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Joe Francis Suing

Jayde Threatened to Kill Me!

10/27/2009 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Francis claims Brody Jenner's 115-pound girlfriend threatened to kill him during a bar fight back in August -- and now the Girls Gone Wild kingpin is suing, claiming he feared for his life.

Joe Francis Brody Jenner

According to the lawsuit, Francis claims he was innocently walking through a crowd of people at "Guys and Dolls" nightclub in Hollywood, when Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole suddenly struck him in the head, threw a drink on him and stated, "I'm going to kill you!"

Francis claims he was "startled and shocked" -- but then he saw Jayde reaching for a bottle. In the docs, Francis claims "in fear and apprehension of being struck a third time and that Nicole was going to carry out her threat to kill him," Joe grabbed Nicole's hair in "self-defense."

Joe claims Nicole fell to the ground -- but only because she "lost her balance on her high heels."

Later that night, Francis claims Jenner attacked him "in a jealous rage."

Francis is now suing both Brody and Jayde for battery, assault, negligence, slander, libel and false light -- because after the bar incident, Francis claims the two lied when they recounted the incident to a TMZ cameraman who was outside the club.


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awwww..... poor pervert. So scared of a 115 lb. woman.....
Do you need a nightlight too?

1766 days ago


mmmmm.throwing a drink = manhandling from a man =don't addup.#30 your post is scary coming from a woman.

1766 days ago


Can we say Loser..........

1766 days ago


Feared for his life! Wimp. ~ Ol Kris Kardashian must be puppeteering this to! After all, Joey was at ol Khloe's fake nuptials . . . Anything for money and greed.

1766 days ago


Like a wise man once said:

" I would never strike a woman or a lady, however I will stomp the sh#t out of a b#tch or a whore".

I guess the gist of this philosophy is that as long as a woman conducts herself such as a lady, she herself has nothing to worry about. For she will be treated in accordance...ARTOFWAR

1766 days ago


Jayde made one big wrong move in her claim to stardom. Never go on The Hills and show your anger and bad temper. Her little battle with Kristin showed what she is really like.

1766 days ago



LOVE IT . . . !!

EXCELLENT Defense! . . . . . . . . Go TEAM-FRANCIS !!


1766 days ago


Why isn't this perv still in jail? And why give him any coverage at all, TMZ? He's not a celebrity. He's a sexual predator who made a fortune off of drunk and underage girls! He needs to be ignored by TMZ. Or, talk about him but don't say his name and fuzz out his face. That will drive him nuts!

1766 days ago


They're all douches but the whore should not attack a man and expect to get away with it by pulling the "poor little me" act.

1766 days ago


Joe's friends are j/o to bad porn and posting on the TMZ site between tissue breaks.

1766 days ago


I have no sympathy for the drunked sluts that allow themselves to be filmed, sometimes lying about their age.
And I hope Joe wins this one because Jayden is a slut too.

1766 days ago

walla walla wife's a b*tch    

Watch the club video, you can clearly see J.F. drag her accross the floor by the hair (until he exits).

1766 days ago

walla walla wife's a b*tch    

Jayde did what we all wished we could have done.

1766 days ago


While what Joe did to Jayde was reprehensible she did in fact start the altercation by clearly thumping him on the back of the head before pouring an alcoholic drink on him. I would say she is 50% liable for what happened. Hopefully, in the future, Jayde will keep her anger to herself and Joe will get the much needed psychiatric treatment that is long overdue. These two people both have no boundaries and need to realize there are consequences for their actions.

1766 days ago

walla walla wife's a b*tch    

She didn't 'thump' him. It looked like a 'push' to me. He overreacted.

1766 days ago
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