000,and lied about it for weeks,and he's whining that Kate can't account for 33,000,what an idiot!!!She pays bills from this account! This guy obviously has no clue how much it costs to feed and clothe 8 kids not to mention paying a mortgage and other utilities on a million dollar home.Does this loser even help with the costs to run this household?Probably not!!!My 11 year old has more common sense and emotional maturity than this IDIOT!!! I've got news for you you Mr Gosselin,most of America thinks you're a joke!!!

1760 days ago


Kate and TLC will do whatever it takes to get Jon to agree to let the children go back to work. The children are nothing more to them than a way to make more money. If Kate is so wonderful and so wise blah blah blah then why can't she work without exploiting her children. Jon does not have a chance. They will see him broke and homeless in order to put the kids back to work.
How can people even watch that show. The children are yelling and screaming while Kate is in La La land talking about how great she is. Why do they need the kids. There are people stupid enough to sit for thirty minutes and listen to Kate whine and cry.

1760 days ago


Im so glad tlc is taking him to court i hope he gets screwed and has to pay alot of money to them and ends up broke i got one word for you loser KARMA

1760 days ago


RE: Samantha; just because you got dumped does not mean that all men are bad. A good therapist can help you with your psychological problem.

1760 days ago
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