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GLAAD to Johnson: 'There Is No Excuse'

10/27/2009 4:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry JohnsonGLAAD has responded to Larry Johnson's apology for hurling a gay slur at reporters yesterday -- and they're hoping the ordeal can be used as an example to other players in the NFL.

President of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation Jarrett Barrios tells TMZ: "Larry Johnson's apology sends an important message that there is no excuse for using anti-gay epithets.

GLAAD is continuing to call on the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs to use this unfortunate incident as a way to educate and start a dialogue with players and fans regarding the dangers of homophobia in sports

As we previously reported, the Kansas City Chiefs have already sidelined Johnson from team activities.

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renee west    

while i think GLAAD is going overboard here, they're just a little too PETA for me, johnson is an a-hole. he meant it as a slur, an ugly slur. i'm a huge huge penn state fan, and i used to live in kc so i still kinda like the chiefs, but this is a guy who has no redeeming character. he's been arrested at least four times that i can remember - waving a gun in a girl's face, pushing another in the head, spitting on another one, pushing another to the ground. word from my kc friends is power and money keeps him from conviction and only probation. johnson was wrong here. let's not forget that.

1761 days ago


We might as well all just stay in elementary school b/c in this country you are now treated like a child. Constantly having to apologize for what you say, but only to certain groups that are considered politically correct. Doesn't matter that most liberals cow-tow toward certain economically disadvantaged groups or gay groups, but Obama can talking about low-income whites "clinging to their guns and religion". In other words, they're white trash, and it's perfectly okay to insult them. But if you happen to be gay or in the inner city, then you are an untouchable victim. Such hypocrisy. Perez Hilton called a woman a "c*nt", but that was okay b/c he percieved she had insulted homosexuals. What bunch of crap.

1761 days ago


Do the GLAAD Bags get paid for their whining?? PPL lighten up, these words have been around for so long, do you really think that they will go away just because you make a big assed issue everytime someone says them?? Get a job that probably will pay better!!!

1761 days ago



And TMZ is this really newsworthy?????? NOT!

1761 days ago


Screw GLADD! It is truly a very sad day when one can no longer practice the "First" ammendment...............

When someone makes a comment that does not agree with a person or group they are called out and thrown under the bus. Why didn't GLADD use Piggy Perez as an example........a gay man using the F word. Now, that would have really been an example! I am disgusted that Johnson issued a comment.

1761 days ago


The 1st Amendment of the Constitution protects citizens from the infringement of their free speech BY THE GOVERNMENT. The NFL is not the government, and they can enforce any kind of behavioral rules they want.

1761 days ago


Sounds a bit queer to me....does gay still mean happy today?

1761 days ago


Glaad makes me sick. He apologized which he shouldn't have to do in the first place. But wait, now you don't want his apology..You just want to keep bitching about it and keep it in the news. Glaad really are a bunch of racist crybabies.. Its all about Glaad and thier racists views. I think they now owe Larry an apology.. Jackasses..

1761 days ago


cry me a river ~ what the hell does this have to do with race? because johnson is black..........good gawd, someone always has to throw the race card in!

1761 days ago

Girls rule!!    

The word gay is a strange for the Homo's to use they're always bitter and mad about something!! it is a mental illness and you all know it,..look at attractive women and you'd rather be with a fellow perv?? HOMOS ARE SICK!!

1761 days ago

to little    

I think Harvey is in bed with Jarret Barrios. What a bunch of PC crap. Put a butt plug in it now before it gets worse you bleeding queers. The majority of the public will continue to use this word regardless what glaad wants. Maybe Glaad should go after webster dictionary also for putting this word in their book, where does it stop?

1761 days ago


And the homophobes flock to write their hate in a post on TMZ! Such ignorance.

1761 days ago


This is soooo gay.
"We don't like what you say but we DEMAND you say what we like!"

Doesn't work like that people. Get over your hyper sensitive selves.
Sticks and stones and all that...

1761 days ago


These GLAAD folks are being really Gay about this whole thing.

1761 days ago


As a gay man I get a real kick out of reading the comments section on anything "gay". While I don't always support GLADD and some of their tactics it's always fun to read the hate and truly misinformed messages by so called straight people who seem to be experts on homosexuality.

1761 days ago
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