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NFL Star's Agent -- You Can't Use the F-Word?

10/29/2009 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL Star's Agent Larry Johnson's agent claims he's appealing the KC Chiefs decision to suspend the running back for dropping a gay slur this week -- but the real story is that the agent claims he "didn't realize" the F-word was offensive in the first place.

TMZ spoke with Peter Schafer -- who is also Johnson's lawyer -- who explained:

"We know the N-word is unacceptable, that's not disputable -- but f*g? I'm learning that there's a segment of our society that finds it offensive and that it should not be used. I didn't realize that, but I do know now..."

FYI -- Johnson was suspended for conduct deemed "detrimental to the team."

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Wanda Rocked    

What a weak response and GLADD should be all over this incredibly unacceptable response. Nobody is just that stupid. How old is this man? Didn't realize it was offensive - it's a lie and that's the story he's going to stick with to try to ride this problem out. GLADD don't let up on him. Clearly he needs to be taught a lesson in civility and manners.

1827 days ago


I have been saying f aggot since 1914 and now I gotta change?

Word Origin & History

fa ggot (2)
"male homosexual," 1914, Amer.Eng. slang (shortened form fa g is from 1921), probably from earlier contemptuous term for "woman" (1591), especially an old and unpleasant one, in reference to fa ggot (1) "bundle of sticks," as something awkward that has to be carried (cf. baggage). It was used in this sense in 20c. by D.H. Lawrence and James Joyce, among others. It may also be reinforced by Yiddish faygele "homosexual," lit. "little bird." It also may have roots in Brit. public school slang f ag "a junior who does certain duties for a senior" (1785), with suggestions of "catamite," from f ag (v.). This was also used as a verb.

1827 days ago


Can he say "Midget" without getting suspended?

1827 days ago


Just words... Just a bunch of letters strung together... That's it. Words are harmless unless you are weak and let them mentally hurt you. Words have NEVER caused physical harm.

1827 days ago


N1gg3r please...

I have no idea if this is offensive, just seems like the shoe fits.

1827 days ago


How can anyone deny the fact that they were not aware that saying the F word is offensive? I do not believe him in the least. He is supposed to be a role model for youth. Truely a sad individual!

1827 days ago


So not knowing the word is offensive is his defense. What does LJ think the word means ? Ignorance is bliss. How many classes do you suppose he attended at Penn State ? Its not his first, second or third time he has acted like this. His money and fame only protect as long as he can carry the ball. But his stats show he is past his prime. He is frustrated that there is no more big paydays ahead. He is probably near bankruptcy now and he can't get an endorsement because he can't keep his mouth shut. He bullies those he thinks he can hurt. He dare not say that to his offensive line. His time in KC is almost over. So look for LJ in a crime blotter near you.

1827 days ago


I didn't know F ags watch football...lol

1827 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Words have NEVER caused physical harm.

Posted at 6:21PM on Oct 29th 2009 by Mike

You're right-- words never cause physical harm-- unless of course the person who is saying them is beating you to death while they are saying them because of their hatred for whatever word they are using.

Your statement is almost as stupid as what the player and agent said!

1827 days ago


You can't say fug? Then how are you supposed to describe Lady Gaga
or Kelly Clarkson?

1827 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

The NFL is gay

1827 days ago


who cares? no one cares if people offend fa-gs fa-ggot fa-ggot fa-ggot fa-ggot. dont worry 90% of the worl agrees with me.

1. a bundle of sticks, twigs, or branches bound together and used as fuel, a fascine, a torch, etc.
2. a bundle; bunch.
3. a bundle of pieces of iron or steel to be welded, hammered, or rolled together at high temperature.
4. bouquet garni.

1827 days ago


To the person with the "how do you describe Lady Gaga" without the F word. Well, I would describe her as a two bagger. But if you do that, you won't be able to poker face.

1827 days ago

el polacko    

oh come on.. the word is hurled as an insult but this 'lawyer' doesn't know that it's offensive ?? puh-leeze.

1827 days ago


If your not going to do anything about "PEREZ HILTON" saying the "F" word then leave Larry Johnson alone, you white folks need
to stop being ONE SIDED!

1827 days ago
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