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GLAAD to NFL: Punish Larry Johnson

10/26/2009 6:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is in hot water with GLAAD -- after the former NFL Pro-Bowler reportedly dropped the homophobic f-bomb twice in the last 24 hours.

Larry Johnson
President of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Jarrett Barrio is calling for the NFL to take action against Johnson, saying "All too often this is the word that is used to ridicule and harass young gay and transgender athletes on local sports fields across America.

Professional athletes who use this word need to be held accountable for feeding a climate of intolerance toward our community. NFL officials need to take action and condemn this and future uses of this anti-gay epithet

Earlier today, it was reported Johnson hurled the slur at a group of reporters after he had already used the same f-word to attack someone on Twitter.

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While I think it's ignorant shouldn't Mr. Johnson have the right to his opinion? Look how many ignorant people on these baords call others racist for disagreeing with Obama. Look how many people felt it wasn't the NFL's place to punish Michael Vick. We are all called names or mocked. I am sorry gays and lesbians, get over it. AS a private citizen, it is my option to disassociate with ignoramus' that choose to use such foul terms

1822 days ago


Hey I got an idea if GLADD wants to stand up for rights..how about condeming all them F**GGS in prison who force them selves on all the straights..as soon as your group speaks out against this I'll stop calling ya F**GGS...

1822 days ago


no worries people, this is not the first time Mr. Johnson has been in trouble.

1822 days ago


Who cares! if you cant deal with the term then change your ways. There is a cure for being a homosexual. correct me if im wrong but i believe the penis is supposed to be inserted into the vagina and then that makes babies and populates the earth. unless i missed something in elementary school but im pretty sure thats how it works. I understand homosexuals give up when they are straight when they have no luck with the opposite sex but thats when you either lower your standards and look into your own league or just become celibate.

1822 days ago

The Doc Is In    

Cry wolf long enough and when you get bitten by a real wolf, nobody will care. Who cares what these people think about what was said and by whom.
We are not in a world where thought police matter.

Get over yourselves.

1822 days ago

oc surfer    

Is GLADD the new Thought Police? I thought 1984 was just a book or movie.

1822 days ago


I understand several people's viewpoints that it is just "a word" personally the word doesn't bother me. But, I guess the whole issue does. I am a lesbian I came out last month and I have been served with court papers because my parents are trying to take my children because they feel that me being gay is emotional abuse. Could you imagine someone taking you to court to take your kids because of your skin color or because your straight. I used to be straight. My partner has been my best friend since 8th grade (I am 31) our relationship grew from friendship and it was very difficult to face. I am not a flaming lesbian but I do believe that we need agencies like GLAAD to bring attention to words that shouldn't be said. We also need agencies for other races when other words are said by other races. Think about the upset that the one radio host caused when he mentioned the African American girls hair or the guy of Seinfeld who used the N word. If agencies do not make a fuss than our children will be raised to believe that name calling (no matter who says it) is wrong. Just my opinion

1822 days ago


Shut up and get back in the closet! I am SICK of hearing about your sex lives.

1822 days ago


And yet Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and DeMaurice ragged on Rush Limbaugh about comments he NEVER made - saying they were divisive. Where are these 3 idiots now? Shouldn't they be more outraged over actualy remarks than fictitious ones?

1822 days ago


Seriously. Seriously. GLAAD, get over yourselves, we are over you.

1822 days ago


Freedom of speech people....get over it.

1822 days ago


This goes out to "tommy" and all of you other uneducated imbeciles who think this statement makes sense in this context. "This is America right? There is freedom of speech right?"

Think of "free speech" like this. You can walk up to the White House and in front of everyone yell anything you want, true or not, about the President. The GOVERNMENT cannot punish you in any way for what you said. Now, try that with your boss.

See the difference?

1822 days ago


overpaid, no talent, cry baby with anger management issues needs new team. tweet that.

1822 days ago


What an idiot!!! He obviously loves to get slammed for bad behaviour. Really, lets all publicly use the N word and see how the african american community reacts! All people and especially in public view must refrain from saying these slurs. The end.

1822 days ago


Here we go again. The gay monsters pulling themselves up on the coattails of black people. When did gay get to be the new black ? That's just pathetic and insulting. Black people can't not wake up in the morning and decide I don't want to be black anymore. If you were not so obvious (cross dressing and butch ) no one would know who was playing in your panties. I don't give a damn about gay people. They are an abomination to society. Homosexuality is the gateway to debauchery. First each other them they will want my labrador !!!!!

1822 days ago
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