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'This Is It' Producers: No MJ Body Doubles

10/26/2009 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThe people behind "This Is It" are furious over reports that the Michael Jackson featured in the movie is a body double -- claiming those reports are "pure garbage."

The controversy began earlier this month after Joe Jackson claimed the media was going to "tear this movie apart" -- and insisted it was "mostly body doubles."

But a rep from Sony -- co-producers of the flick -- tells TMZ, "This story is pure garbage and there are no body doubles.

Audiences will begin to see the film tomorrow and every time they see The King of Pop they will know that every frame is unquestionably Michael as he rehearses and prepares for the London concerts that were to have begun this past summer.


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LOL! He's like the boy in school who taunts you because he loves you. ;-)

Very sweet of him to care so much to look those up and give them to us - sorta like a bouquet of wild flowers. Good taste too!

203. TAKE THAT!!!!!!


Posted at 9:01PM on Oct 26th 2009 by SICK OF YOU BIT#CHS

That was so nice of you to find those for us! Thank you!

Posted at 9:13PM on Oct 26th 2009 by Deb

1789 days ago



Calm down DOG!!!

We understand that YOU are suffering from PARVO OF GOLD/BLACK AND RED PANTS !!!!!

1789 days ago


sounds like someone hit a nerve with the sick of you b...he seems to know all about the gold pants...hmmm

1789 days ago



Can you find the BLACK AND RED PANTS TOO?????

1789 days ago


ladies earlier i posted for sick fans to go check out goldpants because i felt he was drawn to mj and i specifically left the link out cause i knew he would go looking for them..he did alot of research on the subject

1789 days ago


Michael Joseph Jackson was/is a WORLDWIDE SEX SYMBOL !!!




(( LOVE HUG ))

1789 days ago



Can you find the BLACK AND RED PANTS TOO?????

Posted at 9:30PM on Oct 26th 2009 by HumanNature

I will try to find them. For you.

1789 days ago


has anyone seen the trailer where mj is doing smooth criminals i believe and he is sliding down the bannister...i look at that short clip and wonder if that could really be him as he seemed so frail.i think it is interesting that they said the film is not shot in order so you might see him dancing at the end when he was really dancing in may>>i think if they showed you in chronological order you mightt see him wasting away and of course people will be angry they didnt intervene..we will see ...

1789 days ago



#197 #199 #211......

Sounds to me like SICK OF YOU BIT#HES got cloned.


1789 days ago


Just a thought:
I loved Mike from the beginning, from J5 days and still do, but the adulation started dwindling after Thriller up to Dangerous, because it appeared everything about him changed, down to the very people who were in his audience. The last concert I attended was Bad, and looking around the audience I was convinced, yes.. everything changed. I still loved and admired him through the years, but I wasn't excited. So much so, I never purchased any of the albums he put out after Dangerous until these past few months. You can all me a "traitor" if you like, but there are also personal reasons why I couldn't get involved with anything MJ for the past 15 years. Yes, I heard all the news, the break with Sony, which reminded me of the George Michael issue with Sony, but I couldn't understand why all this crap was going on with Mike, and felt that somehow he brought all these things on himself. I never believed any of those charges lodged against him, but he chose to surround himself with people who only saw money. Unfortunately for him he also showed bad judgement running all over the globe with these children, white children at that, and should have known better that the adult minds of the world were not as innocent as his. He was an adult, and although childlike, and I understand why, he should have known better. But that's "water under the bridge," because we now know the truth on that subject.

The last straw for him was firing Grace Rhawamba, and he did that because she knew what was going on, and attempted an intervention. I believe Tohme Tohme had great influence in that decision. Then he suddenly turned up at the press conference with Jermaine on June 25th, then turned in that money to the estate and I'll bet the farm, he kept some of it for himself. There was missing jewelry and all kinds of thievery going on at that house after Mike was transported to the hospital, and security got rid of the household staff at the house. I wish I had gotten close to him, but didn’t think I had the chance. Of course, after June 25th, all those old feelings came rushing back, but it was too late.

