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Going 'Full Johnson'

for Playgirl

10/29/2009 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi's JohnsonWe've confirmed Levi Johnston plans to come out swinging -- the famous Palin-impaler is gonna go the full monty for Playgirl.

Levi's manager already said he was 90% sure the teen baby daddy would take it all off for the adult rag -- but now comes the confirmation ... in the form of the greatest statement ever:

"Everything's gonna hang out. We're talking full johnson."

His manager tells us Levi's gunning to shoot the nudie pics on November 16th ... the same day Sarah Palin makes her Oprah debut.

A Playgirl rep tells us of the shoot: "We're working on some athletic scene stuff for Levi: gyms, rinks - that sort of thing."


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Well you know what they say . . .when you have no talent, no job, no money, no respect . . .take off your clothes and pose nude !!! This kid is an idiot . .trying to be famous for what ?????? BEcause he had unprotected sex with a Govenor's daughter and got her pregnant. Has anyone asked this kid how he can be a father to his child while he's busy running around to all the TV shows to try and put down Sarah Palin. Let's face it, it's the only reason he gets on the show . . .he sure as heck ain't there for himself ! He is trying to throw his own child grandmother under the bus. Instead of lying about Sarah Palin, how about looking in your own backyard like at your own mother, arrested for selling drugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1728 days ago


What a confused person and such a great example to his son..Disgusting and absolutly disrespectful to his son, mother, sister and mother of his child..How gross

1728 days ago


Go Levi!

Cannot wait. They used you...milk your 15 minutes.
You seem like a normal laid back guy who has no reason to lie.

LUV IT and you.

1728 days ago

bea greene    

I hope he makes a bundle and she takes him to court for back child support and gets it full custody..

1728 days ago

Valerie Stoner    

I Can't Wait!

1727 days ago


I can't believe how stupid some of these girls are. Why would you want a moron like him. He's not hot. He's not even a man. He's a little boy trying to get famous. He's a loser. And why would you want some idiot who will sell himself out?? Girls need to set their standards higher or else you'll end up just like Palin's daughter.

1724 days ago

Higher truths    

What's up with this? he knocked up a teenage girl and now he's getting 15 minutes? Oh's the liberals who are supporting his get Palin crap.

Who cares....get a life little boy and take care of the kid that you brought into this world.

I want to hear about BONAFIDE Stars with talent, not loser men who get rewarded for their bad family behaviors.

1721 days ago


This douche does realize that Playgirl is actually a mag for gay men right?

1720 days ago


I have to admit I'd nail his tight white trash ass up his sweet hard butt ....and then I'd toss him away like the little publicity whore he is.

1714 days ago


I'd rather see someone with an I.Q. higher than his body temperature.

1710 days ago


He is a jerk! Maybe he thinks he is being cute, funny, sexy but what is his CHILD going to think about him in years to come, or does that matter? Anything to be a STAR, pathetic.

1710 days ago

gerard david jr    

He said the same thing two years ago. I will be it when I see it... I think he's all talk and no action!

389 days ago

gerard david jr    

He said the same thing two years ago.... He's like Jennifer Anistion, with the baby thing. We having a baby we not having a baby, ,maybe she will adopt maybe not, When is **** is in the picture, I then believe it. At least Farah said she would and did!

388 days ago
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