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GLAAD to NFL: Punish Larry Johnson

10/26/2009 6:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is in hot water with GLAAD -- after the former NFL Pro-Bowler reportedly dropped the homophobic f-bomb twice in the last 24 hours.

Larry Johnson
President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Jarrett Barrio is calling for the NFL to take action against Johnson, saying "All too often this is the word that is used to ridicule and harass young gay and transgender athletes on local sports fields across America.

Professional athletes who use this word need to be held accountable for feeding a climate of intolerance toward our community. NFL officials need to take action and condemn this and future uses of this anti-gay epithet

Earlier today, it was reported Johnson hurled the slur at a group of reporters after he had already used the same f-word to attack someone on Twitter.

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I'll be glad when Glaad is no more.

1823 days ago


tell me where the trans genders play sports... that is something I would like to see.. ahhaah..

1823 days ago


What i get from most men like Larry Johnson is that they are not homophobic, but just hiding their own homosexyality from themselves and other people who think men like Larry Johnson are not gay. This is a man that slaps other men on the ass, takes showers with men, so we know he is into men. his homophobic rantings are just a simple fact that hes hiding his gayness behind a football team....Dont drop the soap in front of this ass, he'll use it towards his advantage. Larry Johnson likes men booty too much to drop these types of hate names. Fine him and then just watch and see his homoness comes out!

1823 days ago


It amuses me that a group of people insist on a lifestyle that isn't approved of by many, yet are completely sensitive..you should wear the term proudly if that is what you are.. last time I looked the Constitution was still in effect..pitiful.

1823 days ago


This guy used to be a top running back in the NFL. Now he is a big cry baby blaming the city, reporters, coaches and fans for his horrible performance on the field. He gets in trouble all the time. always shooting his big mouth off. Last year he spit in the face of a female fan in a bar after she asked him a question, before that throwing a drink in a fan's face. Get out of KC, we don't want you Larry. Psycho!!

1823 days ago


16. tell me where the trans genders play sports... that is something I would like to see.. ahhaah..

Posted at 5:54PM on Oct 26th 2009 by scoot

Tennis you friggin idiot.....Christine Jorgenson was a transexual, stupid racist!

1823 days ago


.. sad that it's even a debate - hate speech should not be tolerated in any capacity.

1823 days ago

to little    

Harvey must be sensitive he won't let you use the F word on his sight. This is just stupid, so what GLADD get over it the word has been in the dictionary for years.

Now I am going to go smoke a F

1823 days ago

mike giunta    

You know why it is a big deal? Cause little kids look up to guys like this and think that if he can get away with this kind of behavior than it is right for anyone to have this kind of behavior. We live in a civilized society, start acting like it!

1823 days ago

Black Power    

Wow! It's unbelievable how some of the people on this site think it's all right to use the F-word. Use the N-word and you will never live it down, unless you are black. I'll bet a hundred to one that if someone called Larry Johnson The N-word, he would not only be insulted, he would do everything possible to make sure that person was known as a racist. Some of you may not like gay people, but the fact is that they are here to stay. Get used to it.

Chris - Erik - Wombat - Horhay - haa - cry me a river - coldmtnmary - Shawn - If you needed a blood transfusion one day, would you ask if the person donating was gay or black? It's obvious you all could care less about the gay community, just like you probably could care less about anybody that isn't of your race. I hope you all enjoy your time in Hell when the day comes when you pass.

1823 days ago


then they can quit calling me a straight person, it offends me.

1823 days ago


Someone very dear to me left - homophobia. He had to pretend and hide his whole life - that's how mama and daddy taught us. The place in my heart where he was is empty now. He was all I had. He didn't know that I loved and accepted him on every level. I just ride my motorcycle now because of him, he wanted one so I learned to ride. He left on Thanksgiving Day. Please stop the mean ness now. Tears fall - it's almost Thanksgiving again.

A Broken Sister's Love

1823 days ago


Believe me, if you called Larry the n word (which I would never, but perhaps a hole) he would not demand an apology. He would go off on you though and my advice would be to cover your face!!

1823 days ago


I'm sick off these over-paid, and sexually insecure Jocks thinking that they can insult a whole class of people with no consequences. Their speech iss protected, NOBODY HAS TO LET IT PASS WITHOUT COMPLAINING! lgbtS ARE NOT SOFT TARGETS ANYMORE! No more do we have to "get over" gratuitous insults from college "D" students!

1823 days ago

Becky Heck    

Since when does the constitution only support free speech in one direction and not the other? Freedom of speech is for all of us. Gay or straight. We should be able to speak freely! Free country?

1823 days ago
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