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Going 'Full Johnson'

for Playgirl

10/29/2009 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi's JohnsonWe've confirmed Levi Johnston plans to come out swinging -- the famous Palin-impaler is gonna go the full monty for Playgirl.

Levi's manager already said he was 90% sure the teen baby daddy would take it all off for the adult rag -- but now comes the confirmation ... in the form of the greatest statement ever:

"Everything's gonna hang out. We're talking full johnson."

His manager tells us Levi's gunning to shoot the nudie pics on November 16th ... the same day Sarah Palin makes her Oprah debut.

A Playgirl rep tells us of the shoot: "We're working on some athletic scene stuff for Levi: gyms, rinks - that sort of thing."


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The Seer    

60. Thank you for correcting me "Better than you" Maybe your intelligent enough to make a difference in this country, providing your not a Democrat.
Posted at 9:49AM on Oct 29th 2009 by sparkles

Sorry, Sparkles, FAIL. Firt, you are missing a comma before your quotation and a period at the end of your first sentence. You also do not know how to spell "you are" as a contraction. You really need to go to a grammar website and study it instead of bitching when somebody corrects you. In fact, you should thank us, because you need to recognize your deficiency.

I think your attitude sucks even worse than your illiteracy. You are unable to write a basic sentence. This is a fact.

As for the Johnson, may he put his head down to rest each night secure in the knowledge of satisfying legions of gay men. You know they're not buying Playgirl just to LOOK.

1787 days ago


I sure wish people would ignore this issue of Playgirl, ignore this story, etc... this "boy" is only famous for being a teenager who knocked up and then totally disrespected another teenager... happens all the time everywhere... and whether you like Sarah Palin or not (I do), Bristol Palin and her son with Levi deserve better than this crap...

I only hope that Bristol is able to get the courts to capture any monies Levi makes from this to help do his part to support his son...

1787 days ago


Levi Johnston is just trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame.

1787 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Sarah Palin has no one to blame for this but herself. SHE is the one who brought him to St Paul for the RNC convention last fall and paraded him around to show her "family values."
If she would have just acknowledged the pregnancy and kept Levi and Bristol out of the pubic eye he wouldn't be all over the media.

PS - he is angry for some reason...I can't wait until he writes HIS book and spills it all on the hypocrite Sarah Palin really is.
Palin herself was knocked up when she got married - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

1787 days ago


"disrespected another teenager"...PLEASE Mo it aint disrespect when your legs are up in the air.

1787 days ago


Are you so desperate for news you have to cover this loser! Who cares and belives what he says!

1787 days ago

Illinois person    

Hey TMZ, ISN'T HIS LAST NAME JOHNSTON????????? Sarah Palin never hesitates to whore herself out so Levi has the right to earn a living too. Anything so he doesn't have to go to those awful Palin's for a bone. Them who gots 'em, lets 'em all hang out!

1787 days ago


If anyone deserved to sleep with the Alaskan Salmon, it's his Levis or out of them.

1787 days ago


Wow what a news day♫ It's curious how Granny Palin is supposed to be the epitome of all that is good and right with the world, but yet her daughter is attracted to the 'take it all off kind' la la la la la♫♫♫♫

1787 days ago


When the convention got started
Johnston came highly regarded
Now from Palin he's freed
She and Playgirl agreed
Levis are best when discarded.

News Short n' Sweet by JFD8

1787 days ago


who wants to see this loser...seems that is the only thing this idiot can do..take his clothes off...he makes kevin fedeerline look good and thats hard to do. another useless stupid fool, no wonder the Palins cant stand this lying fool.

1787 days ago


This guy is a total douche bag/low life. Please stop posting crap about him-he is a looser looking for some fame. He is just pissed cause his Palin money-fame gravy train left the station without him.

1787 days ago


I hope he doesnt shave...I like a big bushy crotch! He looks hairy to me, yum yum.

1787 days ago


What a dirtbag. He and Jon Gosslin need to get jobs.

1787 days ago


"Levi Johnson" is a good reason to teach abstinence. This is what your Baby's Daddy can turn out like!

1787 days ago
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