Being in the medical field, I can certainly understand concern for MJ during those last few months. All I have to say is, that if Mike’s weight at the time of his death was indeed 135lbs, then I'm 99lbs. There was no way he could have weighed that much. The side effects of those medications he was taking is Anorexia, hence the tremendous weight loss. Michael relayed to several people, that he didn't feel well, he wanted to throw up; if I was there when he made that statement, I would have checked everything I could: pulse, respiration, including his ankles. Obviously, I wouldn't have had a stethoscope, but if one of my patients made that statement to me, I would have guessed "the heart," and called the doctor, or take them to hospital emergency immediately. If Dr. Murray was indeed a reputable cardiologist he would have known that. I'm sure MJ told him about not feeling well, and had he the proper equipment to administer that propofol: pulse/ox, oxygen, and a crash kit, Michael would still be alive. All he had was oxygen tanks. He found MJ with a weak pulse? He should have called 911 immediately and not wait the so-called "45 minutes," then do CPR "on the bed." What medical school did he attend I wonder? Moreover, with the exception of the Demerol, because it was injected, the other meds should have been administered with food, that is how they work. Then he went on to administer the propofol without the proper equipment after giving him all those meds. Dr. Murray is a greedy quack and too bad for him, because he became the fall guy in this situation.

The bodyguards had the right to be edgy as some have described, because they knew something wasn't right with MJ, and I guess everyone was just concerned about their employment. Michael was obviously not well, it is evident in these trailers and photos of the rehearsals. It is true that Michael was always thin, he always said he always had problems eating, that his mother had problems with him eating, but come on, you don't have to be medically licensed to see what was going on - I have never seen him this emaciated to the point of a skeleton. He was truly skeletal. He jaws sunk in, his chest was obviously caved in, his arms...OMG, were like two sticks. That picture of him leaving Klein’s office in that Balmain outfit, his legs were like 2 poles, and those leggings didn't help. How can any reputable doctor not observe that this man was physically deteriorating?

Then Dr. Klein...someone claimed he smelled of "alcohol or ether" when he left the office groggy after 4 hours? The half life of propofol is 2-3 hours: Run with that. Why was Dr. Murray on the phone with Klein for 45 minutes instead of calling 911? Just asking.

Then they found ganja in the house, rotted

1789 days ago


Regarding the movie and "body doubles" - here's what Miko Brando had to say on the LKL site:

October 26, 2009
LKL Web Exclusive: Miko Brando on "This Is It" - It's All Michael
Posted: 06:29 PM ET

Note: Miko Brando, son of actor Marlon Brando, was a personal assistant and long-time friend of Michael Jackson. He will be our guest tomorrow night to discuss the premier of "This Is It." His blog is an LKL Web Exclusive.

A few weeks ago I got a call from Dame Elizabeth Taylor. She asked if I wanted to go see Michael's new movie, "This Is It," at the Sony Studios lot. Well, how do you turn down an invitation like that?

Miko-Brando-&-JacksonBefore I go into the movie, let me say it was an honor to be invited by Dame Elizabeth. She looked great, and it was really nice to see her. Michael had her over all the time, and we got to spend a lot of time together. She's about as good as they come, and she and Michael were great friends. They shared a mutual love, respect and admiration for each other.

Now, the movie. Dame Elizabeth loved it, and so did I. It was like he was still here, which made it a little bit eerie for me, and very emotional. Thank God I had my Kleenex handy.

The movie follows Michael through the last few months at rehearsals for the "This Is It" concerts. It's a lot of backstage footage of him through the process.

Michael's fans will really enjoy this movie. His creative brilliance comes out in the film. It will prove he was ready to go - he was there, just days away from going to London and doing these 50 shows. He was 50 years-old, and he looked and sounded amazing - a genius to the end.

I'm not trying to sell anything to anybody, but this movie shows Michael was a normal person. He went to work, and did his job, his job was just a bit different. It will also show he was great, up to the very end.

My favorite part of the film was when Michael performed "Human Nature." It's a hard song for me to hear it on the radio or on CD, but to see him perform it on stage - it gets to me. I'm not sure why that song more than any other, but I always enjoyed the way he performed it on stage. It did something for me then, and it still does.

As much as I enjoyed the movie, it was hard for me to watch. I still don't watch movies of my dad. It's just too tough. I have the same feelings about seeing Michael on screen. It's hard to watch someone I've spent so many years with - someone who was such a part of my life - look so vibrant on screen, and know he's not with me anymore. I've had so many losses in the last few years, they're stacking up for me.

I'm told some are speculating there was a Michael "double" in parts of the movie. I can tell you that is simply NOT TRUE. I was there for all the rehearsals. That's all Michael. It's Michael Jackson, and only Michael Jackson. They just want to make a stupid story out of nothing.

