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Lindsay's Dad Makes Desperate Plea -- to Maury?

10/27/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Once again proving how out of touch he is with his daughter, Michael Lohan went on the Maury Povich show today and delivered a televised message to LiLo in which he insulted her ... and then promised to "save her life."

Michael Lohan: Click to watch
First Mike called Lindsay a "hollow person" ... then claimed there was "nothing left in her" -- and finally said he "couldn't even look at her."

Then, after the dramatic plea, Michael actually had the stones to say, "I hate to speak out publicly like this..."


FYI -- Today's show was called "You're 14 ... Stop Lap Dancing and Trying to Get Pregnant."

Stay classy, Michael.


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Wow so many candidates in 2009 for "Father of the Year".


1821 days ago


I totally agree that Lindsey needs to seek help before she looses everything encluding her fan base. but a real dad would never blow his daughter he love so much up like that. he needs to seek help hisself and deal with whats really up with his haten a--

1821 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh Michael, please hook up with Sam Lutfi! It would be soooooo perfect! Just like two crack nuggets in a crack pipe. The one you and your idiot orange skank daughter seem to be smoking!

1821 days ago


Well least we know why she is soo messed up in the head, her parents. I feel sorry for her, she needs someone in her life that can give her support that won't mess with her head and doesn't want anything from her.

1821 days ago


The only appropriate response to this is Lindsey Lohan should go on Dr Phil now and make a plea to her father.

1820 days ago


Someone tell me where I can watch this online

1820 days ago


He's definitely NOT "Father of the Year", but he's doing a hell of a lot more for her (or attempting to) unlike her "mother"... And while he's at it, he'd better go ahead and intervene w/ Ally--since she's 15 and going clubbing w/ her strung-out sis...!!!

1820 days ago


Maury Povich: I got the results of the paternity results right now... Michael Lohan... you're indeed of father of the baby! ;-]

1820 days ago


sounds like angelina jolies dad when she adopted maddox

1820 days ago


Danggg...that reminds me. Wendy Williams left me a message from my Dad today, and I totally forgot to call him back.

1820 days ago


#6: you had me at "lap dance."

1820 days ago


first of all we dont know the truth.
we know lindsay has hardly had any sort of relationship with her father and we dont know what kind it is. we do know lindsay had some problems and then became bi and dates a girl now. obviousely her traditional father dosnt approve of samantha ronson cause shes a girl and he wants his daughter to find a nice guy to date and settle down with eventually. linsdays a big girl now, shes an adult older than 21 and old enough to have a private life and make her own decisions. her father has no authority or say in her life choices. either the fathers telling the truth and lindsay really is heading into danger and living a wild hollywood party lifestyle and acting recklessly or michael lohan is a crazy obsessive controlling father who is sad that lindsays grown up and leaves him out of her life. the bright side is no matter how crazy michael lohan seems atleast he is not lindsays conservator. she has freedom and dosnt need to talk to her dad. the sad thing is lindsays parents love media attention and they use her to get it. they are both stage parents or famous wannabees. michael lohan is a talentless weirdo who tries in odd and controlling ways to get involved in his adult daughters life. we do see ali lohan spending time with lindsay, so her siblings must think shes doing ok. its always cool to hang out with siblings at any age.
hes not the perfect father and he caused stress on his entire family. he is far from a perfect father but none of us know the details of the story. he seems to have lost any trust with his kids who are probably all grown up now or almost all grown up(teens). so in the end either lindsay is really in trouble, i doubt that given his history of sounding like a looney controlling father, or he is doing this for media attention and to use his kids to get fame.

1820 days ago


What a toooooooool.

1820 days ago

for now    

The losers hate Mike and Dina and Lindsay and Ali and claim that they don't care about them.
But they stalk them and talk about them every day,proving how jealous they really are.

1820 days ago


the whole damn family needs rehab. Mike and Dina need to go to couples therapy PRONTO!

1820 days ago
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