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There Was a Kate Gosselin Who Lived in a Shoe...

10/26/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mother Goose has officially been roped into the war between "Jon & Kate" -- because Jon Gosselin's attorney just busted out some lines from a nursery rhyme to insult Kate outside of today's hearing.

According to Jon's lawyer, Kate is "like the old lady who lived in a shoe" ... but really lives in a glass house or something.

Good luck following the logic.


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jon is looking more and more like the dildoe he is....he and that skank lil girlfriend of his should take a trip to San Francisco and just jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and let the sharks eat them...these two are ignorant wussies...jon, because he wont be able to get another tv gig again...the lil ho he is with cause ..well shes just that a ho...dont like kate, but hope she takes this cheap chinese buffett to the chinese laundry the jerk came from!

1789 days ago


Jon get a new attorney because the one you have is a D***!! Kate didn't need to put any money back, she just needed to show the court receipts and HER attorney said That she had!!! People if she hadn't she would be in contempt of the court!!!

1789 days ago


Please stop reporting on these two! If you stop then they'll go away!!!

1789 days ago


Wow, this lawyer is about as intellectually challenged as John. Kate won't even have to fight. These fools are taking themselves down.

BTW-- Kate gladly lives in a glass house for all to see in with all of her children... and I see a good mom and a fed-up ex (I would be too), however the only one throwing rocks at the home are the children's father and his douche lawyer... smart move guys.

1789 days ago


Jon and Heller want to know what happened to 26,000. i believe Jon bought Hailey Glassman a diamond ring with it. cost; 27,000. Jon also got an 5,000(plus deposit) apartment also. that adds up to more than 33,000 of the money. besides Heller CANNOT even practice law in PA!!! Gosselin's Pa attorney fired Jon as a client on Monday!!! Jon is a LYING FAT PIG!!!

1789 days ago


It just cost John $5000 for his lawyer to recite that rhyme.

Way to go douche

1789 days ago


Where did he find this lawyer?? He's like an ambulance chaser or something...funny...

1789 days ago


And to respond to all the people on here critiqing Kate for drawing out 30 something G's....

Um.... How much did John pull? l0l. Dummies.

1789 days ago


What is it with that hair? With all that money, she should at least be able to afford a comb and brush and maybe a little butch wax. That is the most horrible example of hirsuite adornment that I have ever seen outside a chrysanthemum faced puppy.

1789 days ago


The guys a thief. He got caught stealing from his kids. Now his lawyer is a joke. He needs to bounce his ass quick...

1789 days ago


and the cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone....a lawyer who can't get his nursery rhymes straight, brilliant!!! so now they are Father and Mother Goose(lin)...poor kids, it must be torture with these parents....

The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of hearts
she made some tarts
all on a summer's day

The knave of hearts
He stole the tarts
and took them clean away

The king of hearts
called for the tarts
And beat the knave full sore

The knave of hearts
Brought back the tarts
And vowed he's steal no more

There was a Crooked Man

There was a crooked man
Who walked a crooked mile
He found a crooked sixpence
Against a crooked stile
He bought a crooked cat
Which caught a crooked mouse
and they all lived together
In a crooked little house

Diddle, diddle, dumpling,

my son, John,
Went to bed

with his trousers on,
One shoe off

and one shoe on!
Diddle, diddle, dumpling,

my son, John!

1789 days ago


JON is a proven thief and liar. This account was for HOUSEHOLD/FAMILY EXPENSES. It is not to fund your post separation lifestyle jerk.

I hope he ends up with very little and little earning potential and certainly no alimony/spousal support.

He doesn't want to preserve his family. His actions have been nothing but antagonistic.

1789 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

See the BS that occurs when you don't keep separate bank accounts? If this had been my family and thank god I don't have any kids let alone 8, TLC would have been instructed to write one check to a trust for the children, than 50% of what remained to me and 50% to the husband. Every check, every time. 50 bucks? Same rule. 500 thousand bucks? Same rule. These two are freaking idiots and deserve to spend 40% of their net worth on lawyers dissolving their marriage.

1789 days ago

Jessica P    

I really-really don't like Kate. She controlled her husband (soon to be ex?) so badly. She only focus on MONEY. She always says.."My kids comes first..." Yeah, right. Ghhh, what she does or says doesn't really make sense anymore. Sure, Jon is not perfect, but he finally be stand up and do what he has to do... (to leave her). I will never ever watch her shows if there will be Kate plus 8.

1789 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

And each spouse writes half the check for each expense. Yes, that is inconvenient, but doing it that way means NO MORE MONEY PROBLEMS. Works for us ~

1789 days ago
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