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Company Sued over Jenkins' Background Check

10/28/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Canadian company that allegedly did a half-ass background check on convicted girlfriend-beater and accused wife-murderer Ryan Jenkins for the show "Megan Wants a Millionaire" is now being sued for letting him slip through the cracks.

In the lawsuit, filed by an investigative agency called Collective Intelligence, the agency says it was hired by the producers of "Megan" to perform criminal background checks on the show's possible contestants.

Since Jenkins was Canadian, Collective hired a Canadian company called Straightline International to do Jenkins' background check up north. Straightline allegedly told Collective that Jenkins was in the clear -- but in fact, he had been convicted of domestic assault on a girlfriend in 2007.

After "Megan" hit the airwaves, Jenkins allegedly murdered and dismembered his wife Jasmine Fiore -- and VH1 was forced to cancel the rest of the season, along with another show starring Ryan called "I Love Money 3."

In the suit, filed in Illinois, Collective claims its reputation has been ruined by the Jenkins fiasco, and is suing Straightline for breach of contract, negligence and fraud ... and wants at least $50,000.

Straightline has yet to get back to us.


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A Person    

Someone sue VH1 for not showing IL3!

1791 days ago


white trash a.k.a Megan just wants her name on TMZ and to make money..... WHITE TRASH

1791 days ago


This guy sure has caused alot of problems...

1791 days ago


No one deserved to die in that drama, but since they did, I don't think the world should mourn over the loss of a skank and her mentally disturbed husband. Funny how those 2 just found each other. Of course someone needed to be sued for the grand finale.

1791 days ago


"Collective claims its reputation has been ruined by the Jenkins fiasco..."

While they may have a point ... my personal opinion is that reality shows ruin the reputation of television programing ... haven't watched any of them, don't expect to.

As the song goes ... "blow up your t.v." ... haven't had t.v. for 14 years & very happy without it.

1791 days ago

Sad sad    

They probably did the freebie check online. They deserve the suit.

1791 days ago


People die every day. This hooker is not special. Jenkins gave her a hand up via a marriage contract; he did not hold her imperfect past against her. Since his own past was imperfect, if anyone qualified to be understanding - it was Jenkins. However, while other women with an imperfect past would be grateful for a second chance, not Jasmine. After Ryan married Jasmine - she went right back and hooked up with her felon friend(s), the drug addicted, and the sick perverts she was used to hooking up with. It is too bad that Ryan Jenkins chose to die. It is too bad that you mean people can't leave his memory alone.

1790 days ago

lisa lepore    

To Sherrie #11- Don't you realize that ryan went to LA to run from his law suits,and problems he had with his business in calgary? Daddy wasn't paying the tab anymore,and he needed a quick fix.A person gets paid for being a fraud on Reality TV.Pretty big money,just find a girl to marry and he would be rollling.Jasmine was financially stable,and floated HIS boat! He used her for her money,there is no hand up for her,she was a victim to his play.She's the one with the business starting up,the good credit,and the nice car,apt.etc.He was looking for a woman to manipulate,and use,and when she didn't go for it anymore,he took her life.No one deserves that,every woman has the right to say NO! And not lose her life for it.

1783 days ago

My Opinion    

Ryan was a mover and shaker without the street smarts and skills. Jasmine was a fraud that was much smarter and better at the game than Ryan. Cars, silicone, and makeup donot make a marriage work.

I believe this crime was non-payment of a drug debt. The death and disposal was done by a professional. If Ryan killed her, he would have dumped the body in the woods or ocean and headed up to Canada right away. He wouldn't have bothered filing a missing persons report and stayed around LA for a bit. Nor would he have left a letter in the glove compartment of Jasmines Mercedes pointing back to him.

Until he crossed the Canadian border, and news of the warrant, and the way jasmine had died came out, he was never on the run. He even stored his personal items in a locker in Washington, probably under his name. And he parked his BMW SUV where it would be easily found at the docks he launched his boat. There was never a boat chase, this was made up in the media.

I believe Ryan's dad is acting on his behalf, who cannot defend himself (because he's dead). His family will suffer the consequences if they donot clear his name. It's got nothing to do with his family looking the other way. His family wants facts and proof. I'm sure if he is guilty, they will offer and make a public apology.

1775 days ago

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