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There Was a Kate Gosselin Who Lived in a Shoe...

10/26/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mother Goose has officially been roped into the war between "Jon & Kate" -- because Jon Gosselin's attorney just busted out some lines from a nursery rhyme to insult Kate outside of today's hearing.

According to Jon's lawyer, Kate is "like the old lady who lived in a shoe" ... but really lives in a glass house or something.

Good luck following the logic.


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Am happy to see John's attorney is every bit the idiot he is.
That said, this family marks the first time how the reality of family court plays out. Next on the agenda? Parental alienation. See It's coming.

1823 days ago


Shame on you Kate. You are a disgrace to woman and mothers everywhere. Its a JOINT account you nasty witch but you had to get your claws in it all didn't you. How do you feel that your kids HATE YOUR AS@

1823 days ago


Jon and his lawyer are both idiots!

1823 days ago


Ok, I'll admit...I laughed.

This guy seriously wants a little camera time and 15 minutes of fame.

"What? She's not here?" ~feigned look of disbelief..stop walking...look of shock~ "She's not here? How do you know this? I would seriously be shocked if she weren't here."
~begin monologue of nonsensical talk to stall for more camera time~

1823 days ago


The show was edited and anyway Jon has been the one who dragged this into the public eye, cheating with the teacher, going public about the marriage being long over, taking up with the babysitter,the Star reporter and Hailey Glassman. Going to the hamptons, angling for a new show with Michael Lohan of all people, hosting Vegas gigs parties for people in their early twenties. Kate has been reasonably classy and measured with her response. I wish her success.

DOG SAID IT BEST - The only person douchier than Jon Gosselin? His attorney.

1823 days ago



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1823 days ago


Jon Gosselin is a prick and an idiot. Annnnd he's got LOTS of karma comin his way. WATCH OUT SUCKA!

1823 days ago


Can Jon even speak for himself? Oh wait, he let's his "not allowed to be practicing in PA" attorney speak for him. Which THAT makes him more of a tool, because he is putting trust in an attorney that is a moron!

Jon reminds me of the "Little Boy that cried Wolf" story.. Give it up Jon, you took the money(gee according to your interview on Larry King Live, you didn't take it),YOU put it back, no more parties, druggs, gifts for your girl, NOTHING. Get off of tv, I think everyone is tired of hearing about your boo hoo stories, and whenever you open your mouth lies come out.

1823 days ago


Mrs. D

You are uninformed. Kate has always managed the household finances and when they separated they BOTH agreed that this would continue. She did not pillage the account and take 'paychecks'

1823 days ago


Just when I start to think that Jon can't look any worse, something like this comes along.

Does he just automatically attract dirt?

1823 days ago


Kate is not the evil one here. Clearly the marriage is over. Dissolute it classily and according to the law and rules arbitrated. A loser douche for a husband can turn any new mother, much less of multiples, into a controller. Otherwise all hell breaks loose and you live in a pigsty.

Kate should be free of that douche. Fly free Kate. I will watch your show for the time being. You need to start saving money.

Jon go get another job YOUR CONTRACT WITH TLC DOESN'T PROHIBIT YOU FROM TAKING A NORMAL JOB LIKE IN YOUR 'FIELD' IT. You just can't to TV...sorry you are no TV star.

Team Kate

1823 days ago


So now he lets other men insult his wife and the mother of his children? Something is seriously wrong with that man, oh and when did she become an "old lady"?

1823 days ago


This "lawyer" is a joke.

1823 days ago


I for one will be glad when all this divorce media coverage is over! Then maybe this family can get out of the spotlight and live normal lives, with equal visitations rights, with their children.

1823 days ago


mr lawyer dude stop running your mouth dude!!! Thats the mother of your clients children have some respect! Jon IS seeking revenge he's said it right out!

1823 days ago
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