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Maria Shriver Apologizes

Oops, I Did It Again!

10/26/2009 6:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria ShriverMaria Shriver is sorry. Again.

The First Lady of California released a statement through her office this afternoon, apologizing for her latest driving gaffe -- parking in a red zone this weekend for over an hour.

Earlier this month, Maria was caught on tape driving while on a cell phone -- three separate times -- a big no-no in California. Maria apologized for that one too.

Maybe now she's learned her lesson.


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You can tell she is a Kennedy.....They all think they are above the law. Self entitlement etc. Who will ever read the books she writes from now on and take her seriously. She is another Kennedy loser...Feel like barfing watch out Balloon Boy!!

1789 days ago


The readers of TMZ have voted to take away her license. When will this transpire? I demand that the Governator take away her license. Just because Kennedy's get away with rape and murder is not a reason not to.

1789 days ago


what she did was arrogantly stupid but what TMZ does in many cases is stalk people. Not really too entertaining.

1789 days ago

brits ok    

Oh c'mon. Everybody bitches about celebrity justice when one of them gets off easy but have no problems for sceaming for blood at the slightest infraction. Parking in a red zone and talking on a cell phone would not be grounds for pulling an ordinary citizens licence. Why should she lose hers? Just a load of jealousy and sour grapes.

1789 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

She needs to go on the Larry King Show for a hard hitting interview. lol

1789 days ago


Oh please. Unfortunately, she's no different than millions of LA residents. Parking in red zones is too common and I see at least 2 people a day violating the cell phone rule. No one would lose their license for talking on a cell phone while driving (twice) or parking in a red zone. We would be ticketed (only if pulled over for some other type of violation), maybe have the car towed. She should be fined.

1789 days ago


Can you say spoiled and entitled?

1789 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Absolute B+LLS+HT she knows not a damn thing is going to be done to her and her breaking the law, if this was jo blow he would have a few tickets and his car towed.

1789 days ago


Maria, get a grip. Set an example, if not for the state of California, your husband! ~ I hope you don't have to go on Oprah to talk about this.

1789 days ago


This borders on harassment guys.

1789 days ago


what the heck, who does she think she is? anyone else would be fined or worse for this behavior, she IS NOT above the law! Take her license!!!! Releasing an apology is a joke.

1789 days ago


Shriver thinks her crap doesn't stink. It's a part of being a "Kennedy". She has done this type of thing forever and will continue to do so. While Ahnold sits back and talks his game about scolding her, he's laughing behind the scenes. Enough is enough. She will continue doing this stuff and will keep putting on the puppy eye thing while saying that she's sorry. BS. I say make her pay all the damn fines for every time she is caught doing this crap, and then after she's been hit enough, then revoke her license, once and for all. It's time celebrities get the same damn treatment that the average people get.

1789 days ago


It's obvious the Gov's wife is use to parking wherever the hell she wants to and she got caught this time because people or the paparazzi are watching her more closely because of the cell phone incident.

She should be treated just like any one of us would be treated if we were caught doing this. Give her a ticket and make her pay with money just like we would have donations.

1789 days ago


As I said earlier, I live near where this incidence occurred and I have seen her park in the red before. Maria Shriver is a bitch; she knows exactly what she's doing. She is only apologizing because she got caught on camera, otherwise she would deny it. I truly hate the bitch! P.S. Do you really want to know the way I feel? Ha! Ha!

1789 days ago



1789 days ago
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