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There Was a Kate Gosselin Who Lived in a Shoe...

10/26/2009 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mother Goose has officially been roped into the war between "Jon & Kate" -- because Jon Gosselin's attorney just busted out some lines from a nursery rhyme to insult Kate outside of today's hearing.

According to Jon's lawyer, Kate is "like the old lady who lived in a shoe" ... but really lives in a glass house or something.

Good luck following the logic.


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Kate is a Cword. I dont feel bad for her in the least. She wanted reality tv stardom and it runied her family. If you dont want to be a single mom of 8 then dont immasculate your husband like a child on national tv bitch. Dont be a bitch 24-7, and then dont act like you were blindsided by the cheating. She asked for all of this. Crappy things happen to crappy people. Sure Jon shares some of the blame, like allowing money and fame to become the reason for letting camers into their home, and blame for marry that women and me having to know about their stupid life, cause he married that B. I dont know for sure, but I have a suspicion it was Kates idea for the show. Reality tv is a bad, bad deal for family and realationships, bad all around. Ask Hulk Hogan, Jessica Simpson, the Osbourne kids and messed up person who was on the "real world"

1802 days ago


Jon Gosselin is here to honor the judicial system and to seek justice"
Is this guy on crack?
He was there because he was ORDERED by the court to be there and attest to the fact that he had returned the $230,000 that HE TOOK.
And he's still crying about the paltry $30,000 that he says Kate took without accounting for it? Well, apparently, the judge was satisfied with her accounting of it, which was provided to the court this morning. So shut about it already, Jon! Jon Gosselin is a low-life snake.

1802 days ago


Never heard a more ignorant lawyer,,
Should toss him in jail with Jon and toss the key.

He shouldn't even be allowed to practice law............

1802 days ago


I really don't care who is right and wrong in this issue, but... jeez, Jon has got to be EMBARRASSED that this idiot is representing him!!! Apparently, their methodology is to run to the media-- not garner evidence and support for claims that they make in court. I don't know what this guy is thinking... if Jon wants to have 50/50 custody of his children and 50/50 control of the estate, then he should deal with it in court... NOT on the soapbox with some wannabe attorney acting as his puppet. Gross, annoying, and a waste of valuable (haha) gossiping space! I really do love CELEBRITY gossip, but these people have worn out their welcome as "celebrities" and gossip-worthy!!! GO AWAY!

1802 days ago


Every time Mr. Mark Heller opens his mouth I can't help but feel he is trying to threaten Kate. Is it just me? Now Jon is without representation in his DIVORCE case and I wonder if the reason Mr. Meyer left AGAIN was he was unable to act as Jon's DIVORCE counsel with Mr. Heller constantly speaking as if HE as the counsel of record. Clearly Jon has been misinformed about asset division in PA. Wonder if he wasn't listening to Mr. Meyer or has been listening to Mr. Heller or someone who DOESN'T know PA DIVORCE laws. Clearly Kate hired the superior attorney - Mr. Momjian actually is a PA DIVORCE LAW expert. What I find fascinating is what are the laws of PA when someone who is not licensed to practice law in PA spouts off about a matter before a PA court and consistently misrepresents the facts of the case and seems to go out of his way to smear one of the parties? The Judge had Mr. Heller in plain view today! Shouldn't the JUDGE have told MR. HELLER to SHUT UP! Or is this a matter the PA BAR has to pursue? Or maybe somoene can sponsor Mr. Singer (if he is not already able to practice in PA, that is)and he can do what must be done - MAKE MARK HELLER MUTE about Kate and Jon's Divorce?

1802 days ago


Hailey, your constant posting is sad. This lawyer is making fun of Jon's children while trying to get his face on the camera. Diane Diamond is back there waiting for Jon to give her the paid for interview for ET. What amazes me is the truth never gets in the way of this man and his thirst for the limelight. No one would stand next to me and insult my children and their mother.

1802 days ago


Again, why does anyone comment if they don't care and aren't interested in the Gosselins. Me thinks those folks that comment on getting rid of the Gosselins don't really want it to be so.

1802 days ago


This is absolutely sickening of Jon Gosselin and his sleazy lawyer. The court date should have and could have been cancelled since Kate turned her paperwork long ago to the judge and if Jon paid up like he and Heller says then the court should have been cancelled but no Jon wants all the media attention he can get. Just more money in his pockets for selling his children and himself to the media. This guy AND his lawyer are the lowest life forms. Jon is so disappointed Kate didn't come because he wanted to parade his whore in front of Kate and the media.

1802 days ago


Funny, funny TMZ. Heller must've spent the entire weekend coming up with that one and rehearsed it over and over. He used it before and after the hearing (which he wasn't allowed to speak at b/c he is not licensed in PA). What a complete dingbat. How much more inflamatory could the guy get? He and Jon are such stand up guys.

1802 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Both are losers. Kids should not be doing any more reality shows Jon and Kate plus 8 was about a married couple raising 8 kids. The marriage failed--last chapter, end of story. Time for wimpy Jon and controlling fame lover Kate to go back to Nobodyville and let their kids grow up like normal kids. Then, perhaps we won't see things like Balloon boy where a couples using their kids to get rich and famous too.

1802 days ago


Mr. Heller - what did Mother Goose ever do to you?

1802 days ago


Wow the GWOPERS that Vanity Fair called the Psycho Jon Gosselin supporters are filling TMZ with all their vile comments as usual. These nut jobs go to every comment board, every blog and have even sent a letter to the judge in the case spitting out their hatred of Kate and their sickening love for this loser Jon Gosselin.


1802 days ago


Jon will you and you stupid lawyer just grow up, at least Kate is in California making money, who wants to book Jon for anything? Go crawl in a hole with your crackhead girlfriend.

1802 days ago


I used to feel so bad for jon, but now i know why kate HAD to treat him like she did, the guy is FREAKING STUPID!!kate was and is the best thing that ever happened to him. hes not smart enough to handle his life. look at his lawyer !!!

1802 days ago


JON JON JON,, love ya jon, screw kate she deserves every bad thing she gets, and her kids are not going to like her very much either when they grow up, she is a controlling psycho who thinks she is better then every body. good luck jon glad u got out u dont deserve to be treated like she treated u.

1802 days ago
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