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Swastika Guy to Taylor: I'm Sorry!

10/29/2009 4:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor & AJThe guy at the core of the Taylor Swift swastika scandal claims it's possible the singer did not see the Nazi symbol on his chest when he pulled her in for a photo the other night.

The shirt-bearer, AJ English, tells TMZ he didn't know Taylor before Katy Perry's party last weekend -- and he's sorry for dragging her into the chaos.

As for why he had a swastika on his shirt in the first place -- English says it started out as an "X" but was "perverted" as the night went on, adding he's "not a racist" and doesn't support the Nazi agenda.


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This better work, I had to sell part of my ugly bald girlfriend's a*s to afford this guy, but don't worry she still has more than enough... good thing America is filled with idiots who will buy this. Speaking of buying things, don't forget to check out my new album homies.

1828 days ago


i'm not surprised, she's another product of Disney, the evil Nazi Corporation, corrupting your children for generations.

1828 days ago


Doesn't this symbol also symbolize dharma which means harmony in Hinduism?

1828 days ago


isn't this also the symbol for dharma? Hinduism for harmony?

1828 days ago


he Original Meaning

The word "swastika" comes from the Sanskrit svastika - "su" meaning "good," "asti" meaning "to be," and "ka" as a suffix.

Until the Nazis used this symbol, the swastika was used by many cultures throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck.

Even in the early twentieth century, the swastika was still a symbol with positive connotations. For instance, the swastika was a common decoration that often adorned cigarette cases, postcards, coins, and buildings. During World War I, the swastika could even be found on the shoulder patches of the American 45th Division and on the Finnish air force until after World War II.

1828 days ago


First of all you guys are twisting this into something way more thought through than it clearly is. You are making out like she consciously took a picture with someone wearing a hate symbol on their shirt to make a political stand.

Also, while most people are familiar with the swastika symbol because of the Nazi's during WW2 it is a symbol used all over the world and holds different meanings, in fact it remains widely used in Eastern and Dharmic religions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism as a symbol of peace.

While I do enjoy TMZ because it is entertaining and often very humorous, this is a perfect example of how it can turn just plain stupid and how the media takes something and makes it into something its not. Let's move on.. this is ridiculous. Anyone who is offended by Taylor is more ignorant than the people who actually do spread hate crimes.

1828 days ago


You idiots that have no idea what you are talking about, go look up your history. The Swastika was used long before Hitler, being a symbol for life and happiness. It wasnt a symbol of hate until it was abused by Hitler. He has every right to wear it.

1828 days ago


it doesnt matter what the swastika USED to represent, its meaning was perverted by the nazi's and has a terrible connotation. if you think this was just good fun or meant to mean "life", then you're a complete moron.

1828 days ago


Dude IS a racist. He's a Model..He needs publicity. Google him and it will be a link to his Myspace his name is the nazi symbol and then his name AJ English.

1828 days ago


Poor Taylor. First Kanye, now this. She's go the worst luck.
She must be an idiot magnet.

1828 days ago


wwII was over 50 yrs ago, taylor swift is what 19, regardless of if she knew or not, it was a tragedy yes, but hell like all old things should be forgotten, majority of the people in the world are over the issue, but you keep putting in stories about this stuff, cant you guys see that this wouldnt be a problem, if you knew how to write stories worth a crap.

Harvey said this story was worth putting on his site, but we here disagree with that statement, since its a personal thing to his an his Jewish heritage. Not to the rest of the world.

You should just remove the story, and see that its not her that was the problem it was your writers trying to take a poke at someone who's parents weren't even around at the time of the nazi's.

fyi nazi sign has different meanings to different religions. Might as well ban the cross since it was used to crucify people in the past, yet its not a big deal, you all need to think about things that you post, not just take shots at people.

1828 days ago


The JH stands for Julianne Hough - from Dancing with the Stars and also a new country singer. Julianne had TS painted on her t-shirt. Pretty innocent and simple

1828 days ago


the swastika comes from india and is a symbol of the wheel of life it was there before hitler used it

1828 days ago

Linda Mott    

I just got out of the hospital and I just couldn't let this go by without a comment. Prince Harry was old enough with his stupid costume and I think everyone at the party should have done something about that sick shirt. The feeling of who cares seems to be too popular. By not speaking up, you are agreeing with these sick anti semite symbols. A 19 year old should have picked up on this and stopped it.

1828 days ago


Umm .. Has anyone thought to stop for a minute and consider the fact that the Swastika was a symbol for peace in the Buddhist faith a LONG time before Hitler adopted it for his Nazi regime?

So, the guy could very well have painted the peace sign on his shirt (which, btw, originally symbolised an upside-down crucifixion, before it was adopted by the anti-war crowd mid-way thru the last century) ... but he chose the slightly outside-the-box option ..

Or maybe I'm the one who shouldn't have stopped to think about this and just jumped straight on the bandwagon and hung him out to dry like everyone else has .. ?? Think people!! We are not sheep!!

1828 days ago
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