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Dodgers to McCourt Judge -- Please Butt Out!

10/28/2009 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Los Angeles Dodgers have gone on record in the "War of the Roses" divorce between Frank and Jamie McCourt, claiming the family court should butt out of Dodger business. And, for good measure, the Dodgers claim Jamie was fired for allegedly having an affair with a subordinate ... and the team goes into detail.

frank and jamie mcourt
In legal papers filed with the family law judge, the Dodgers organization is asking to be heard as a friend of the court, opposing Jamie's bid to be reinstated as CEO of the operation.

The Dodgers organization claims, "Simply stated, this Court has no jurisdiction to order the Dodgers to do anything because it is a non-party to these proceedings."

According to the legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the Dodgers claim Jamie "has been paid her $2,000,000 a year salary in full through December 31, 2009. She was an at-will employee. The marital dissolution should not be used to interfere with the lawful control and management of the Dodgers."

And get this ... the legal papers state, "Given the dysfunction which was caused by the Petitioner's prior employment, her inappropriate relationship with a subordinate employee and the clear acrimonious relationship between her and Mr. Court (sic), if she were reinstated by order of this Court it would no doubt lead to this Court being called upon to oversee the day to day management of the Dodgers."

The Dodgers allege Jamie was fired "for having an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate employee, Mr. Jeff Fuller, her self-described '24 hour driver' and '24 hour security.'"

The Dodgers grouse that Jamie wants the Dodgers to reinstate her as well as Fuller -- "Translation: She wants the Dodgers to pay her live in boyfriend for his companionship" while working for the organization.

And get this -- "The romantic relationship between Ms. McCourt and Jeff Fuller, her 'Director of Protocol' has been publicly confirmed by TMZ.com..."

The team states, "These two married but estranged people cannot even deal with one another from a distance. Yet she wants to reenter full employment and get dropped off and picked up every day by the individual who betrayed his own employer and its owner."

By the way, the brief filed by the Dodgers is signed by Marshall Grossman -- coincidentally Frank McCourt's divorce lawyer.

End note -- "To order her reinstatement as she wishes is akin to throwing a bomb into a crowded room."
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Wow...Wow! this is even more exciting then the regular and playoff season.

1787 days ago


Jamie WANTS her job back. She is a delusional beatch!!..She is just a money grubbing ho who didn't performer her job. The only job she performed was with the"Pilsbury dough boy" who WORKED, YES WORKED for the Dodgers. She should just get half the money and run. Frank has done everything for my Dodgers to be competetive and is great in the community. Secondly, he is well loved here in LA and I wish him the best. Jamie should just keep her trapped and legs shut for a while, WHAT A HO!!!

1787 days ago


The Husband and his lawyer are doing more damage to the Dodgers reputation than the wife did by firing her. Since when is a CEO an at will employee. The logic doesnt work! If the Hubby was sleeping with his wife at anytime during the time in which she worked there, then he too is guilty of sleeping with a subordinate! Are we really to beleive that had the shoe been on the other foot that Good Ol Hubby would have been ok with being fired from his job, locked out of his office and treated in the way that he treated his wife? And more than that does this guy not realize that he resides in California? We have that nifty little property law out here that protects Women from Idiots like this one!

1787 days ago



1787 days ago


Another reason never to get married.

1787 days ago


Actually marriage benefits men not women. That's why men run and get married right away after divorce. Study after study shows men's well being goes up when married and women's well-being declines. Why any woman would want to be married is a mystery. That's why when women are financially independent they choose not to marry ever again (Halle Berry, Anne Heche, Madonna, etc ) That's also why men don't want women to be financially independent. Women don't need men, just for sex and sperm

1787 days ago


Did some lawyer say hey we'll take advantage of the sexual harassment stories in the news and use it.

What will all the women haters do now? If they back this up, then they agree that David Letterman should be fired. Except this woman didn't prowl around indiscriminately or nail 19 year old interns

1787 days ago


hey DEAL, HOW DUMB ARE U, Women don't need men, just for sex and sperm. does that mean you do need us for some thing...dumb ass. hey popcorn all is fare in LOVE AND WAR, SO JUST TAKE IT....

1787 days ago


"allegedly having an affair with a subordinate"

Is that why she was fired for "insubordination?" haha

1787 days ago

Angelina Jolie    

These morons are destroying the Dodgers. Selfish bastards.

1787 days ago

Outside Observer    

When this release says "Dodgers," what they really mean is Frank McCourt. This isn't from the team.. it is right from his mouth.

What a slime bag this guy is...

1787 days ago
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