I think people will leave the theater after seeing "This Is It" saying "WOW!" Wow because he was about as close to genius as you can get, and the film gives us a rare look at that genius. You can't take your eyes off of him because he's so electrifying. I'm proud of it, and I'm sure he would be too.

1789 days ago


Read Michael Jackson Master of Illusion The Final Curtain Call book. Available at:
Michael Jackson was the King of Pop and a noted entertainer, humanitarian, and philanthropist. In the 1960s, Michael began singing and dancing with his brothers as part of the Jackson 5. Michael Jackson was always under the scrutiny of the media when in public. On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead from cardiac arrest at approximately 2:26 pm MST at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center. Michael Jackson died owing more than $400 million in debt to creditors including lawsuits and outstanding loans. There is so much conflicting information concerning whether Michael was a drug addict or not. The media has followed Michael for the past four decades, yet they were not aware of the extent of Michael’s supposed drug addiction. Michael Jackson had many trials and tribulations over the past twenty years which have caused him much heartache and pain. The media has ostracized and ridiculed the entertainer whenever possible.
Michael often used impersonators and decoys to take his place at events when he was unable to. He was an entertainer that loved to develop illusions for his stage presentations and videos which “fooled” his audiences. Michael always wanted to have a normal life for him and his children in which they could enjoy the simple things in life without the scrutiny of the public and media. In July 2009, Michael was scheduled to start a series of performances in cities around the world. Michael had tired of the entertainment life and was only performing the “This is It” concert tour because he was over $400 million in debt. Michael indicated the concert tour would be his “Last Curtain Call”. Unfortunately, he died before performing the concert tour. However, Michael has proven to be worth more in death than in life. With all the publicity for his death, there is still no real physical evidence Michael Jackson is really deceased. Therefore, there is the possibility Michael inadvertently created the “illusion” of his own death.

New book: Michael Jackson Master of Illusion The Final Curtain Call Available at

1789 days ago


171. Woul all you f*ucked heads that keep going on about "gold pants" pi$$ off. Its almost like you are deliberately put in here to deter attention away from real questions from people who want real answers. Some of you claim to be nurses, teachers, with fulltime jobs, but you spend more time on this sh*t than anywhere else. How the hell do you manage to hold down a f%cken job! Every freakin post. Sh*t if I was one of you're patients I'd probably be dead because you spend most of your time talking about Michaels di*k. Before you go on that I'm just jealous and have "size inadequecies" I have a freaking vag#na!!). How come to you are always quick to defend Sony, Branca, AEG and discredit Michaels family and other evidence that supports peoples claim.

Why don't you create your own f%$ken "Gold Pants" website and talk d*ck all day while us out here who want real answers to what happened to Michael can discuss things. F$%k you must have real inadequate husbands if you can centre so much attention around another man's d*ck. F&ck I hope your husbands/partners have the same freedom to oogle other chicks and talk about their tits like you dumb bit%hes do. We get it f%ckheads alright!
Posted at 6:33PM on Oct 26th 2009 by SICK OF YOU BIT#HES!

Yeah, I have to agree with you on this. It's disrespectful, completely off-topic, and comes across as crude and base. Can we stick to a topic and create yet another youtube on GP, if
so desired.

1789 days ago


Thanks again, muscles -

I've read part om the tapes book (online) and MJ wanted both normalcy in his private life and mystery in his professional life. Hard to combine. He avoided doing things like presenting awards, in order to stay on another level, but it came back to bite him, I think.

One hilarious part is when the self-righteous Boteach talks down sexuality on stage, and they both mention Madonna and Britney Spears, and MJ says it's terrible when entertainers bring girls on the stage and they rub against each other like they are having sex - he'd never do that! Obviously, he is certain Boteach has never seen him perform, because that was exactly what he did himself. Is he pulling Shmuley's leg? To hear both men talking very seriously about how family friendly MJ is on stage after having seen MJ be as sexually overt as you can possibly be without actually put on a live sex show - that's pretty funny.

1789 days ago


About the GP posts: I agree they are not in really good taste, but they only happen once in a while, and MJ himself did nourish the GP cult himself by his actions on stage. I think everyone who write GP posts only do it because they need to lighten up for a bit, they are fully aware of MJ's genius and the seriousness of the LAPD being sloppy investigators and they are in mourning. So please don't take offense.

1789 days ago
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